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  • How to Overcome ‘Overqualified’

    Presented By: Brenda Cody, M.S. 720.213.8743

  • Today’s Objectives

    n What Does ‘Overqualified’ Really Mean?

    n Job Search Strategies

    n Cover Letter and Resume Strategies

    n Interview Strategies 720.213.8743

  • What Does ‘Overqualified’ Really Mean?

    Code For: •Too much experience

    •Too old

    •Too much

    •Too much education

    •Not the right fit 720.213.8743

  • What Does ‘Overqualified’ Really Mean?

    What are they thinking?: • Bored too quickly - Leave as soon as you can • Set in your ways, aren’t flexible or adaptable • Looking to retire • You’ll ↑ health-care costs • Won’t be happy w/salary • Incompatible w/co & environ 720.213.8743

  • Job Search Strategies - 1

    • Understand your transferrable skills – problems you solve

    • Network with someone on inside

    • Do everything possible to ‘get a meeting’ 720.213.8743

  • Job Search Strategies - 2

    Your • Understand & Communicate your Brand

    • Freelance, Contract, Temp/Temp to Hire

    • Have on-line presence 720.213.8743

  • Cover Letter & Resume Strategies

    Customize for each position/opportunity:

    • Focus on accomplishments, not responsibilities – but don’t go overboard listing every accomplishment

    • Omit inapplicable skills/accomplishments 720.213.8743

  • Cover Letter & Resume Strategies

    • Emphasize teamwork

    • Use a hybrid resume format

    Caution: Don’t ‘dumb down’ resume or omit important items 720.213.8743

  • Interview Strategies - 1

    Your Do’s:

    • Prepare why you’re perfect candidate: exp, skills, accomplishments, enthusiasm – but don’t go overboard

    • Focus on what employer needs, not every skill you bring

    • Be completely flexible about salary

    • Clarify their concerns 720.213.8743

  • Interview Strategies - 2

    Your Don’t: • Say you can’t get position at your previous level

    • Intimidate/be condescending to younger/non-scientist recruiter/hiring manager

    • Let conversation stay in past: past titles, past salaries – stay current and future oriented on strengths, abilities 720.213.8743

  • Interview Strategies - 3

    Your If you’re told you’re overqualified: • Not overqualified – fully qualified, able to hit the ground running

    • Experience can be a good thing – understanding big picture, not repeating mistakes

    • Indicate you’ve always wanted to work in industry or for company and willing to take lower position to do it

    • If they’re worried you’ll leave, emphasize previous longevity

    • Offer to work on a trial basis or stay for XX months 720.213.8743

  • Interview Strategies - 4

    Your Ask direct questions:

    • “What else do you need to hear to be convinced I’m the best person for the job?”

    • “Do you have any concerns about my ability to do this job?”

    • “What is the next step in the process?” 720.213.8743

  • Final Thoughts

    Your Motivation, drive and fit are more important than experience

    Don’t look for the label, focus on value you provide

    People hire people they like… so be likeable 720.213.8743

  • What We Covered

    Your n What Does ‘Overqualified’ Mean?

    n Job Search Strategies

    n Cover Letter and Resume Strategies

    n Interview Strategies 720.213.8743

  • Thank You! – Questions?

    Your Sign up for a Complimentary Consultation:

    Send me an email with ‘NC Bio Tech’ in the subject line

    Brenda Cody, M.S. ツ 720.213.8743 720.213.8743