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1. How to market yourself Random stuff that maybe will land you a job 2. What makes me, me? Drafting my mission statement. Whats yours? 3. Raluca 29 (..but hey, thats just a gure) Marcom. Young manager. In love with retail and real-estate. Running enthusiast. Building things from scratch. Loyal. 4. How did I get here? Sometimes, its the journey that teaches you a lot about the destination. 5. That one person sheding light Raluca: what is it that you want from life? Find the answer and always use it as your anchor. 6. Oh, the pressure. Being fairly good at everything and remarkable at nothing. 7. When in doubt..dont. Choosing the one size ts all path. In my case, it was called: business administration. Had no idea what that meant at the time. Obviously. 8. AIESEC Or, in other words, how volunteering changed my life. 9. Being in top 10% Such a shame that people perceive you as so arrogant. Because its going to limit what youre going to accomplish in life (Randy Pausch, The Lecture) 10. Earn respect. Work hard. That's all. 11. No one is perfect, but a team can be People are more important than things. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, gotogether 12. Marry Poppins, my rst mentor In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You nd the fun and snap! The job's a game. 13. Make the most out of it. Dont hurry. Youll have plenty of time to be an employee. 14. Falling in love with academics. Grades might not land you a job. But they'll surely speak loudly of you. 15. Are you spending your time on the right things? Because time is all you have. 16. On money.. Choose your rst jobs based on how much value they bring, not on how much money they pay. 17. The MNC mirage Getting all suited up. 18. Deutsche Post DHL The more it'll scare you, the more it'll teach you. 19. My rst REAL boss My name is Kathleen and there are two main things you need to know about me: I dont believe in wasting time AND nobody is irreplaceable 20. No matter what you do, always do your best. Work hard, put in passion and believe in what you do. Money will, eventually, follow. 21. Being a sponge CEOs. Proper command of the English language. Communication. PR Crisis. Launching planes. Getting to know different cultures. 22. What are the key messages? Focus on goals and how to get there. What is the purpose of what were doing here? 23. Always do your share. And always deliver. Be consistent. Getting people to trust you is hard to earn and easy to loose. 24. Be holy and blameless Work the same, even if no one is looking. 25. Dont complain Just work harder. 26. Spot the ones that can make a difference for you And make them spot you. 27. Finding the right balance Never return to an empty home. Life is what happens while were busy doing something else. 28. Aquavita The awesome agency times. Getting to know retail. Falling in LOVE with retail. 29. Building things Working together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. (Henry Ford) 30. How to spend the rst minutes of the day The mise-en-place mourning routine: writing down the To-Do list Choose three tasks for each day and focus on them. 31. Dream big Youre wasting your time otherwise. 32. Share the same values Make sure youre all seeing the same ending station. 33. Raluca, today How did I get here? Have no idea. 34. Above all things: make a plan If you know where youre going, half of the way is already done. 35. Work hard The brick walls are there for a reason. (Randy Pausch, The Lecture) 36. Always do your best The recipe for no hard feelings in case of failure. 37. Put in passion. Loads of it Choose a job that you love, and youll never have to work a day in your life (Confucius) When work is a pleasure, life is a joy. When work is duty, life is slavery (Maxim Gorky) 38. Start early Dont waste time. 39. Win the crowd It might seem easy. Winning the upper 10% however, is a long row to hoe. Always aim for that, otherwise youll just be another glory hound that had its (one) day. 40. Motivation is what gets you started Habit is what keeps you going. 41. On people.. Accept that there will always be people you'll rub up the wrong way. One can never be everyone's cup of tea. Deal with it, accept it and move on. 42. On decisions.. The right personal decisions are, in the end, the ones that make us sleep better at night. 43. Work hard Oh.. did I already tell you that? 44. Find a mentor. Don't choose your job, choose your boss. Be loyal. 45. Patience Have patience with all things. But, rst of all, with yourself. 46. Thank you. Am always one e-mail away: