how to solve any problem: in 10 simple steps

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How to solve any problem. In 10 simple steps.



2. 1. DONT PANIC2014 ANDREY SCHUKIN 3. 1. KEEP CALM1. DONT PANICNo, saying repeatedly theres not enough time to solvethe problem wont help.Stay calm.After all, you got all these slides to help you out.Whew.2014 ANDREY SCHUKIN 4. 2. TRUSTTHE PROCESS2014 ANDREY SCHUKIN 5. 9. TRUSTTHE PROCESS2. TRUST THE PROCESSFollow the rules and youll be OK.Rule 1: Dont start coming up with solutions before you know whatthe problem is. Ask: am I solving the right problem?Rule 2: Dont start to evaluate solutions before you have several tochoose from. Ask: do I have enough options to choose from?Problems are solved by first examining the problem, then exploringthe possibilities, and only then evaluating them.It may sound like common sense, but many, many of us skip a step(or two). Shame.2014 ANDREY SCHUKINAre you solving the right problem? 6. 3. PICK YOURTARGET2014 ANDREY SCHUKIN 7. 3. PICK YOURTARGET3. PICK YOUR TARGETDefine ideal result.Imagine that your problem is solved.Or that its just not a problem for you anymore.How would such ideal situation look like?Even better: if you had a magic wand, what would you wish ?Are you sure? Really?Ok then. Youre the boss.2014 ANDREY SCHUKIN 8. 4. CHOOSETHE BOX2014 ANDREY SCHUKIN 9. 4. CHOOSETHE BOX4. CHOOSE THE BOXHow far are you ready to go to look for solutions?Unless you got a gazillion years to figure out your problem, youneed to limit the solution space. Lets look at the example.Problem: Your bike ride to the office is too bumpy.Here are some possible boxes where solutions may hide: Box A. Ideas to make a seat softer Box B. Ideas to get a new city road built Box C. Ideas to change the office Box D. Ideas to get a new helicopterAre you looking for a gel pad or a helicopter? Decide before youstart coming up with ideas. Stay focused.2014 ANDREY SCHUKIN 10. 5. SPYON OTHERS2014 ANDREY SCHUKIN 11. 4. CHOOSETHE BOX5. SPY ON OTHERSBorrow ideas from others. Or steal them.I wont judge you.Yes, we all know you are unique. But your problems arent.Someone, somewhere, has already solved the problem you have.Ask yourself this: Who had a similar problem and solved it?Who has already figured out how to get to the result you want?What did they do? Can you do something similar? If you imagine youcould, how would it look like?2014 ANDREY SCHUKIN 12. 6. RECYCLEEVERYTHING2014 ANDREY SCHUKIN 13. 4. CHOOSETHE BOX6. RECYCLE EVERYTHINGUse all the stuff you already got.Have a closer look at everything you have got already. Can you usesome of this to solve the problem?For example: things and money that youve got,2014 ANDREY SCHUKIN any products/results that youve already created, your skills and personal qualities, private and professional networks, old ideas, and so on. 14. 7. EXPERIMENTMORE2014 ANDREY SCHUKIN 15. 4. CHOOSETHE BOX7. EXPERIMENT MOREYou'll never know unless you try. So mess about.I agree, new is not always better.But its still worth having a look at unusual solutions.Consider new things that you never done before, things outside ofyour comfort zone. New solutions that seem wacky at first.Might they help? And if yes, why not try them out?2014 ANDREY SCHUKIN 16. 8. KEEPLOOKING2014 ANDREY SCHUKIN 17. 4. CHOOSETHE BOX8. KEEP LOOKINGDont settle for the first pretty idea that comes your way.I know you can do better.We tend to fall in love with our ideas. Especially the first one. Andthe love is mutual. But so what?How would you know it is the best one? Tell your idea you needsome time to reconsider your feelings, then go out and find somemore.A bit of healthy competition doesnt hurt. And your first one will waitfor you. Pinky promise.2014 ANDREY SCHUKIN 18. 9. EVALUATE & COMBINEIDEAS2014 ANDREY SCHUKIN 19. 9. COMBINE9. EVALUATE & COMBINE IDEASBe fussy and cherry-pick.IDEASOnce you have a range of different options, evaluate the prosand cons for each idea. Think: Whats great? Whats still not good enough?Then try combining different ideas together to get rid ofdisadvantages but keep the good bits.2014 ANDREY SCHUKIN 20. 10. GO WITHYOUR GUT2014 ANDREY SCHUKIN 21. 4. CHOOSETHE BOX10. GO WITH YOUR GUTIf all options seem equal, trust your intuition.What if you have evaluated all your ideas almost to death, and stilldont know which one to pick?Then this advice is for you:Listen to your heart (yes, your mum was right after all).And pick one option already, for Gods sake!2014 ANDREY SCHUKIN 22. GOT THE SOLUTION?NOW GET MOVING!Alright, so heres the deal:once you decided what to do,take the first step towards yourgoal within 24 hours.It doesnt matter how big orsmall this step is; take it assoon as possible.Good luck!2014 ANDREY SCHUKIN 23. www.InnovationFast.com2014 ANDREY SCHUKIN 2014 ANDREY SCHUKIN