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  • 1. How Twitter Can Increase Your Online Business

2. Twitter is a service that is increasing its popularity in time. This is a form of micro blogging where you are allowed of up to 140 characters to express yourself. This is a form of social media that allows people to follow somebody and read their tweets. 3. Many do not understand the real concept and advantage of this service. If you are an ordinary person, this is a fun service to use that can be inspiring and informative. The people you follow can tweet insightful ideas that you can use. 4. People who are on Twitter are not just ordinary people; you can find that most of them are the Whos Who of the society. You can find celebrities, actors, directors, CEOs of big companies, and a lot more. It will be a matter of time that everyone will be on Twitter. 5. If you own an online business, you can take advantage ofTwitterto promote your business and gain more clients. There are many ways that you can use Twitter to increase your online business. 6. It is also important to remember that Twitter is used even by the CEOs of big companies to increase their awareness, increase their sales and maintain a good working relationship with their clients. 7. Customer Support you may have a customer service number but would it be better if your customers can ask question directly to you, the owner. This creates a good bond between you and your customers. 8. This makes them feel that they are taken care of and the owner is hands-on to his business and takes care of the needs of their clients. 9. Responding to question your customers may have queries regarding your product or service and you may not directly see it on Twitter. This service has Twitter Search option that allows you to view the topics and updates on Twitter. 10. You can search for your product or service on Twitter Search and check if there are people asking questions about them. The reply function of Twitter allows you to reply and answer the question. Your answer will also be received by your followers giving them information about your product. This can increase your direct sale and awareness of your online business. 11. Tweeting out promotions and contests sending out information to your customers of certain promotions and contests can be easily done with Twitter. With 140 characters you can entice your customers to join your contest or promotion. This is a cost-effective way of advertising for your online business. 12. Offer Discounts discounts and sales are great things that can encourage your customers to buy from you or avail your services. You can give special discounts to your followers on Twitter, only those who follow your Twitter account can get the discount. This builds your bond with your customer and they will feel special. 13. Be visible among the Whos Who List following the Whos Who is a good option for your Twitter account, this way you can keep in touch with them. Exchanging Twitter conversations with the people and businesses that can help your company can lead to a good business deal. Press and media can also help you get the attention of the public. 14. Get customer feedback improve your service and products with the help of Twitter. Get feedback from the customers by asking a poll survey. You can ask how they feel towards your new service or product. Even before your product is officially released to the market, you can your customers their input on your latest project. This way your customers will feel appreciated and their feedback is valued. 15. If you have not tried usingTwitteryet, better do so. Starting an account is easy and just remember that even CEOs of big companies use Twitter to increase their sales, visibility and maintain a strong connection with their customers. 16.