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  1. 1. How to Make Your Web Site Popular?Spiderowych has a new web site up. He asked the Answer Line forum how hecould make it popular.Anyone can put up a web site. The hard part is helping people discover it, andthen stay with it. Your first priority: Make your site people friendly. Your second:Make it search-engine friendly.Here are a few more specific suggestions:Design it well. Make it pleasing to the eye, and easy to navigate. If the site has alot of pages, develop a structure that people can easily navigate, rather thanthrowing too many links up at once.Write well. Re-read your text before posting it. Correct spelling and grammarerrors. Use clear and concise language.Stick to your subject(s). Dont be all over the map with content. Keep the sitefocused, at most, on a handful of topics that youre passionate about.Link with words, not pictures. For web navigation, a word is worth a millionpictures. A link that reads "The eternal allure of the Three Stooges" says moreabout the page it leads to than a photo of Larry, Moe, and Curly. That holds truefor search engines as well as for people.Use title and description tags. Search engines give priority to the text in thesetags, and usually display their contents in result pages. So think carefully aboutwhat you want to put here.Try to read your title through the eyes of a stranger. It should clearly describe thepage. See the comments on this post to see how I messed up in this area.
  2. 2. And where do you put this text? In your pages HTML code, the title text goesbetween the and tags. The description goes inside a meta tag thatlooks something like this:.Describe your images. When you do use pictures, give them descriptive filenames. Also, describe the picture in the image tags alt attribute. The Alt text isthere for people who cant see the images, but it also helps search engines. In theHTML code, that tag looks something like this:.Finally, links can be extremely helpful in drawing people to your site. Thats one ofseveral reasons why I always suggest that people read the original forum discussion.And then I include additional links in the italicized "bio" paragraph below.More Internet Tips:Cisco Study: Online Shopping Fuels Rise in Customer ExpectationsWhats Your Habit While Shopping or Shopping Online?