how to start homeschooling effectively infograp ... homeschooling involves integrating your child's

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    Involve the Family

    Homeschooling involves integrating your child's educational schedule with your families regular routine. Have a chat with your family to find out what their expectations are with homeschooling and what is expected of them.

    Be like Gumby Be flexible !

    Learning from can be difficult, and frustrating. Facilitate your child's study schedule closely, but be flexible to change it up based on your child's style of learning and their emotional state.

    with your children Even if you're following a lesson plan, it's good to brainstorm with your children about their day ahead. Give your children options. Ask them how they feel about doing tasks in certain ways and give them time to adjust to the schedule.

    Social Distancing = Self-Care

    Don't Under Estimate

    The power of taking a break from zoom meetings & social media.

    Add it to your schedule and make it fun,

    or be spontaneous and flexible.

    April 14, 2020

    FREE  RESOURCES Schools will provide lessons and you can also

    utilize online resources to support you and your children.

    Home School Resources

    4151635 Parent Information Center Exercise Your Child's Brain