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The present power-point slide will give you a way 'how to deal the excruciating problems of failures'. The way is totally novel and innovative and gives you a sound idea how to taste the sweetness of success. i have read so many books, newspaper articles, magazines, my personal experiences and suggestions from experts, then only I am able to make this power-point worthy. Feel free to write your problems, suggestions and comments as you like. Bye and best of luck to your career!


  • 1. SWARAJ PRASAD M. Phil Bioinformatics & Career Couselor Department of Bioinformatics, Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, India. Pin 630004

2. plan 1. makeshift your higher plan workout for your plan b. sometimes, to achieve the tough targets first try to accomplish the second best higher goals so that you can come out the dark side of failure and taste the sweetness of success. It not only gives you success , but also give you a boost of confidence so that you can now work for higher goals. 3. Sometimes, we are just wasting oour time to finish the long lasting goals and yet unachieved. then, what to do? very simple! just break the goals into subgoals and trying to achieve your subgoals and then taste your inner acquuisition in the right paltform. hey! what's up? still not working, then think twice and thrice how to break the goals inot subgoals as, first try to finsh the ten years question bank, and then easy part of sections, then questions to be asked most of the times and then what else more? think your pattern of exam what does it tell to you. 4. Wow! diversion of so many things. then how to achieve the tough targets. diversion of achieving so many things at one time. diversion of getting success as soon as possible as it would be. diversion from friends, families, fiance/fiancee, finances and foes. just keep track your vehicle in right direction however bumpy roads ahead to you in the form of attraction, manipulation, speculation and indeterminate determinations. 5. Just think one thing in your mind that success has not made for you but you are being made to achieve the taste of success. Firm-determination means totally focused to your goals at one time only one thing. Most of the time, we have failed beacuse of lack of firm-determination as diversion of our path. if you have set the plans to study 5 hours a day, then achieve it either you have to study in the evening, or late night or ealy morning or noon time, whatever it may be, you have to conquer you goal of firm-deterimiation. 6. Sometimes, we think that making time-table is a complete waste of our time. But, time-table will tell you . oh!OO! now, it's time for study honey! keep shut your other entertainment things off track. Ah! ha! once I made time table as like that i would finish Mathematics at 6.34pm, then biology 6.34pm to 7.46pm and then physics 7.46pm to 8.54pm. So, i am giving my mind a rest a little bit. So, always make your time table in a flexible mood, so that u can change according to your plan. Keep some things more time as for lunch give 2 hours. so that, if u want u can take some rest and do some other work also. Foe shopping and entertainment if you are giving evening 6 to 8 pm, better give 9pm or 10 pm. so that you can finish dinner also and start your study how long u can go for without any distraction or urgent need to go outside. 7. Sorry! you are not capable of this goal? Oh! I never say in that manner that persons can feel inferior- complexity and think that i can't do anything. Better way, analyze and assess yourself as your own. There are so many weblinks in the internet from there you can know your interest area by giving a simple aptitude test. See, if you have no interest then how can you achieve the targets. If i will tell Salman Khan to sit in my lab for 10 hours to finish the wet-lab work. But, he can't do because he will only think acting and acting and others none. Same way if i dedicated to scientific arena how can i go for administration field as my father told too many times. But, i just denied because i Know it is not in my interest area. 8. This will not limit your capacity and it won't give you a feeling of resilience that you can't do it, but you can do better in another field with more proficiency. Anything can work, but everything is the limit as a machine can't work unstopped foor long hours. Same way, we do have limits in soome areas. I can't say it is impoossible, but keep track of that field, we have to invest more time with excess amount of hard-work and to give an unbound amount of time, then anybody can do whatever it may be. Society doesn't think as the sommellier manner they think we are the failure. It's better go to the smoother path without resilienc and limit and show capacity and taste the sweetness of unbounded joy of success. 9. Have you ever think why i keep here title as patience for reading but not only patience. Because, we don't have patience to read. just skimming and trying to finish as fast as possible or taking short notes or going for the summary. We should have a voracious reader and a keen learner of new things to achieve the goal. Reading books, magazines, novels, newspapers in spare time or make fix your time table that you must read at least one hour a day other than your exam syllabus. 10. I backtracked so many friends who are not a good listener. Hey! Just for that. See, it is not a simple problem. If a person is not a good listener, he can't achieve anything in his/her life. Sometimes, before i had got good scores in everything but i have got a score of 8 in listening part of toefl. Ultimately, everybody says to me, i can't take you as my student as you are not a good listener. Why i reveal it because listening is the ultimate way to judge the person how he/she is speaking and how their behavior are? But, if you are not a good listener how can you analyze a person if you don't know them. 11. You know how much critics i have listened in Indian class where everytime in my University seminar hall's first row is fully booked for only girls. However, i told them i had to seat only first row because in between persons are doing so many things and talking and making disturbances just behind the row persons. Every time, i am very busy with so many other activities as of now i am typing this slide as not my part of the study, but to get the note of career counselor i have to do that. Somebody asked me how can you get the success of your Indian course syllabus. I told them i just listened and passed. Really! I told him that just in the examination hall i reminisced whatever i listened and added some additional information whatever i know and then write it to my own way to give the impression of faculty that he can see i am writing same things whatever he have said in class and i gave same examples also. 12. Time is not only money but it gives you a plentiful of honey if u make your time as worthy. Every time we think that what is there to go for early in the time as it will start at 9am why to go at 8.30am. Once i went my examination hall exactly at 9am but hey! my photo is not there. so first i went to controller office and then i filled up all the bubbles. Ultimately, i started at 9.30am with full sweating and fan is not moving, but it's just keep as showing off. I have got adjusted at 10 am. So, for me exam is of two hours but for others exam is of 3 hours and 15 minutes as question papers distributed 15 minutes before. 13. So, time management is very much important not only before examination, but also after exams, if you got the job and in the family also. Once, i am thinking that i have too many jobs so i can give a small job on submit voter-id card application form to my ward-representative. My cousin took three months to do that work. I don't know why. Some persons who are very much free are not able to manage the time as they have full time, but still unable to do because of procrastination. Busiest person can manage the time to all the jobs. One true example of a surgeon how she is able to write a book. After finishing her day-long job, she spares sometimes to family, friends, husband , children, sports and in midnight 12 am to 1 am daily she has been writing novels last six years and completed at the end of 6th year. She is better to those who are complaining that they do not have time. 14. This is a big slap for whom who is complaining every time that he/she hasn't time. Nobody has the time, but we have to spare time to make our relationship unbroken and happy. So many friends told me that they don't have time to call me then i told them if they have time for shopping, gossiping, chatting, fb, walking but not for me because i do not come under these prime necessities. If you are able to give me 10 minutes times in a month. I will call you weekly. But, he will again busy to so many things. It means persons inner-will is not there. So, we should have our inner-will to achieve our goal and manage time if your house sometimes guests, festivals and other things. in that case you have to spend more time on another day to kepp your track in same record. 15. Observation, analysis, thinking and self-introspection is the ultimate goal to success not only in exams but to all the stages of life. Keep your eyes and ears open and try to observe in your company atmosphere what's the behavior of all the persons and how they are treating with you. If you come to exam point of view, think, analyze and observe the question-pattern of any exam how long it is possible. Once, one of the friend told me she achieved success only to analyze the previoous year questions papers. 16. So, i have read intensely to long hours at least one week time to analyze the pattern of question papers. Most of time persons are giving so many similar exams, but still each examination has its own set-up and own pattern. If you are able to know the pattern and important topics you have to study. then no way can stop you to go ahead to acheive success. In my case, CSIR life- science syllabus has 13 topics, but I analyze that 6 topics are enough to achieve the goal of 50% questions. Kepp yourself as a thinker when it is going to change. 17. Merely keep on studying won't do anything. Think as many times you can. Make yourself imaginative so that u have to introspect what mistakes you did in mock