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  1. 1. I e esNHOW TOPWI104YOUR CORRECTLYWHY SHOULD YOUREPURPOSE CONTENT? 9 ?Q 9 TWIEETES with visual content get 0 l8/ o more clicks'5 / O E 6 89/ o more favoritesof Americans listen to PODCASTS ofrepurposed content,and the number is 0 growing each year_ l5U A more retweets.I Z.Repurposed content helps make your content more " impactful as of people are likely to be convinced by a O PRESENTATION that includes visuals. I ~. KISSMETRICS L.* lu Vl I.lNr: ela. aeHlc: s l / r_/_-; l received an average of ,, l__ / / L, V An M _ average of / /.. l? A ~- Wjg'llMX1?*A7/SO 2@@i .52/ EL] gig E13 3 O i/of podcast listeners surveyed have said/ .2" they are lLl| lr_l have maximum audience reach.a Yol_. Tu: >e chance set up for ihem. PSOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS LIST. LYLists are amazing,aren't they?to reptlroos v -V People love lists,which makes this program excellent to or Instagram.R ' ' use for your repurposed content.Simply break your peneihr you" l)Llslness the most.content down into a list format,update this program,and share with your audience. / / Expresswriters Kevan Lee,Buffer I http: //buff. |y/1eEKh| O CltyRoom I http: //buff. |y/1eEKfdY Wordstream I http: //buff. ly/1dclaVS Hubspot I http: //buff. |y/1eEKjKv Inc. com,Larry Klm I http: //buff. |y/1eEKp| j Brafton I http: //buff. |y/1eEKwxu Salma Jafrl,Search Englne Watch I http: //buff. ly/1eEKzt8 Arnle Kuenn.CMI I http: //buff. ly/1eEKGVy Coschedule I http: //buff. ly/1eEKJR9 Outbraln I http: //buff. |y/1eEKKVc