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  • How to use Pinterest
  • Introduction about Pinterest Video about Pinterest
  • Introduction Pinterest is a very unique way to share a persons beautiful imagination. What is Each person can create a boardPinterest? which can be created for a topic, which helps define what category it is. The website allows people to follow others that share their same interest, and can communicate to one another
  • What can you do with Pinterest? Share current affairs from several different news companies worldwide Create a method to advertise companies to a large demographic Connect with others that share similar interest and can create strong bonds
  • Pinterest Power: Social media Third largest social network 20.2millon unique visitors
  • 17.4% of social media revenue A 1350% increase in only 12 months
  • 1.Set your pinterest objective2.Figure out your brands lifestyle3.Skip the sales pitch4.Learn about your followers5.Establish relevant metrics
  • Some Brands are making good use of Pinterest
  • Some Brands are making good use of Pinterest
  • Sources of Information good-use-of-pinterest-and-two-that-aren-t