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DESCRIPTION - Lifestyle staging is one technique to attract prospect buyers, you can do these tips and more for your Candlewood Lake home for sale. Call Deborah Laemmerhirt now at 203-994-4297 and let her assist you with everything you need to know about buying or selling Candlewood Lake properties.


  • 1.How to Stage A Lake Home For Sale in CT

2. When buying lakefront property, you are not just buying a lake home for sale for its physical features and proximity to the water. You are buying a lifestyle. Thats precisely what you should keep in mind when you sell your Candlewood lake home in CT. 3. The first thing prospective buyers want to see when they shop for Candlewood Lake homes may vary. Some check the bedrooms first. Others want to check the water first, where they can launch their boat, while some check the view from the lake house. 4. Here are some tried and tested staging techniques that will help sell your Candlewood lake home for sale fast: 1. Have a well-defined pathway to the water. Since most lake home buyers will check out the water right away, make sure there is a well-defined and well-lit pathway leading to the water. Make it as attractive and welcoming as possible. 5. 2. Check for dock and deck safety. Make sure your dock and decks are sturdy and safe. Check for loose boards and make sure to repair or replace them. If you have a floating dock, rope it off since not all people are used to walking on it. 6. 3. Boost your shorelines curb appeal. Clear your shoreline from all the dried leaves, dead fish, or any debris. Rake any sea weeds and bottom muck as far out into the lake as you can. It is also a good idea to include in your flyer photos of the shoreline in all seasons, especially in summer. 7. 4. Lifestyle staging. Buyers of lake homes for sale in CT are mainly after the lifestyle. Help them visualize living that lifestyle by staging your shoreline and lakeside yard with lakefront lifestyle items like fishing equipment, kayaks, beach towels, fire pit, etc. However, be careful not to overdo it. Provide them with a great lakefront living experience they will not easily forget. 8. 5. Offer lake tours. Have a boat, kayak, or canoe ready (with life jackets) and offer your prospective buyers a tour of the Candlewood Lake. Theres no better way to reinforce that lakefront lifestyle than boating on the actual lake! 9. 6. Market the Lake. Aside from the details and features of your lake home for sale in CT, your flyers should also have details about Candlewood Lake, which buyers will find very useful. You can also include boating rules and regulations, size and depth of the lake, types of fish, nearby boat launches, and Lake Association Information. 10. 7. Highlight the views. Once a buyer enters your lake home for sale, they will immediately look for a spot where they can view the lake. Make sure your windows are clean and that they provide an unobstructed view of the lake. 11. 8. Hire an agent experienced in selling lakefront properties. The most important thing you could do before listing your lake home for sale in CT, is to work with an agent who has experience in selling Candlewood Lake properties. 12. These tips in staging lakefront properties will go a long way in attracting buyers and helping you sell your Candlewood Lake home fast and a good price. 13. Call Deborah Laemmerhirt now at 203-994-4297 and let her assist you with everything you need to know about buying or selling Candlewood Lake properties. Her years of experience as a preeminent real estate professional in Ridgefield, Redding, Wilton, New Fairfield, Brookfield, Bridgewater, Roxbury, Washington, Weston, Westport, Southbury, Kent, Sherman, Easton, and Bethel, CT, combined with her dedication to providing the finest service will make it easier for you to find your dream home in Connecticut.