how we honor the great way

How we honor the great way
How we honor the great way
How we honor the great way
How we honor the great way
How we honor the great way
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Dr.Paul W Dyer talks about we can practice and honor the Great Creator and giver of life in our practice. Dr. Dyer has trained in developing the three treasures of life and teaches it daily. Dr. Paul W Dyer Grandmaster of the martial Science often says"We must train daily to be able to serve humanity". May you all be blessed on your journey.


  • How We Honor the Great Way The Great Way has been practiced for thousands of years in many forms. All the forms and action leads us to enlightenment. We need to honor and respect our mother earth. She is the source of all life. The sun shines life to the earth and the earth produces life in all forms in a balanced way. We train to connect in this balance. Everything is here to serve everything else. If we interrupt the flow in any way we leave nothing for the future generations. Before every decision is made we should ask and answer a final question if I do this what will be the effects on the next generation?
  • We can have respect and love for all things and for all people; we need to do this for our connected cells in ourselves and for all the children still unborn. Our brain produces 50,000 thoughts a day in each thought is a seed of action that will produce a result. Only through proper training in the Great Way may you understand your seeds and give it the nutrients to grow proper. If only the human beings could understand the power of proper relationships, the need for power and control will be abandoned. It is not what is going on that matters but how your interpretation of what is going on. It is our relationship to it that counts. Nothing in the world has any meaning except the meaning we give to it. To be more reflective at this we could consider a relationship with the Great Creator and our practice. The creator can only create through human beings. The human beings have a purpose given to us by the Great Creator. As we honor our gifts by training and practices we fulfill this purpose. Only work can make yourself ready to be able to channel and to perform for the creator in any service. We prepare all of our cells by prayer, meditation and training in the peaceful warrior way. In this simple way of training in our daily lives the practice will honor The Great Way by forging our minds, body, and spirit to fill a purpose and to pass on our gifts to next cells. Faith is belief without evidence. Give me the faith. Let me trust that you have given me the tools to live. You have given large and small for me to wonder, ponder, and to discover. I am shall walk the Red Road and seek the way of the Creator. To properly develop the human spirit and body the being needs to learn guiding principles. Its from these principles that we make our decisions. The Great Spirit has given us these clues to study and to conceive thoughts. These answers often have come through tears for me so I am here teaching to help
  • guide others away from darkness. In the right thinking there is right mind. In right actions there is right spirit. In right vision there is right speech. We shall heal together through this practice of living not destruction. Within martial arts, the key to unlock and nurture stronger inner energy of connection wholeness is through practicing motion mind harmony. This is not easy as I teach. It takes as long as it takes stop forcing it. Its like trying to make a flower bloom because you water it and staring at it. In time all thing will bloom. In the practice process of life's essence it is refined into energy and energy into spirit. In One Clouds progression, these shifts are more or less defined by life blood or fluids, energy as image of light and dark and movement of breath, and spirit as sound. The adept is led towards more and more subtle levels of spirit, whose essence can only be grasped as inner music of the soul. I understand that many people train in these places of walls and floor but the dojo was a building ground of lifes dirt to cultivate your seed of life. Before one can listen to subtle life energy tones, one has to clear out the noise pollution from ones body mind. This noise pollution takes the form of distracting inner voices, the proverbial "Crocked Pot mind. One of the oldest longevity practices in history are the six healing sounds, used to clean out the five vital organs and triple warmer meridian. Many scholars miss references to these healing sounds in ancient texts and translate the sounds as if they were just strange irrational noises arising from the chaos. Dakota Dragon Defense does not leave these aspects out of training.
  • In my teachings I show you how to understand the positions of the heaven and earth in a map to understand where you are in this world. The understanding the inner space and time with our inner compass. We must know about the internal centers, organs, channels, hormonal glands that we must study the inner landscape and the energy points of the inner body. This knowledge is called feng shui. it is one of your guiding lights in your journey to your enlightenment. Your Illusions have buried you in a cage of death and training in the awakening process will awaken the true life you were meant to have. We are taught by our many Sages that an understanding of unhealthy mental attitudes triggers a germ unit in the body. The results are fevers, cancers and tumors. I have seen this first hand in family members. The body is living reactor and regulate. Learn your sciences through the peaceful warrior arts. It is our high destiny to live in harmony with nature. To do this, we must first understand its laws and the ways of nature. Through our understanding of the laws of nature which are the laws of good, good will be created. Nature is always ready, willing and able to share her secrets with us. We live in harmony with the Universe. Harmony means to interact with the energy of the Universe. Breathing is important to keep this harmony. We breathe the life of the Universe throughout our body. Whole life practice breathing is to activate and interchange with the energy of the Universe. This is the best way to activate your life power and keep your health. We need only be open, receptive and respectful of her ways and all will be revealed through the process we call time. Written by: Dr. Paul W DyerGrandmaster The Art Of Life. http://www.dakotadragondefe

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