How to Protect Your Candlewood Lake Home from Wildfires

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  • How to Protect Your Candlewood Lake Home

    from Wildfires

  • Wildfires can occur anytime of the year, especially in places full of trees and shrubbery like Candlewood Lake, where it could destroy lake homes, rental properties, wooden decks, boats, and other property.

  • The loss of property from fire can be prevented if Candlewood Lake home owners take the proper steps to protect their homes. Here are a few things you could do to protect your home in case of a wildfire:

  • Fireworks may be a potential source of lakeshore fires. The sparks and heat coming from fireworks can easily set dune grass and dry leaves on fire.


  • If you plan to set off fireworks this New Year, keep away from the grass and other flammable material.

  • Homeowners are encouraged to have a defensible space around their Candlewood Lake or Lake Zoar real estate in order to prevent damage from wildfire. Make sure to water your plants regularly and remove dead leaves and litter.

    Defensible Space

  • Other flammable items like portable gas heaters, propane tanks, firewood, boats, etc. must be at least 50 feet away from the home or attached structure.

  • Flammable plants like conifers should not be planted within 30 feet of your property. If you bought a Candlewood Lake home for sale with existing flammable plants within 30 feet of the property, make sure to prune the lower branches to 8 feet or higher. This will prevent fire moving across the ground from igniting the lower branches.

  • By applying these safety measures, you can rest assured that your Candlewood Lake property will be safer, especially during the New Year.

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