How Web Hosting Helps to Grow Your Business

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How Web Hosting Helps to Grow Your Business

How Web Hosting Helps to Grow Your Business

Sales Related QueryWhy Choosing the Best Web Hosting is Important to Your Business?

To make online presence effective, it is very important to choose best web hosting service that matches with your business requirements.

Understand the different hosting options availableGo for excellent technical support serviceSelect the web host that has excellent uptime track recordCost should not be a critical factorConsider a well-esteemed hosting company

Sales Related QueryDetails of Different Kinds of Hosting

Free web hosting: Free web hosting is the best solution for private web pages, small-audience blogs, and static web pages because it offers restricted control. Users have very restricted web monetization control.

Shared web hosting: In shared web hosting; multiple websites resides on one physical server that results into security risks, low processing capacity and fewer resources options available. Prices are affordable to meet the small needs.

VPS hosting: VPS stands for Virtual Private Server in which websites are hosted on virtual platforms that as a whole is a part of one physical server. In this technique, a server is partitioned into multiple servers to acts as a standalone unit where users can have full control over their application.

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Dedicated hosting (Managed Hosting and Unmanaged Hosting )A dedicated server provides fully-fledged administrative access and unlimited use of software and application to run multifaceted business applications.

Sales Related QueryManaged dedicated server hostingA managed dedicated server hosting intends to provide robust features like consistent software updates, spam filtering, virus scanning, security auditing, server maintenance, and ensure optimum efficiency of your business applications. Web hosts help you to scale up the hardware configurations like RAM, memory, storage etc. as per your specific needs.

Unmanaged dedicated server hosting:In unmanaged dedicated hosting, you are provided with complete root access, but you are responsible for your own security and maintenance. This is the best option when you plan to run heavy software and generating loads of traffic. Colocation hosting: Colocation can be referred as the technique of housing your servers in a professional datacenter where you can access economies of scale, advanced infrastructure, increased bandwidth, low latency and a complete set of additional advantages.

Cloud hosting: Cloud hosting is an emerging technology that transform virtual hosting by taking the advantage of multiple source to ensure capability, better performance and redundancy. The cloud option reduces IT infrastructure costs.

Sales Related Query5Hosting Your Website in Simple Steps

Register a domain name

A domain name is a pointer alias to an IP address.On web host site, check domain name availability. When you make request for specific domain name, then your computer will access a Domain Name Server to look up the IP address associated with that domain name. Once your domain is registered, your system makes a request to the server with that IP address to fetch the webpage you looking for

Sales Related Query2. Find a Web Host

At this point, you have domain name which reflect your business websiteNow, you need to link your domain name with hosting server to host your applicationsOn browsing hosting plans, it will ask you to select operating system: Windows and Linux

Sales Related Query3. Upload Your Files by Using FTP

After you have purchased the web hosting and domain name, you will be sent an email with FTP information so you can upload your website files using an FTP client.This Way You Will Select the Best Hosting Option:

Understanding the features, costs, performance and types of websites, you can choose the better cost-value decisions.

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