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Cline Lazorthes, CEO of, founded her company right out of Business School at the young age of 26. Today, has raised 6 million Euros in venture capital and counts more than a million users. In this presentation, she shares her experiences on how she made it happen as a girl in tech.


  • 1. HOW TO MAKE IT HAPPEN ?@CelineLz - @LEETCHIDE23/09/2013

2. TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR IS TOUGH CatherineBarbaforRe:publicaBerlin7May2013 3. IF i made it, you can make it! J 4. 1 600 5. 2010 6. 1. TRY AND LEARN 7. 2. GET AWARENESS! 8. 3. THINK BIG! 9. 4. HIRE POSITIVE PEOPLE 10. You CAN THINK BIG TOO!Thank you!@CelineLz - @LEETCHIDE 11