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<ol><li> 1. A while back me and a couple buddies went on a backpacking trip across Scotland. </li><li> 2. Saw some cool castles, visited some nice distilleries, and learned a lot of history. </li><li> 3. There was this one field where a famous battle took place. </li><li> 4. Up until that point, the only Scottish battle scenes I knew about were from Braveheart. </li><li> 5. A whole slew of dudes running at each other screaming their lungs out. </li><li> 6. Perfect for Hollywood, but not so accurate. </li><li> 7. In reality, the bad guys were approaching slowly across this huge marshy field. </li><li> 8. The good guys (The Scots) were slowly retreating. </li><li> 9. Why so slow? </li><li> 10. It was a magnificent trick by the Scots. </li><li> 11. See, they KNEW where the solid ground was, and where the super soft ground was. But the bad guys didn't. </li><li> 12. The Scots led them to that field, and drew them in. Then one by one, they got stuck. </li><li> 13. This allowed one or two Scots to get close enough, kill the guy with a couple arrows, and then retreat back. </li><li> 14. Took a while, but the bad guys didn't stand a chance, even though they were much stronger in numbers. </li><li> 15. A very similar battle took place in ancient Greece. </li><li> 16. A small group of ships were retreating from a large larger navy. </li><li> 17. Only the retreating ships were in familiar waters. </li><li> 18. They KNEW where all the sand bars were, but the bad guys didn't. </li><li> 19. Again, one by one, the bad guys got stuck, a one ship got close enough to shoot some flaming arrows, and it was all over. </li><li> 20. Most of us have plenty of those hidden spots. </li><li> 21. We could be walking along and then suddenly we feel stuck. </li><li> 22. Stuck but an unexpected and powerful surge of unwanted emotions that keeps us frozen. </li><li> 23. We suddenly feel put on the spot, or suddenly feel like we're in danger, or suddenly feel like we're being left out or ignored. </li><li> 24. A good way to deal with these would be to take some to figure out where they come from. </li><li> 25. Look at the structure of the situations that keep eliciting them. </li><li> 26. Then like the Greeks or the Scots, you'd know where they were, and you'd know how to avoid them. </li><li> 27. Or you could go one step further. </li><li> 28. You could eliminate them altogether. </li><li> 29. Then it really WOULD be like a movie. </li><li> 30. Only you wouldn't be running and screaming into battle (with your face painted blue), you'd just be running and laughing through life. </li><li> 31. Like a bunch of little kids let loose on the playground. </li><li> 32. Open waters, clear sailing, and no obstacles in sight. </li><li> 33. </li></ol>