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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Measuring ROI fromDigital Marketing</p> <p>How User Experience can make or break your business</p> <p>1</p> <p>vvz</p> <p>What is User Experience</p> <p>The experience an end-user has during all</p> <p> aspects of his/her interaction with the</p> <p> company, its services, and its products</p> <p>Types of UXProduct UXInterface UX</p> <p>Elements of a great User ExperienceThe way it worksLook &amp; Feel FUNCTIONALITYAESTHETICSGREAT USER EXPERIENCE</p> <p>vvz</p> <p>How UX Impacts Your Business</p> <p>UX impacts both user acquisition and retentionAcquisitionRetention</p> <p>Designing Landing Pages that are Conversion-Optimized lowers acquisition costs</p> <p>How conversion rate impacts acquisition costsAdvertising Spend (Rs.)50000Visits (at Rs. 10 per click)5000</p> <p>Conversion Rate3%3.50%Customers Acquired150175CPA333286</p> <p>Increase in Customers Acquired-17 %Decrease in CPA-14 %</p> <p>Website UX is critical for SEO</p> <p>Not a designers problem..</p> <p>But a CEOs priority.</p> <p>vvz</p> <p>Overview of the UX Process</p> <p>User Experience Design to Cultivate TrustGiving the users a great experienceReceiving trust &amp; business as reward It is critical to understand, design &amp; improve on digital experiences to enhance the user trustWebsite that shows it cares about its customers Security &amp; Privacy of its users handled with attention</p> <p>Service is of great quality Feedback &amp; reviews from real buyers that connects with new users</p> <p>Company is reliable &amp; trustworthy - Transparent information on the roots &amp; founders of the business</p> <p>Our proven approach to User Experience &amp; Delight2</p> <p>STRATEGISE1</p> <p>RESEARCH &amp; ANALYSE 3</p> <p>PRODUCT DESIGN4</p> <p>TEST &amp; ITERATEUX PROCESSIdentify Project RequirementsConduct Competitor AnalysisDo Content AuditCollaborative discussionsCreate revised SitemapPlan Information ArchitectureUser Personas User ScenariosNavigation FlowchartsUser SurveysWebsite UXDigital Touch-pointsBuilding Virality Loop</p> <p>A/B TestingHeat Map AnalysisReview Metrics and iterate on design &amp; marketing</p> <p>UX Analytics Heatmaps and AB Testing</p> <p>vvz</p> <p>Examples of good UX</p> <p>AIRBNB Find your place of belonging Great product experienceSimple intuitive navigationUser-engaging interface</p> <p>Everlist Task Management App</p> <p>Comfortable UIGrid Layout OrganizationAesthetic Design</p> <p>vvz</p> <p>Conducting a UX Audit</p> <p>Evaluating the UX of your website/app</p> <p>Functionality How quickly can you accomplish what you came forNavigation &amp; Information Architecture Forms and Data EntryTrust &amp; CredibilityAesthetics - Page Layout &amp; VisualizationSite layout - assist the user in where to focus Clickable Items should appear clickable and vice versaFont consistencyBalance between white space and contentOverall - pleasant to look at and navigate.</p> <p>Digital Marketing for results. </p> <p>Follow us</p> <p>vvz</p> <p>UX Tools</p> <p>23</p> <p>Tech Stack used for User Experience BEHAVIOR TRACKINGSTRATEGYPROTOTYPINGCustomer SurveysUser InterviewsCase StudiesInspectlet, CrazyEgg, Optimizely, Google Analytics, MouseFlowInspectletCrazyEggOptimizelyGoogle AnalyticsMouseFlowBalsamiqAxureInvisionPen &amp; Paper</p> <p>Example of Customer Delight: First VisitWalkthroughs are great UX for any new product app, it helps the first time user understand how to interact with the app interface. </p> <p>Micro-interactions adds some fun element to the usually boring sign up process. Its also important to break down sign up process into multiple steps/pages. </p>