How to Swim Safely at the Pool

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<p>HOW TO RIDE A BIKE</p> <p>How to Swim at the PoolLoran Son</p> <p>I love to swim at the pool. Swimming is great when it is hot outside. Swimming keeps me cool in the summer.</p> <p>When I swim at the pool outside, I put on sunscreen. My parents like it when I remember to put on sunscreen before going to the pool. </p> <p>I like to go swimming with my friends at the pool. It is fun to play at the pool with my friends.</p> <p>I kick my legs when I swim.</p> <p>I move my arms when I swim.</p> <p>Sometimes I like to jump in the pool first but it is dangerous when no one is watching. My parents and lifeguard like it when I swim under their watch.</p> <p>I will try not to run at the pool. The lifeguard likes it when I remember to walk. Running at the pool could hurt me or other people. When people are at the pool, they walk.</p> <p>I like to keep my eyes open underwater. I wear googles if the water hurts my eyes. Wearing googles also helps me see clearly underwater.</p> <p>I will try not to drink the water at the pool. Drinking the pool water does not taste good. </p> <p>When I go underwater I hold my breath. I take my head out of the water when I need to breathe.</p> <p>I like to use a float when the water is too deep. There are many different floats I can use.</p> <p>I like to play with pool toys at the pool.</p> <p>Sometimes I feel like swimming even if it is going to rain, but it is dangerous to swim in a storm. When there is lightning, I leave the pool.</p> <p>The lifeguard makes everyone leave the pool if there is lightning. Lighting could hurt me or other people.</p> <p>I bring my towel to the pool. My towel keeps me warm when I leave the pool.</p>