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Cool. How to Stay When Things Get :. Hot. Accountability And Assurance of Vaccines Margaret Wilson RN,MPH Ines Burazerovic BS,CHES. Goal for the presentation. Save time ordering vaccines Decrease number of phone calls Keep vaccines viable Save money. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Accountability And Assurance of Vaccines

    Margaret Wilson RN,MPHInes Burazerovic BS,CHES

  • Goal for the presentationSave time ordering vaccinesDecrease number of phone callsKeep vaccines viableSave money

  • Vaccine Accountability and Order Form

  • Completing the Order FormPre-populated provider information (pin, phone, fax, etc.)Provider needs to complete:Ending Inventory DateDelivery Days and HoursTotal Doses GivenEnding InventoryExpiration Date

  • Completing the Order Form- cont.Unless instructed by the VDH Immunization Program never change:Starting Inventory DateStarting Inventory BalanceEOQ ordering schedule

  • Completing the Order FormTransfer In and Transfer Out columnsObtain verbal VDH authorization prior to any transferList number of doses transferredLot # for all doses transferredProvider name or PinExpired and Wasted columnsList number of dosesLot number for all dosesExpiration Date

  • Placing an orderEOQ Order ScheduleFirst half of the month (1-15th)Second half of the month (16-31st)Complete the formTemperature logsFax

  • Placing an Order Cont.Submitting an order outside of your EOQ schedule

    Contacting the Immunization Program

  • Most Common QuestionCan I order only one vaccine without completing the whole order?Provider Office You have to complete your whole order even if it is just for one vaccine!Immunization Program

  • Order ConfirmationReceive new Accountability and Order FormNote the Starting Inventory Balance and Starting Inventory DateIf you fail to receive it call the Immunization Program

  • Things to ComeNew Vaccine Accountability and Order Form:Lot numbersNDC numbersVials vs. Syringes PackingChange in doses transferred, wasted and expired

  • New Accountability and Order Form

  • Vaccine Storage and Handling

  • The EssentialsTake temperatures twice a day

    Store vaccine correctly

    Call if there is a problem

  • TemperatureVaccine is only viable if it is stored at the right temperature

    Most vaccine that has been frozen or exposed to too warm temperatures does not look any different

  • ThermometersVFC requires that specific thermometers are used to monitor vaccine temperature

    Thermometers need to be placed in the center of your refrigerators

  • VaccineNeeds to be stored away from the back and sides of the shelvesNever in the crisper bins or the doorAlways kept in its boxDont let frost build up in your freezer

  • Plan for ProblemsVaccine Management Plan

    Refrigerator too full

    Thermometer, Refrigerator or Freezer failure

  • When a Problem Arises . . .

    Call the Immunization Program!

    Do not do anything with the vaccine until you have called!

  • When You Call . . .Have the documented temperatures and when they were takenA list of what vaccines were affectedIncluding the name of vaccine, lot number and number of doses affectedSuspected cause of problem (if known)Your Vaccine Management Plan

  • Next StepsWe will help decide what to do with the vaccine. Take steps to make sure it doesnt happen again (when you can).

  • Documenting an EventRegardless of the outcome you should document the event and keep with your Vaccine Management Plan.

  • If Vaccine is LostDocument on Accountability and Order FormOnly submit your form when you are ready to place an orderYou will be mailed a UPS Shipping Label and a Return Authorization Form

  • Sending Vaccines BackVaccines are sent back to McKesson

    You can package vaccine in any sturdy box that will prevent vials from breaking

    Place shipping label on the box and next time UPS is in your office for pick-up or delivery just hand them the box

  • Questions?

    Thank you !

    Please make sure you are within your EOQ ordering schedule window (monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly) but also First Half (1-15th) or Second Half of the month (16-31st)

    You can submit order outside of your EOQ schedule if due to unforeseen circumstances and you are out of vaccine.

    When you submit your order, you will receive via fax new Accountability and Order Form within 3 business days