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<ul><li><p>How to Make a Website Popular? </p><p>People know that to promote and publicise their business they need a website, but quite often have no </p><p>idea about its type. The number is far more less of people who would actually make plan about their </p><p>websites and number of problems would come up without planning. For example, how much it would </p><p>cost? Who is going to look after it? Are you going to maintain it yourself or planning to hire professional </p><p>help. </p><p>There are a number of things you should consider before planning to start a website. It should serve its </p><p>purpose and help you financially for the cost of its maintenance and designing. You can consider the </p><p>following things before starting a new website: </p><p> Domain Name: If you are a business website owner, the first thing to consider is choosing the </p><p>right domain name that perfectly reflects the nature of your business, products and services. </p><p>Ensure that the domain name you go for is easy to remember and pronounce. It is highly </p><p>possible that your desired one might already be in use, so better check for availability and keep </p><p>3-4 options in hand. If the one you wanted is already taken, then alternatives for .com are also </p><p>available like .au, .org, .net, .biz etc. </p><p> Website Design: Nowadays, there are many websites that offer free help to build websites. You </p><p>should not do such thing and always hire expert professionals. These experienced professionals </p><p>would not only design it perfectly, but can also manage it efficiently. The design of the site </p><p>should attract the visitors and your products or services properly displayed. In the field of Web </p><p>designing, Web Design Currumbin is a trustworthy name that you can go for. </p><p> Purpose of Website: Apart from offering various products and services, there are site meant </p><p>only for educational purposes or other information for the users. Define the site purpose to the </p><p>designer, so that it can be properly structured to fulfil it. </p><p> Target audience: It is important to know the audience for whom you would be getting the site </p><p>build. Give a thought about their age group, interest, location, income etc. as these things would </p><p>help you to connect better with them. To make your website popular, try to think the way </p><p>audience would want and then get it design that way only. Remember that you are building the </p><p>site for your audience, so take care about their preferences. </p><p> Website Content: One of the primary reasons that a person goes online is to search for </p><p>information. Therefore it is advisable that your website should contain high quality content. It </p><p>helps to attract audience and builds a reliable image for the site. Offer them expert advice in </p><p>form of blogs, articles and various tips. The more credibility you build there is a much higher </p><p>chance of your website getting popular. </p><p> Graphics and images are considered to be the key to make the site look more attractive and </p><p>professional. Create a logo for your brand, if you do not have one. Select high quality images </p><p>and graphics for the site, but ensure that these do not make it heavy to open or reload. </p></li></ul>