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Keeping the device under your physical control means you also have control over device and data access. If you can keep the iPad in your physical control, many other security concerns do not come into play. This article discusses an average user's security needs—that is, a person with an un-jailbroken iPad 2.


  • How to Secure Your iPad 5 Tips

    iPad is a very useful and valuable device. iPad has changed the tablet and mobile computing industry. As iPads are highly portable and always used on the go, protecting your iPad is a big concern for most iPad users. There are many ways to protect your iPad in its day to day use. Some methods deal with best practices and habits while others are based on how you configure and use your iPad.

    Following are 6 easy yet effective ways to secure your iPad. These simple techniques will enable you to protect your iPad and keep it safe.

    1. Exercise Caution When Sharing Your iPad

    Unlike standard desktops or laptops, iPad is designed more for a single user. There is no support for multiple user profiles and accounts. As such it is not feasible to create multiple users accounts with the desired permission settings. Essentially, every user who accesses your iPad will have access to all your information, e-mails as well as any personal information. Take this into account when sharing your iPad with others.

    2. . Update iPad Software Regularly

    New updates and security patches are released by Apple from time to time. Each release addresses important security issues and bugs.It is vital to ensure your system is up to date with the current recommended critical updates. Critical updates are installed automatically when you connect the iPad to a computer running iTunes. Not keeping your iPad up to date with critical updates can leave it exposed to risks and vulnerabilities.

    3. Use Firewall or Anti-virus on Your iPad

    The number of malware, viruses and hacking attempts have increased manifold in recent years. It is common for internet enabled devices to be negatively affected by one of these ever prevalent threats. You need to make sure, you have the right software protection on your iPad to safeguard againts such threats. Choose the right tools and make sure it is regularly updated.

    4. Use a Password on Your iPad

    Keeping your iPad password protected is a great way to safeguard and protect your data and your privacy. The built-in password feature on iPad is sufficient and easy to use. Simply, select "General" under "Settings and then click" on "Passcode Lock" in order to set your electronic password. And remember to choose something secure that only you are likely to know.

    5. Set Auto-lock on Inactivity

  • For extra protection, you can also configure your iPad to lock automatically if it has not been used for a certain period of time. You can set this on your iPad from the Settings then choosing General from the left column. This will allow you to set the time in minutes after which the iPad will automatically lock itself and require a password to unlock.

    6. Consider Insuring Your iPad

    No matter how well you look after your iPad, there are certain threats and circumstances you cannot protect your iPad against at all times. iPad is an expensive and well sought after product. Its small size coupled with the fact it is used on the go increase the risks of it getting lost, stolen or damaged. Keeping your iPad insured is the best way to safeguard against such accidents or unforeseen circumstances over which you have little or no control.

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