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  1. 1. A while back me and a couple buddies went on a backpacking trip across Scotland.
  2. 2. Saw some cool castles, visited some nice distilleries, and learned a lot of history.
  3. 3. There was this one field where a famous battle took place.
  4. 4. Up until that point, the only Scottish battle scenes I knew about were from Braveheart.
  5. 5. A whole slew of dudes running at each other screaming their lungs out.
  6. 6. Perfect for Hollywood, but not so accurate.
  7. 7. In reality, the bad guys were approaching slowly across this huge marshy field.
  8. 8. The good guys (The Scots) were slowly retreating.
  9. 9. Why so slow?
  10. 10. It was a magnificent trick by the Scots.
  11. 11. See, they KNEW where the solid ground was, and where the super soft ground was. But the bad guys didn't.
  12. 12. The Scots led them to that field, and drew them in. Then one by one, they got stuck.
  13. 13. This allowed one or two Scots to get close enough, kill the guy with a couple arrows, and then retreat back.
  14. 14. Took a while, but the bad guys didn't stand a chance, even though they were much stronger in numbers.
  15. 15. A very similar battle took place in ancient Greece.
  16. 16. A small group of ships were retreating from a large larger navy.
  17. 17. Only the retreating ships were in familiar waters.
  18. 18. They KNEW where all the sand bars were, but the bad guys didn't.
  19. 19. Again, one by one, the bad guys got stuck, a one ship got close enough to shoot some flaming arrows, and it was all over.
  20. 20. Most of us have plenty of those hidden spots.
  21. 21. We could be walking along and then suddenly we feel stuck.
  22. 22. Stuck but an unexpected and powerful surge of unwanted emotions that keeps us frozen.
  23. 23. We suddenly feel put on the spot, or suddenly feel like we're in danger, or suddenly feel like we're being left out or ignored.
  24. 24. A good way to deal with these would be to take some to figure out where they come from.
  25. 25. Look at the structure of the situations that keep eliciting them.
  26. 26. Then like the Greeks or the Scots, you'd know where they were, and you'd know how to avoid them.
  27. 27. Or you could go one step further.
  28. 28. You could eliminate them altogether.
  29. 29. Then it really WOULD be like a movie.
  30. 30. Only you wouldn't be running and screaming into battle (with your face painted blue), you'd just be running and laughing through life.
  31. 31. Like a bunch of little kids let loose on the playground.
  32. 32. Open waters, clear sailing, and no obstacles in sight.
  33. 33.


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