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<p>Student's Name: Katie RobinsonR110 - Section No. 22322Date: September 30, 2015Instructor's Name: Mr. Stuckey</p> <p>Title of Speech How To Make Homemade Play-dough</p> <p>Thesis Statement: I want to demonstrate to my R110 classmates how to make their very own play-dough because we all need some stress relievers in our lives.</p> <p>LEFT COLUMNlabel speech functionsMIDDLE COLUMNcontent of speechuse complete sentencesRIGHT COLUMNLabel physical behaviors</p> <p>Attention</p> <p>TIA</p> <p>Credibility</p> <p>ThesisINTRODUCTION1. Raise your hand if you have ever got caught playing with Play-dough or even the little kids sand box table. It is okay to be a little kid again because what you are doing is not thinking about anything and just having fun.1. During these stressful times of college, we all need some healthy way to relieve all our stress we have built up. There is no better way than just messing with something squishy that you can tear it apart or do whatever to it.1. During my sophomore year in high school, I took a Child Development class. I did some pretty cool activities in that class like making play-dough. I continue to make this every time I feel stressed because I love being little and letting everything go. I have also done some research on why it is good to play with this kid-loving item. 1. In my demonstration of making play-dough, I am going to show you all the materials you need, how to make this awesome item, and why it is good for us to play with it.</p> <p>Raise your hand</p> <p>Main Point</p> <p>Sub- Point</p> <p>Sub- Point</p> <p>Sub-Point</p> <p>Sub-Point</p> <p>Sub-Point</p> <p>Sub-PointBODYI. I am not using the recipe I learned in high school because that requires a stove. All the items we need today are just the basic household ingredients and it requires no baking. I got this recipe from the website First, we need a large mixing bowl, which you can probably find easily in your house.3. We will need one cup of water. It does not matter what water you use as long as there is water in the mixture.3. Next on the list is four cups of flour to make the dough.3. Depending on how dry the mixture is, we can use two to four tablespoons of cooking oil. 3. Also, we need one and a half cups of regular salt.3. Last but not least, is the food coloring. You can make whatever color of Play-dough you would like.</p> <p>Show all my ingredients on the table</p> <p>Transition(Once we have all the required materials, we can start mixing the ingredients together to get our wonderful dough.)</p> <p>Main Point</p> <p>Sub-Point</p> <p>Sub-Point</p> <p>Sub-Point</p> <p>Sub-Point</p> <p>Sub-Sub-Point</p> <p>Sub-Point</p> <p>II. These six steps to making this awesome item come together is so easy and you will have your dough made in no time.A. First, we need to pour the water into the large mixing bowl.B. Next, you add whatever color of food coloring you would like. You can even mix it up to make different colors. Make sure you stir the coloring into the water.C. Thirdly, you add the salt and flour into the colored water. Also, you need to blend all the ingredients together.D. After blending steps one through four, you add the tablespoons of oil. 1. Add the required amount and than if it seems too crumbly or not soft enough than keep adding oil because this is what helps the dough last so long. E. This last step is where you get your hands mixed in with the dough to make sure everything is blended in well and it is ready to be played with.</p> <p>Show PowerPoint slide</p> <p>Transition(Since we have the dough done, I am going to tell you why it is good for us, as humans, to relieve our stress and act like little kids.)Show the Play Dough</p> <p>Main Point</p> <p>Sub- Point</p> <p>Sub-Sub- Point</p> <p>Sub-Point</p> <p>1. It is important for us to know we can relieve our stress in simple ways than just shutting down or hurting our bodies.0. When I was researching, I found this website that said playing with play-dough helps our motor skills, hand strength and dexterity.0. So after I read this information above, I though about how adults are getting carpel tunnel because of them texting all the time. By messing with the dough, we can make our hands have more exercise. B. The website also informed me that while we think our brain is off duty while messing with the dough, it is actually making more neural connections in our brain.</p> <p>Restate purpose</p> <p>Final AppealCONCLUSION1. So now, I have demonstrated to you what materials you need, the recipe in order to make the dough, and why it is important to play with.1. I hope you go home and make this easy six-step recipe to get your favorite colored play-dough. This is a good way to relieve all the stressors we have in college and even in our lives. You can be even more creative and add glitter or any other objects into your dough that will last for a while.</p> <p>Works CitedGravino, Caroline. No Bake Play Dough Recipe: Video. Crafts for Kids. PBS Parents. Web. 14 September 2015.</p> <p>Playing with Play Dough. Parents Raising Readers and Learners. Scholastic. Web. 16 September 2015.</p>