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2. DO YOU FIND IT USEFUL? 3. DO YOU TRUST IT? 4. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT COLLECTIVE PARTICIPATION? DO YOU BELIEVE PEOPLE CAN LEARN BY USING WIKIPEDIA? 5. DO YOU BELIEVE IN EDITING? 6. WHAT IS WIKIPEDIA? 7. JIMBO WALESJIMMY WALES LARRY SANGER 8. That sum of total human knowledge is available to everyone in their own language Main goal: EDTECH (Education & Technology) Students learn by editing, not by reading 9. NO MARKETING 10. 1. WIKIPEDIA IS A TOP TEN WEB PROPERTY 500 million monthly users 21. 3 billion monthly pageviews 30.7 million pages (in English Wikipedia alone) 286 languages 11. 2.THE WIKIMEDIA FOUNDATION Everything is edited by a community VOLUNTEERS It contributes to the function of Wikipedia Keeps the servers running Supports the technology In charge of admin and legal counsel IT IS NOT INVOLVED IN THE CONTENT AT ALL 12. THE WIKIMEDIA FOUNDATION 13. 3.VOLUNTEERS DISCUSS ARTICLES The community discuss different kinds of articles They debate their reliability and accuracy in a very deep way Volunteers enforce a policy about the behaviour. 14. WIKIMANIA Each year, an international conference called Wikimania brings the people together who are involved in the Wikimedia organizations and projects. 15. 4.PROFILE PAGE & WALL Volunteers have their own profile page They have a wall where people leave messages that then are analysed. 16. 5.NEWSFEEDS Volunteers can add sources of information, or web pages as a recommendation. WIKIMEDIA 17.7 m pieces of freely reusable multimedia. 17. HOW TO EDIT A WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE? 18. STEP 1 19. STEP 2 20. STEP 3 21. STEP 4 22. BUT