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  2. 2. EBOOKS: I recorded an interview with Sylvie McCracken about the ins and outs of creating ebooks. Here are the highlights. 02 INTERVIEW WITH SYLVIE MCCRACKEN To watch the interview on YouTube click the button.
  3. 3. PICKING A TOPIC Make sure you get the topic right, because that's not something you can fix with a sexy title. 03 Is passive coming from an e-book really possible? Yeah, totally. Of course it depends on a lot of different things.
  4. 4. REPURPOSE CONTENT People who have already created amazing content really should be creating an e-book. These people have a very easy path to finishing it quickly, and rather effortlessly. 04 You have had some kind of conversation with your audience, because either the blog posts are resonating or they're not. They're getting a ton of engagement in the comments or they're not. They're getting shared on social media or they're not. This isn't like throwing darts blindly. You have some sort of feedback already on what topic your ebook should be about. That is half the battle, really.
  5. 5. WHAT IS PASSIVE? An ebook is the most passive type of income. Once you've sold the ebook, that's it. Other than possibly some customer service around downloading, that's it. Once you've sold it, you've sold it. 05 People have all different reactions to the term passive income. Some people think we're talking about sipping martinis all day and becoming millionaires. I'm not about that life. Right now there's so much noise around passive income. You can create this one thing and then you're in Bali for the rest of your life, and it's all going to be totally easy. I love to dream big but I think it's great to know this is an income stream from stuff you may have already created.
  6. 6. RAISE YOUR PROFILE People see a traditionally published book oftentimes as this business card that will position them as a leader, that will get them on stages and all of that, and it absolutely is. An ebook can do the same thing. 06
  7. 7. 07 LEAD MAGNETYour ebook can be a reoccurring sales machine for you, but also a massive paid lead magnet. Which is kind of amazing, right?
  8. 8. QUALIFIED LEADS These are people that are interested. They've done more than given you their email address, they've also already given you some dollars. 08 People that have already become your customers often times want more. So, if you're going to create a course, or a higher priced product, or a membership site around that topic? A percentage of those people who have given you those $25 (or whatever you're selling it at) will be willing to also pay the 200 or the 500 or the 5000 for your coaching programme.
  9. 9. Your e-book can help find your audience, too. 09 In Sylvies health and nutrition business, the ebook is still where 80% of her income comes from. It wasn't meant to lead into other things, it was meant to stand alone as a product, and that's what it's done. The great thing there is, you can self-create this kind of authority, this influence within your area of expertise and interest
  10. 10. HOW TO START? As a business owner who has already created some content albeit it Facebook lives or blog posts or something, how would you recommend that I start the process? 10 Start paying attention to what is resonating with your audience. Are you getting tons of engagement on these particular five blog posts that are all around a similar theme? Are you getting tons of questions and they need a little bit more information, a little more help from you?
  11. 11. SWEET SPOT You need to be passionate about the topic, obviously. Otherwise it's going to feel like a job, and we did not get into entrepreneurship to give ourselves a job, so it's got to be something you're passionate about but you've got to find where it intersects with the stuff that your people want and they're willing to pay you for. 11
  12. 12. 12 That's one of the things that you have to get over this hurdle. Why are they going to pay me for it? I've already written all these great blog posts. Trust me, they want to pay you for it. People pay for convenience and they pay for the added value of having it one place. WILL THEY PAY ME FOR THIS?
  13. 13. 13 Usually your readers will pay attention to the advice a lot differently, even if it's a small investment like $25. Because they invested that money, they actually read it and implement your advice. Once has someone has invested and they have some skin in the game, whether or not it's $25 or $500. they're going to act on it. A paid product is a win-win for you AND for your client. GREATER IMPACT
  14. 14. GET STARTED Set a goal and actually get it done. 14 Start by setting a goal and telling it to someone. Publicly even better! Tell your audience but at least telling someone other than yourself. Set a goal for when you're going to get it done. Whether that's 3 months or worst case scenario, 6 months, but set a goal and actually get it done. How many people do you know that have had on their bucket list? Write a book or write an ebook. And 10 years later, there's still no bucket. It's like, really, you haven't had time in ten years? I'm not buying it.
  15. 15. GET STARTED Your first ebook teaches you so much! 15 My first ebook was definitely not my best one and I wrote my own sales pitch, not having a clue what I was doing. Once I had created enough revenue to re-invest in a copywriter, that's what I did.
  16. 16. GET YOUR EBOOK DONE People sometimes get to the 90% done mark, and then start feeling a little bit resistance. My favourite thing has become coaching that mind- set piece over again. Why is the last 10% taking you so long? Is it because you're worried about putting it out there, is it because you're worried about going on stage with this thing as the expert? I've managed to just slightly nudge people over the finish line. Gently but getting it done, because 90% done is 0% done to everybody else. 16
  17. 17. MORE. . . Click here to vists and sign up for content tips + hacks. Click here for Sylvies's free cheat sheet on getting started with an e-book. 17 How to take it further with Jo + Sylvie and get your ebook started: To watch the interview on YouTube click the button.