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Learning to say no improves our productivity, enhances our time management, and empowers others. Yet, we often fall in the trap of saying yes due to expectations of others, obligations we feel from family and friends, fear over losing our job, or feeling the need to be in control. Establishing priorities and offering alternatives helps us to learn to say no, and ultimately gives us greater time to achieve those things in our lives that are the most important.


Page 1: How to Say No

How tosay


Page 2: How to Say No

One of the most powerful words we can learn to say is


Page 3: How to Say No

Why dont we do this more?

Maybe we:

Page 4: How to Say No

Feel obligated

Page 5: How to Say No

Want thediversion

Page 6: How to Say No

Dont want to let other

people down

Page 7: How to Say No

Think we can do it all

Page 8: How to Say No

Whatever the reason, not saying no

creates stress

Page 9: How to Say No

We overcommit,

and as a result, we


Page 10: How to Say No

We become too busy to do

anything well, and then feel

bad about ourselves

Page 11: How to Say No

One of the healthiest

things we can do is to say no

Page 12: How to Say No

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Realizing that the world will go on after we say no is empowering

Page 13: How to Say No

We learn that we can say no

and our friends will still love us

Page 14: How to Say No

Our need to say yes is often due

to the expectations of


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Page 15: How to Say No

Expectations can be

manipulative even if not meant that way: It becomes

easier to go along rather than let

another person down

Page 16: How to Say No

However, that only

perpetuates the

expectations cycle and

results in a drop in our productivity

Page 17: How to Say No

We also struggle with saying no because there are things we really want to

do: color changes made to original photo

Page 18: How to Say No

We really want to be a part of a

book club, spend time with our

friends, or work to save some some travel


Page 19: How to Say No

We have to know what our goals

are and determine if

these activities will help us get


Page 20: How to Say No

It is important to determine

how much time a new

obligation will take

Page 21: How to Say No

If no is still appropriate, be

kind in your no, and even

offer an alternative that may help them


Page 22: How to Say No

How tosay


Page 23: How to Say No

Know your goals so that you can

quickly determine if saying no is appropriate

Page 24: How to Say No

Assign value to your priorities

and make others

aware, if needed

Page 25: How to Say No

Make a schedule

based on your priorities

Page 26: How to Say No

Stay strong and remember that saying no can

mean that you are more productive

and not overcommitting