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1. How To Stay Green At Home By: MaidPro Phoenix Central 2. Recycle Properly One of the three Rs of environmentalism is recycle. Make sure all recyclable items are empty and free of food scraps. 3. Use the Less Is More Attitude Buy only what is necessary and what will be used. Remember, one of the three Rs of environmentalism is reduce. Be aware when purchasing: paint, items that pollute water, insecticides and household chemicals. 4. Plant a Garden Whether its on a balcony or in your backyard, gardens are a great way to support sustainability. 5. Consolidate Errand Runs Not only does this keep you from making multiple trips when running errands, it helps save on gas and emissions. 6. Go To The Local Farmers Markets Not only is it an amazing way to spend a Spring or Summer morning, supporting farmers markets aids in sustainability and supports local farmers. 7. Power Down One of the most simple ways to be green is to turn off the lights when leaving a room. And when youre done with your computer at the end of the day, dont just put it on sleep mode, turn it all the way off. 8. We believe in staying green & encourage you to make the same commitment. 9. Let MaidPro Phoenix Central keep your home green clean. For a free estimate, call us at call us at (602) 279-7900 or visit central