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How to Play HopscotchIts as easy as 1-2-3!

Hopscotch is a fun game to play with my friends because we can cheer for each other!

I will ask an adult to draw the hopscotch numbers for my friend and I.

It is important to share the playing space with my friend so we both get a chance to hop and jump on the numbers.

My friend and I will take turns throwing our beanbags so we dont get in each others way. Only one of us will jump at a time so we dont bump into each other.

I will toss my beanbag to the number 1 on the ground in front of me. I will throw carefully so it lands inside the box.

I will make sure I dont hop onto the square that has my beanbag on it. I will have to hop over top the square to the next number.

I will start by jumping over top number 1 and land on two feet on the numbers 2 and 3. I will make sure I put my hands out for balance if I feel wobbly.

Next, I will hop on one foot to land on 4 and hold my balance by keeping my arms out to the side.

From the 4, I will jump onto 5 and 6 and land on two feet.

I feel like Im going to fall, I can ask my friend to hold my hand.

Then I will hop off 5 and 6 and land on one foot on the number 7!

When I see 8 and 9, I will jump and land on them with my two feet.

Im almost to the 10 which means Im doing a great job!

When I get to the number 10, I will hop onto it and try to hop in a circle on one foot so that I turn around and can go back down the numbers to pick up my beanbag!

After I hop myself around, I will hop off of 10 and land on 8 and 9 with two feet and continue all the way back to my beanbag.

If a number is by itself, that means I can only land on one of my feet. If there are two numbers side by side, I can land on both of my feet.

When I get back to 2 and 3, I will bend down without moving my feet and pick up my beanbag from 1.

I will hold my beanbag in my hand and hop on one foot onto number 1.

To finish the game, I will hop off number 1 and clap for myself because I did a great job with my balance!

Now its my friends turn. I will cheer for them and help them if they need it.