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  • Welcome to Dream11, the Worlds No.1 Fantasy Cricket & Football Game!

    Fantasy football is all about using your football knowledge and skill to

    create your Dream11 Team within a budget of 100 Credits (Cr) of virtual


    Your team earns points based on how your chosen footballers perform in

    real-life matches.

    So remember, this is a strategy based game of skill, based on selecting

    footballers before a match begins. So brush up on your football knowledge

    and youll have a much better chance of winning!


    Create a kickass team by selecting your footballers with any of the 7 possible combinations available on Dream11s Fantasy Football Game.

    Remember theres also a limit to the max and min no. of players allowed:


    Min 1 3 1 3

    Max 1 5 3 5

    Player type Combo 1 Combo 2 Combo 3 Combo 4 Combo 5 Combo 6 Combo 7

    Goalkeeper 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

    Defenders 3 4 5 4 3 5 4

    Midfielders 5 5 4 4 4 3 3

    Forwards 2 1 1 2 3 2 3

    Total Footballers 11 11 11 11 11 11 11

  • Selecting your team is really simple.

    Just use our pointers to get your team ready.

    Heres what the team selection

    table looks like:

  • The Football Field displays your selected team, with your

    Captain labelled as C and your Vice-Captain as VC.

  • Team Management

    You can edit your team any time before the deadline for the round.

    You can make unlimited changes to your team before the deadline.

    You can also change your Captain & Vice-captain.

    Make sure you keep a tab on who is playing and who isnt in real-life to keep your team updated at all times and increase your

    chances of winning cash!

  • Leagues

    A league is where you get to

    compete with other Fantasy Players.

    When joining a league, you can choose to play in Free Leagues or

    play in Cash Leagues.

  • Points Calculation (1/2)Earning points is the most important aspect of the Game.

    Heres how you earn points for the Fantasy Football League.

    * The Footballer you choose to be your

    Fantasy Football Teams Captain will receive

    2X points for his performance

    * The Vice-Captain will receive 1.5X the points for his performance

  • Account BalanceHere you can see the total balance in your Dream11 account and you can either

    deposit or withdraw money.

    To withdraw your winnings you

    need to get your Dream11

    Account verified by us.


    This is only a one-timeactivity.

  • Your Deposits

    If you have deposited an amount, but have not joined a league using

    this amount, it will be considered as unused cash in your Dream11


    If you wish to withdraw your unused Cash, 5% will be deducted as

    processing fees.

    Your Deposits




    You can use this unused cash anytime to join one of our Grand Leagues.

  • Your Winnings

    Your winnings are the prize amount you earn by challenging and winning

    against other Fantasy Teams.

    0% processing fees will be deducted if you wish to withdraw

    any amount from your winnings.

    Your Winnings




    It's all yours! No charges on withdrawal, Enjoy!

  • Cash Bonus

    Its a Freebie!

    This is a bonus amount given by Dream11 to you.

    You cannot withdraw this amount, but you can use it to join more

    Leagues and win more Cash! Cash Bonus also comes with an expiry date.

    This is a surprise feature so watch out for our Newsletters. Pending bonuses are released gradually after you enter and compete in paid leagues.

    Cash Bonus


    Pending Bonus: Rs.0


  • We hope our Step-by-Step guide helped you understand

    how to play Fantasy Football.

    If youre still feeling a little confused, do checkout our

    FAQs Section or mail us at

    Ready to pick your team >>