How to Make a Bracelet - Easy First Steps

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<ul><li> 1. Easy. Fun. Thrifty. Creating your own jewelry is arewarding hobby to learn. But before you rush off to thestore for supplies there are several decisions to be made.</li></ul> <p> 2. What kind of piece do you want to create? Whether its apearl necklace for your friends wedding or an embroidery floss friendship bracelet like you used to make in middleschool knowing what you are looking for at the store iskey. Otherwise you may get overwhelmed by the sheernumber of options out there. If you are not sure what you will need try searching how to make a bracelet on theinternet. You may find you can use items you have aroundthe house such as candy wrappers, tabs from soda cans or even an old toothbrush. 3. Yes, you can pull out the bristles, melt the plastic in boiling water, shape it and cool it for a one of a kind bangle yourtween daughter will love. Or you may pull some kitschy baubles from your Grandmas jewelry box for a designertype piece for a fraction of the cost. Once you decide whatyou want to create you can go to the store with a shopping list in hand if you cant find the supplies you need athome. 4. Once you have what you need you can begin. Unless youare unsure of how to make a bracelet you have imagined in your head or seen in a magazine. In this case the nextstep is hitting the books or the internet. Findinginstructions is easier than you might think. But findingexceptionally easy to follow, step-by-step directions is not so easy. There are sites like best beading secrets that dohave them. 5. Now that you have everything you need you can begin your project. With a little practice and of course some patience you could easily become the next top jewelry designer in your neighborhood. The colorcombinations, bead styles and thread types are endless. You will always have something that perfectlycomplements everything you own. Not to mention being the envy of all of your friends. 6. If they want to learn how to make a bracelet, you couldeven start teaching your friends and neighbors. They willbe simply amazed at how easy it is to design high fashionaccessories. From wrapped leather to semi-preciousgemstones and fiery coral to earthy hemp there are styles to suit everyones taste. This of course makes it easy toshare your designs as gifts too. 7. Dont wait for a rainy day. You can learn how to make abracelet today and change your life forever. From newfound friends to a whole new career, a hobby like jewelrymaking is waiting for you. A treasure chest filled with cherished memories, new experiences and of coursejewelry of your own design is your reward. Learning how to make a bracelet is only the beginning. How this story ends is n your hands. So grab your beading supplies and get started on the next chapter. 8.</p>