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1. Body Position Lie flat on your back in the water with your face facing the sky Legs should be straight but relaxed: Feet pointed away from the body 1 Arm should be at your side, 1 Arm stretched out in front of the head 2. Arm Motion: Always use the pinky to go into the water first during the Recovery [Airtime for the arm: the arm should be straight] Rotate your shoulders to drive the arm into the water [just like freestyle ~ rotate to the left, right side of body should be in the air and vice versa] Keep your elbows locked underwater: Drive the hand towards the hip [to touch] Make sure you hand is at least a foot underwater to maximize propulsion 3. Kicking: Do a reverse freestyle kick Keep the leg kicking Make sure that the leg is straight, do not allow the leg to bend too much Ankle has to be relaxed to allow the feet to point downwards to maximize propulsion


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