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HPI Hydrocarbon Processing Industry Concept

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HPI Hydrocarbon Processing Industry Concept

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Worldwide service and support

More than 5,300 employeesJotun companies in 67 countries

40 production facilities globally

Jotun Protects Property

l With over 25 years experience in the HPI industry, with millions of square metres protected and hundreds of

projects completed, Jotun has built a strong reputation for innovative products and superior customer service.

l Jotun is at the forefront of developments in corrosion protection for hydro-carbon processing facilities, storage tanks

and petro-chemical installations.

lA product range that is continuously upgraded to face ever more demanding protection requirements, to meet new

and more stringent regulations and to reduce environmental impact.

lA truly multinational giant in the global coatings market comprising 67 companies and 40 production facilities on

five continents.

l Jotun’s plants meet ISO quality control requirements and many specialist products are manufactured to exacting

national and industrial standards.

lThe product range can provide corrosion protection but also cosmetic appearance with a virtually unlimited range

of topcoat colours.

lThe Hydrocarbon Processing Industry (HPI) is very diversified. No two projects are alike. Jotun therefore treats each

project on a case-to-case basis and incorporates its HPI concept into the solution offered.

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Case History Kashagan Development

North Caspian

Case History OGD 3rd NGL ProjectOnshore Abu Dhabi

The Kashagan development in the North Caspian

Sea comprises onshore and offshore production

facilities with 2 exploration sites.

Jotun was chosen as one of the main coatings

suppliers and to date has supplied in excess of

$14 million worth for pipe racks and production


The Onshore Gas Development (OGD) III is a $1.5

billion project to expand production of the oil and

gas fields in Habshan, Abu Dhabi.

Jotun supplied coatings with a contract value of

$2.5 million for use in this project.

Jotun also supplied coatings for the ASAB Gas

Development (AGD) Phase II Onshore. Coatings

were supplied by Jotun as global sole supplier

to the engineering and construction contractors,



conceptJotun’s HPI

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conceptJotun’s HPI


l The development of quicker coating processes means

downtime is reduced and the facility is back in service


l Savings in costs and potential improvements in

profitability. These benefits are linked to the correct

choice of advanced yet economical coating systems.

l Jotun Coatings will help choose the most suitable

coating systems designed to offer lasting protection,

ease of application, shorter curing time and

unrivalled life cycle cost advantages and will pay real

dividends, year on year.





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l Safety is a major consideration.

l It is essential to choose coatings which more than meet

current VOC legislation, e.g. water-borne and high

volume solids products are an example.

l Careful coating selection will contribute to improving

safety and working conditions.

l Project management is easier with safety of the site and

its personnel being improved.


l Environmental awareness and legislation is increasing.

l The EU has introduced stronger VOC legislation whilst

in the Middle East and Far East there is increasing

awareness of environmental considerations.

l Jotun has experienced great success introducing new

environmentally acceptable products to meet both

present and proposed legislation.

l WaterFine systems offer protection that is equal or

better than high performance solvent-borne coatings

with cost and environmental benefits.

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Before and after contract award – providing a comprehensive technical support function




Team No.1

Jotun provides an unrivalled

comprehensive technical support

function. At every Jotun location

worldwide there are highly trained and

experienced coatings specialists working

as a team, in close communication, both

together and with their customers.

Technical service personnel are certified

to Frosio or NACE certification

standard. They provide coating

design advice, site surveys, written

the life cycle of structures and assets

that are currently coated or will be

coated to enhance their maintenance

cycle capability.

l Firstly the condition of the site

should be established.

l The programme then allows the client

and Jotun to function as a team.

l A maintenance programme is

prepared for implementation on a

priority basis of 4 phases to provide

long term cost effective corrosion

protection coating systems.

specifications and plan the actual

coating work. They ensure surface

preparation and application are to the

standards which secure lasting corrosion

protection with minimum maintenance.

Jotun Asset Management Programme (JAMP)

The aim of JAMP is to avoid, wherever

possible, unplanned costly shutdowns

which are the result of coating problems.

JAMP is a pro-active method of asset

management designed to help maximise

The foundations for major cost savings, better coating life cycle and more effective site management

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Regional laboratories in China, Korea, Malaysia and U.A.E, work closely together with the central research and development complex in Norway (left)

Jotun Paint School – combining theory with practical training


conceptJotun’s HPI

School is an established system for

education and training for management,

technical support staff and corrosion

engineers for construction facilities,

contractors, engineering consultants and

industrial companies. It has proved to

be very successful, increasing product

knowledge, improving communication

and understanding of common problems

and their solutions.

l The programme takes into

consideration many of the issues

related to planned maintenance of a

plant in operation or at shutdown. The

coating systems suggested take into

consideration all of the relevant facts.

Providing Education and Training

Education and training are an integral

part of Jotun activities. Jotun Paint

Worldwide R&D

A team of scientists at the central

laboratory in Norway and at regional

laboratories in China, Korea, Malaysia,

USA and UAE, work together. They

combine the strengths of state-of-the-art

technology and innovative thinking with

practical knowledge and experience to

ensure Jotun coating systems work in all

climates and locations.

The foundations for major cost savings, better coating life cycle and more effective site management

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Internal tank linings

Corrosion, erosion, contamination

The three deadly enemies of storage tanks are

corrosion, erosion and contamination. The Jotun range

of innovative products for internal surfaces combines

advanced technology with practical knowledge to offer

unique formulations designed to combat these enemies.

Establishing a firm basis for effective coating choice

Your Jotun coatings advisor will find the following

factors useful when discussing the choice of the most

effective coating system for a given structure.

Any decisions made will contribute toward determining the

economics of its maintenance for many years.

l Specification of the product chemical to be stored

and is this likely to change in the future

l Chemical formulae and concentration %

l Expected storage temperature range of the product

l pH levels

l Maintenance and life cycle requirements

l Floating or fixed roof tank

concept – Internal tank liningsJotun’s

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Internal tank linings

What to look for?

New steel tanks may have mill scale remaining on the

surface which will have poor adhesion to the surface.

Before coating, this must be removed using abrasive

blast cleaning.

For interior surfaces, any shopprimer would normally

be removed. Existing tanks may require considerable

preparation and will need close inspection for signs

of corrosion.

Surface preparation

Surface preparation is the single most important

factor for the success or failure of a coating system.

Experience has proved that even the best coating will

fail on an inadequately prepared surface.

The importance of code of practice guidelines and working procedures

Comprehensive application and code of practice

guidelines have been compiled by Jotun for all its

coating systems. These are available on CD on request

from your nearest Jotun office. The guidelines provide

guidance on achieving both the mandatory standards

for surface preparation and coating application.

Jotun working procedures should be consulted prior

to undertaking any coating application and if required

further technical advice sought from the Jotun coating

advisor before commencement of product application.

Dushanzi Refinery, China. Jotun is one of the main suppliers to the project.

The ultimate result of poor corrosion protection

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lLight colours for easier, quicker inspection and cleaning

lEase of application – standard airless spray

lFast recoating time

lShort curing time

lReduced down-time

lExtended life cycle

lReduced long term maintenance costs

lOverall savings in time and economy

lVOC compliant

lReduced or no solvent emission

lReduced explosion and fire risk

lLight colour for ease of inspection

lExtended life cycles – reduces maintenance operations

lReduced down-time means less site HSE risk

lHigh volume solids

lHigh build coatings

lAbrasion resistant

lResistant to a range of petroleum products & chemicals

lResistant to elevated temperatures

Jotun internal tank linings

The Jotun range of internal tank linings enables a

coating to be selected specifically for the environment in

which the tank operates and the product stored.

These products will protect the internal surfaces of the

tank from corrosion and will also protect the stored

product from contamination.

They will also meet current and proposed VOC and

emissions-related environmental legislation.

Common product features and benefits

The safe storage of Bio FuelsThere are many solutions for coating tanks for the

storage of Biodiesel, from phenolic epoxies to vinyl ester

systems. However there is a need to be careful as to the

actual formulation of the stored product.

Recommended systems

For Biodiesel within the specifications related to:

ASTM D 6751 / EN 14214:2003

the following system can be used:

If these limits are exceeded, or the user wishes to build

in security for future Biodiesel specification changes,

Jotun recommends the following system:

Product Number of coats

microns per coat

Tankguard HB 3 100

or Tankguard Storage 2 150

Product Number of coats

microns per coat

Chemflake Special 2 750

concept – Jotun’s key internal tank liningsJotun’s HPI

Application of Chemflake Special

Final inspection. Ready in 72 hours

Chemflake Special – One coat and finished

Internal tank linings

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Estimated costs ‘like for like’ specification

Materials Paint, thinner, consumablesLabour Applicators, stand by manPlant DH compressors, fuel, transport, etcSite services Fire, safety, medical, PTW (permit to work) system

Materials Application Cure days 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10



Chemflake SpecialSolvent-less vinyl ester glass flake

l Ultra high build range up to 600–750µm per coat

l Pit filling capability

l Re-coat after 2–3 hours

l Rapid cure – tank in commission 72 hours

l 1–2 coat system

l Acid resistant

l Resistant against crude oil up to 95°C

l Temperature resistance 85°C in water

l Diverse track record

l VOC compliant to current European legislation

Tankguard 412Solvent free epoxy

l Solvent free technology

l No solvent entrapment

l High build system 1–2 x 500µm

l Can be applied by standard airless spray

l Can be used in concrete bund protection

l No shrinkage

l Resistant to a range of petroleum products

l Crude oil up to 60ºC

l Potable Water BS 6920

l Pit filling capability

l VOC compliant to current European legislation

Chemtech GM ClearSolventless epoxy hand lay up system

l Solvent free technology

l Good wetting properties

l High bond strength

l Crude oil up to 75°C

l High flexural strength

l 20 year track history

l Last resort option for extending the life of tank

l Capable of filling major pittings and small holes

l Crack bridging capability

l Tank in Tank concept

l More economical than tank floor replacement

l Low maintenance

Tankguard StoragePhenolic epoxy

l Flexible DFT range 125–200µm

l Easy to apply – 2 coat system can be applied

in 1 day

l Extended over-coating – 30 days allows for delays

l Good curing times – shorter down time

l Self as holding primer maintains system integrity

l Def Stan 80/97 certificate for jet A1 storage

l Spanish equivalent of Mil

l Spec 4566E for jet A1 storage

l Chemicals 70°C

l Crude oil 95°C

l Water 95°C

Resist 5 WFWater-borne inorganic zinc silicate

l One coat system

l Flexible DFT range 100–200µm

l Less dry spray

l Over-coat with itself even after prolonged curing

l Thin and clean with water

l Reduced risk of mud-cracking

l Excellent track record

l 75% volume solid

l Cures harder than solvent-borne silicates

l VOC compliant

l Conductive

Resist GTISolvent-borne ethyl silicate based zinc rich coating

l One coat system

l 100µm DFT

l Lining for solvents including methanol

and ethanol

l Excellent track record

l 67% volume solid

l VOC compliant

l Conductive

Internal tank linings

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Steel substrates

SectionVol. solids

%Dry film

range µmNumber of coats

Main use

Thin film

Zinc Silicate

Resist GTI 67 75–100 1Anticorrosive lining for protection of chemical tanks. Solvent resistant, petroleum products with methanol/alcohol with pH 6–10

Resist 5 WF (Water-borne) 75 125 1Anticorrosive lining for protection of chemical tanks. Solvent resistant, petroleum products with methanol/alcohol with pH 6–10

Pure Epoxy

Tankguard HB 50 80–150 2–3Solvents, chemicals, sewage, water, AV fuel, crude oil 60ºC, condensate

Jotacote Universal 72 150–250 2 Water, crude oil 60ºC

Phenolic Epoxy

Tankguard Storage 63 100–200 2 High chemical resistance, water, crude oil at 95ºC

High build coatings

Pure Epoxy

Tankguard 412 (If one coat min 300 µm)

100 200–500 1–2Crude oil 60ºC, clean petroleum products, potable water, BS 6290

Glass Flake Epoxy

Marathon 80 200–400 1 Sewage waste, crude oil 60ºC

GRP Matt Epoxy lay-up

Penguard Primer 51 50 1

Chemtech GM Clear + GRP Matt 100 1000–3000 2–3 Crude oil 60ºC

Ultra high build coatings

Vinyl ester

Chemflake Special 96 600–1500 1–2Crude oil 95ºC, wide range of chemicals, acids and alkalis at elevated temperatures


Baltoflake 96 600–1500 1–2 Crude oil 60ºC

Internal tank linings

For full details please refer to Jotun product resistance lists

Jotun offers a wide range of internal linings to meet all

tank protection needs. The typical systems described

are intended as guidelines as many combinations of the

systems can be used. A discussion with a Jotun coatings

advisor is recommended prior to choosing a particular


concept – protecting steel substratesJotun’s

Page 13: HPI Brochure1


Concrete linings and containment bund coatings

SectionVol. solids

%Dry film

range µmNumber of coats

Main use

Epoxy high build high solid

Penguard Clear Sealer 50 44 1

Marathon 80 250–400 1 Silos, tank pools, crude oil bunds

Penguard Clear Sealer 50 44 1

Tankguard 412 100 250–500 1–2 Silos, tank pools, crude oil bunds, potable water, BS 6920

Vinyl Ester

Chemclear 96 200 1

Chemflake Special 96 600–1500 1–2 Silos, tank pools, chemical or crude oil bunds

Internal tank linings

protecting concrete containment bunds

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concept – External coatingsJotun’s HPI

External coatings





Successfully combine these three factors and the result can be major

overall cost savings, better life cycle of the coating system and more

effective site management – this is Jotun’s HPI concept.

Well protected, well presented

External surfaces of tanks not only need to be well

protected against corrosion but must also be well

presented visually. Jotun achieve these two aims with

a combination of zinc rich primers, epoxy and epoxy

mastic coatings together with polyurethane or acrylic

topcoats – solvent or water-borne.


Page 15: HPI Brochure1


External coatings

Common features and benefits


l Ease of application

lQuick re-coating

lFull system in one day

l Fast turn round time

lReduced maintenance costs

lExtended life cycle

lOverall cost saving of the total coating process


lVOC compliant

lReduced or low solvent emissions

lExtended life cycle reduces maintenance operations

lReduced down-time means less site HSE risk


l High build coatings

lAbrasion resistance

lDual surface preparation UHPWJ – abrasive blast cleaning

lPrimers suitable for all generics

lHybrid systems possible

Check list – a firm basis for effective coating choice

Considering the factors in the check list will serve as a useful basis

when discussing the choice of the most effective coating system

with the Jotun coatings advisor. The decisions made at this stage

will help determine the economics for the maintenance of the

structure for many years.

l Type of structure and location

l New construction or old requiring maintenance

l Corrosivity class (ISO 12944)

l Maintenance and life cycle requirements

l Geographic location

l Climate conditions during the coating period as well as during the service life

l Consideration of ease of maintenance of the coating system

l Life cycle expectations

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Full hidingpower

Less hidingpower

Less hidingpower


Less hidingpower

Less hidingpower

Full hidingpower

Light redprimer


Epoxy Mastic Coatings

Jotun’s epoxy mastic products are unique.

High surface tolerance, compared to

other modified epoxies ensures deeper

penetration into the substrate, adhesion

is superior and they are moisture

tolerant. They can be applied faster and

more easily on less well prepared surfaces

delivering real savings in time and money.

Jotun’s anticorrosive category comprises products which offer long term corrosion protection. A selection from this category includes:

Mastic Series

Jotamastic 87 Epoxy mastic

Jotamastic Plus Epoxy mastic

Jotamastic 80 Epoxy mastic

Jotacote Universal Anti abrasion pure epoxy

Barrier Series Zinc rich epoxy

Resist Series Zinc rich silicate

Glass Flake Series

Jotamastic 87 GF Glass flake reinforced epoxy mastic

Marathon Epoxy glass flakes

Baltoflake Polyester glass flakes

Jotun’s intermediate coatings are anti corrosive primers/intermediate coating for corrosion protection of various substrates. A selection from this category includes:Penguard Express Series

Penguard Express High solids epoxy

Penguard Express ZP Epoxy pigmented with zinc phosphate

Penguard Express MIO Epoxy reinforced with micaceous iron oxide pigments

Jotun’s topcoats offer defence against the elements including colour stability, potential stress elements, UV exposure and give excellent cosmetic appearance. A selection from this category includes:Hardtop Series

Hardtop AS Polyurethane

Hardtop XP High solid polyurethane

Hardtop Flexi Flexible high solid polyurethane


Jotaproof Topcoat Two pack acrylic

Penguard FC Epoxy finish

WaterFine Topcoat Water-borne acrylic

As illustrated above, to achieve full hiding power with a blue topcoat, the correct choice of primer colour is

turquoise. Choosing one of the other colours would be the wrong choice as full hiding power would not be

achieved. To achieve full hiding power with an orange topcoat, buff colour is the right choice.

1. Aged coating in sound condition prepared to minimum St 2 (or even moist). Water jetting prepared surfaces with early flash rust is acceptable.

Colour Management

Jotun’s Colour Management Concept utilises three basic primer colours which have been developed to ensure optimum hiding power by any selected topcoat colour. These three colours are buff, light red and turquoise.

By selecting the right primer colour, good hiding power and cosmetic appearance of the topcoat can be achieved.

4. The coating, having penetrated deep into the substrate, converts from a liquid coating into a solid film. It now provides the ultimate in adhesion, penetration and corrosion protection.

3. The coating penetrates deeper than any other generic paint type. Deeper even than linseed oil.

2. Jotun epoxy mastic is applied. Good flow properties for a smooth, consistent protective film. Low surface tension gives excellent wetting properties. Penetrates deep down into the aged sound surface.

concept – Jotun’s key external coatingsJotun’s HPI

External coatings

Anticorrosives Intermediates Topcoats

Page 17: HPI Brochure1


Jotun’s comprehensive range of

water-borne coatings combine long

term corrosion protection with cost and

environmental benefits.

The WaterFine range comprises:

Primers/intermediate coats DFT µm VOC g/l

Zinc epoxy primer WaterFine Barrier 50–90 117

Zinc Silicate Resist 5 WF 50–200 0

Acrylic primer WaterFine Acrylic Primer 80–200 66

Epoxy primer WaterFine Primer 60–125 60


Hard glossy acrylic topcoat WaterFine Topcoat 40–80 119

External coatings


Single day coating systemCoating DFT µm Time for overcoating

WaterFine Barrier 50 2 hours

WaterFine Primer 120 * 4 hours

WaterFine Topcoat 80

Total 250* System through dry after application of the last layer: 25 hours

Water-borne systems

Page 18: HPI Brochure1


Typical external coating systems

The Jotun coating systems described below are examples of the

many available. Your Jotun coatings advisor will discuss your

specific project with you and recommend the most efficient,

effective and economical solution to your exact requirements.

All systems described below are VOC compliant

System ExamplesNo.

coatsDFT Durability

C4 High*

1 x WaterFine Barrier

1 x WaterFine Primer

1 x WaterFine Topcoat 3 220 High

1 x Barrier series

1 x Jotamastic 80

1 x Hardtop series 3 240 High

1 x Jotamastic 80

1 x Jotamastic 80

1 x Hardtop series 3 250 High

C5-I Very high (Industrial)*

1 x WaterFine Barrier

1 x WaterFine Primer

1 x WaterFine Topcoat 3 250 High

1 x Resist series

1 x Jotamastic series

1 x Hardtop series 3 265 High

Im 3 Soil Buried tanks*

1 x Baltoflake 1 800 High

1 x Jotamastic 87 Aluminium

1 x Jotamastic 87 2 500 High

2 x Jotacote Universal 2 250 High

*ISO 12944 Corrosivity Category

Atmospheric corrosivity categories/ typical environments Examples of typical environments in a temperate climate (information only)


C4 high

Exterior: Industrial areas and coastal areas with moderate salinity

Interior Chemical plants

C5-I very high (industrial)

Exterior: Industrial areas with high humidity aggressive atmosphere

Exterior: Buildings or areas with almost permanent condensation and with high pollution

Categories for water and soilCategory Environment Examples of environment and structures

Im 3 Soil Buried tanks, steel piles and pipes

The Dushanzi project is the largest refinery and chemical plant in China with a 10 million ton per year refining capacity and 1.2 million ton per year ethylene production capacity.

Jotun is one of the main suppliers for this project.

Case History Dushanzi China

Jotun offers a wide selection of speciality coatings developed

for extreme surfaces, i.e. areas where mechanical damage and

stress are involved.


A high build glassflake reinforced polyester coating which

provides impermeable protection of steel against abrasion and

corrosion however hostile the environment.

Marathon XHB

An ultra high build glassflake reinforced epoxy coating with

excellent impact and abrasion resistance – providing long term

corrosion protection.

Jotamastic 87 GF

A unique surface tolerant glass flake containing abrasion

resistant coating specially suited for surfaces exposed to hard

wear and tear.


External coatings

Page 19: HPI Brochure1


A selection of referencesCountry Client HPI Project NameAbu Dhabi Takreer Takreer – Unleaded Gasoline / Low Sulphur Gas Oil Project

Abu Dhabi Van omeron Van Ommeren / Enoc – Fujairah Terminal Phase 4 Expansion Project

Abu Dhabi Adma-Opco ADNOC – OGD II (Onshore Gas Development – Phase II)

Abu Dhabi Enoc ENOC – Enoc Refinery Jebel Ali Free Zone

Abu Dhabi Zadco ZADCO – Zirku Island Crude Oil Storage Tanks

Abu Dhabi ADCO ADCO – N.E.B (North East Bab) Project

Abu Dhabi Takreer Takreer – Marine Ruwais Jetty Maintenance Project

Abu Dhabi Takreer Takreer – Maintenance of G.U.P (General Utilities Plant) / S.H.T (Sulphur Handling Terminal) & Refinery Pipelines

Abu Dhabi Atheer ATHEER – Maqta to Jebel Ali Gas Pipeline

Abu Dhabi Gasco GASCO – Ruwais to Shweihat Gas Pipeline

Abu Dhabi Agip AGIP Spa/BG/Texaco/ Lukeoil – Karachaganak KPC Main Works Project

Abu Dhabi Adwea ADWEA – Mirfa Power & Water Project

Abu Dhabi Imifco OMIFCO – Oman LNG Project

Abu Dhabi Al Ghurair Al Ghurair Group – Edible Oil Factory

Abu Dhabi ADNOC ADNOC – Ruwais Refinery Expansion Project

Abu Dhabi ADNOC ADNOC Borouge Polyethylene Project

Abu Dhabi Qatar Gas Qatar Gas II Development Project Off Shore Facilities

Abu Dhabi Gasco GASCO – 3rd NGL Train at Ruwais (EPC IV)

Abu Dhabi Gasco GASCO – 3rd NGL Train – Ruwais Marine Jetty

Abu Dhabi Gasco GASCO –Onshore Gas Development Phase III (OGD III) (EPC II)

Abu Dhabi Gasco GASCO – Asab Gas Development Phase II (AGD II) (EPC III)

Abu Dhabi Takreer TAKREER – Ruwais Export Facility (IRP) Inter Refineries Project)

Australia Woodside Energy Tanks

Australia BP BP Bulwer Island – Tanks

China Praxair Gas Cylinder

China Bayer Bayer Bayer Coating System Shanghai Caojing New Plant Phase I & II

China Air liquids Air Liquid (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Daily Maintenance

China Shell-CNOOC Pipe/Tank/Steel structure for Shell-CNOOC Nanhai Petrochemical Plant

China BP Zhuhai BP PTA Plant

China Vopak Ningbo Vopak Tank Maintenance

China Degussa Degussa Chemical Shanghai New Plant

China Shell Shell Yueyang Coal Gasification

China Tikko Tikko Chemical Zhangjiagang New Plant

China Dow Chemical Zhangjiagang Dow Chemical Dragon Plant expansion

China Dowcorning Dowcorning Zhangjiagang Co., Ltd

China Carbot Tianjin Carbot Carbon Project.

China Odfjell Odfjell (Jiangyin)

China CNPC Dushanzi Refinery & Ethylene

China Dupont Dupont Jiading High-performance Coating Plant

Dubai ENOC ENOC/ Fujairah Storage

Dubai Total Fina Total Elf Fina

Dubai Star Star Energy


Dubai Aramco Rabigh Development KSA

Egypt Segas SEGAS (Spanish Egyptian Gas Co

Egypt BP Segas LNG –Dimietta

Egypt AMOC Structural steel and tanks

Egypt Midor MIDOR (Middle East Oil Refinary)

Egypt Petrobel Petrobal Platforms

Egypt AGIP Blayim Petroleum Co. (Agip-Italy Group)

Germany Dow Dow Chemicals, Stade

Germany Dow Dow Chemicals, BSL Schkopau

Germany Oiltanking Oiltanking, Tankfarm Hamm

Germany Oiltanking Oiltanking, Tankfarm Berlin

Germany Aramco Sharq- Project ( Saudi Arabia )

Germany BP Heat exchanger systems for Aljubai Sharq, Ingra, BP-Mouth 3, Tasnee

Germany Bayer Bayer Werke Leverkusen

India Esso Oil Oil Refinery

India Reliance Industries Ltd Pipelines/Jetties

Indonesia Pertamina Pertamina Balikpapan

Indonesia Pertamina Pertamina Talisma Tanjung Tanks Project

Indonesia Total Fina Total Indonesie

Indonesia Conoco/Caltex Tank linings

Indonesia Pertamina Pertamina Plumpang

Indonesia Pertamina Pertamina Cikampek

Indonesia Pertamina Pertamina Boyolali

Country Client HPI Project Name Indonesia Chevron CHEVRON - DUMAI

Indonesia Chevron Unocal/Chevron Balikpapan

Indonesia Chevron PIPE/DURI – Chevron

Italy Shell Shell Tank Farms (La Chiarella/Genoa)

Italy IES Mantua Refinery Upgrade

Italy Dow Dow Chemical Styrene Plant

Italy Siot Siot Tank Farm (Trieste)

Libya Eni Western Libyan Gas Project (Wafa/Mellitah)

Malaysia Petronas Petronas Shell

Malaysia Shell Shell refinery Brunei

Malaysia Shell Shell Depot, Kuantan Port

Malaysia Petronas Petronas/Shell Klang Valley Distribution Terminal

Malaysia Esso Esso Trengganu Crude Oil Terminal Maintenance

Malaysia Petronas Petronas Labuan Depot

Malaysia Petronas Petronas Bunkering, Pulau Indah

Malaysia Petronas Petronas Depot, Langkawi

Malaysia Petronas Petronas Fertilizer Kedah

Malaysia Shell Brunei Refinery of Shell

Malaysia Petronas Petronas Depot,Bintulu,Sarawak

Malaysia Petronas Petronas Lube Oil Plant MG3,Melaka

Netherlands Statoil Statoil Snowhite

Netherlands Esso Esso Ringhorn

Netherlands Exxon Exxon Mobil

Netherlands SanteFe Santa Fe Mooring Buoys

Norway Norsk Hydro Norsk Hydro/Ormenlange

Norway Statoil Mongstad Oil Refinery – Maintenance

Oman Shell PDO Shell

Oman Shell PDO Maintenance – Structures + Tanks

Oman Shell PDO – Burhaan Project

Oman Shell PDO – Various

Oman Shell PDO

Oman Deutag Deutag

Qatar Qatar Petroleum Qatar Petroleum, Mesaeeid Tank Farm Upgrade

Qatar Qatar Petroleum Qatar Petroleum, EPIC of 3 LPG tanks & Conversion of existing

2 Propane Tanks to Butane Storage

Qatar Nodco National Oil Distribution Co. (NODCO)

Qatar QAFCO Qatar Fertilizer Co. (QAFCO) Plant Maintenance Contract

Qatar Qatar Gas QatarGas II Expansion – Seawater Intake Lines

Qatar Qatar Gas QatarGas II Storage Tanks

Qatar Ras Gas Ras Laffan Onshore Expansion – Ras Gas – Seawater Lines

Russia Luk Oil Petroleum Terminal

Russia Rosneft Petroleum Terminal

Russia Exxon Mobile Sakhalin Petroleum Tanks

Russia Slavneft Petroleum Tanks

Russia TNK/BP Upgrade Tank Farm

S. Arabia Aramco Tanks

S. Arabia Pepsi Cola Pepsi Cola

S. Arabia Crystal Crystal Titanium Di-Oxide

S. Arabia Samref Samref Al-Jouf Bulk Storage Tank

S. Arabia Aramco South Terminal Aramco Project

S. Arabia Sabic Hadeed Flat Products Facilities, SABIC

Singapore Esso Esso Singapore Spherical Tanks

Thailand Thai Oil Thai Oil PSP Speciality

Thailand PTT PTT Sriracha Terminal

Thailand Thai Oil Thai Oil (CDU-3)

Thailand Thai Oil Thai Oil (Tankmaintenance)

Thailand IRPC IRPC Public Company Limited

Thailand Thai Oil Thai Oil ( Sphere Tank Project )

Thailand PTT PTT Songkhla Terminal

UAE Star Energy Tank linings

UAE Vopak Tank linings

UK Simon Storage Simon Storage Tanks

UK Petroplus Petroplus Storage tanks

UK British Gas British Gas Maintenance

UK BP BP Landsites & Grangemouth

Ukraine Lukoil Lukoil

Ukraine NPZ Kremenchg NPZ Kremenchg/Petroleum terminal

Ukraine NPZ Kremenchg NPZ Kremenchg/Petroleum terminal, 6 points

Ukraine NPZ Kremenchg NPZ Kremenchg/Gas station

Vietnam Technip Dung Quat Refinery No.1

External coatings

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AUSTRALIAJotun Australia Pty. Ltd.,P.O.Box 105, Altona North,9 Cawley Road,BROOKLYN, VIC 3025Tel: +61 3 9314 0722Fax: +61 3 9314 0423

AZERBAIJANJotun Azerbaijan 12/14 Pushkin Street, Apt. 63BAKU AZ0000Tel: +994 1298 5890Fax: +994 1298 6334

BRAZILJotun Brasil Imp.Exp.e Industria de Tintas Ltda.Estrada São Lourenco, no 751 Capivari, 25243-150 Duque de Caxias - RJ RIO DE JANEIRO Tel: +55 21 2776 1313 Fax: +55 21 2776 2263

P.R. of CHINAJotun COSCO Marine Coatings Co. Ltd.Jotun Coatings (Zhangjiagang FTZ) Trading Co. Ltd. Room 709-12, Goldlion Digital Network Centre, 138 Tiyu Road East, GUANGZHOU, 510620Tel: +86 20 38 78 07 49 Fax: +86 20 38 78 19 66

Jotun COSCO Marine Coatings Co. Ltd.Jotun Coatings (Zhangjiagang FTZ) Trading Co. Ltd. Floor 20, Jiu Shi Mansions, No. 28 Zhong Shan Road (South)SHANGHAI 200010Tel: +86 21 6333 080 0Fax: +86 21 6326 968 6

HONG KONGJotun COSCO Marine Coatings (H.K.) LtdRoom 1208, 12/F, Stanhope House734 King's Road, Quarry BayHONG KONGTel: +852 2527 6466Fax: +852 2861 1307

CYPRUSJotun Paints (Europe) Ltd P.O. Box 52177, 4061 LIMASSOLvisiting address: Visionhire Bldg, Corner: Manoli Kalomiri & Marikas Kotopouli, 3rd Floor, 3030 LIMASSOLTel: +357 253 744 55Fax: +357 253 744 00

DENMARKJotun Danmark A/STornerosevej 1272730 HERLEVTel: +45 4492 9400Fax: +45 4492 9401

EGYPTEl Mohandes Jotun S.A.E.El Sheikh Aly Gad El Haq Street Florida Mall, Masaken Sheraton – 4th FloorCAIROTel: +20 2265 1800Fax: +20 2265 1801

FINLANDNor-Maali OYVanhatie 20, 15240 LAHTITel: +358 3 874 650 Fax: +358 3 874 6550

FRANCEJotun France S.A.22/24 Rue du President Wilson, Bat.A92300 LEVALLOIS PERRETTel: +33 1 4519 3882Fax: +33 1 4519 3894

GERMANYJotun (Deutschland) GmbHWinsbergring 25,22525 HAMBURGTel: +49 40 851 960Fax: +49 40 856 234

GREAT BRITAINJotun Paints (Europe) Ltd.Stather Road, Flixborough,SCUNTHORPE DN15 8RRTel: +44 1724 400 000Fax: +44 1724 400 100

GREECEJotun Hellas Ltd.Skouze 26 Str.,PIREAUS 18536Tel: +30 210 42 85 980-82/210 42 86 035-37Fax: +30 210 42 85 983

INDIAJotun India Private Ltd. 204 & 205, Ascot Centre Sahar Road, Andheri - EastMUMBAI 400099Tel: +91 22 2822 4600Fax: +91 22 2820 5900

INDONESIAP.T. Jotun Indonesia Paints and Chemicals Kawasan Industri MM2100Blok KK-1, Cikarang Barat Bekasi 17520Tel: +62 21 8998 2657Fax: +62 21 8998 2658

IRELANDJotun (Ireland) Ltd.,Unit K7, Marina Commercial Park,Centre Park Road, CORKTel: +353 214 965955Fax: +353 214 965992

ITALYJotun Italia S.P.A.Via Petronio, 8, Zona Ind. Noghere34147 - MUGGIA (TRIESTE)Tel: +39 040 23 98204Fax: +39 040 23 98222

JAPANNKM Coatings Co., Ltd.25-15 Higashi Ohi 5-chome Shinagawa-ku, TOKYO 140-8520Tel: +81 3 3472 3521Fax: +81 3 3472 3481

KAZAKHSTANJotun Boya San ve Tic. ASKazakhstan Repr. OfficeSamal-1, Zholdasbekova Str. 32/20ALMATYTel/Fax: +7 327 253 2447

KOREA (SOUTH)Chokwang-Jotun Ltd.119-9, Bukjung-Dong, Yangsan CityKYUNGNAM 626-110Tel: 82 553 856 600Fax: 82 553 867 742

LATVIAJotun Paints (Europe) Ltd.Representative Office, Daugaygrivas 83/89 Office No.75, 1007 RIGATel: +371 6747 3908/9Fax: +371 6747 3907

LIBYAJotun Paints LibyaP.O.Box 80683, TRIPOLIvisiting address:Gargaresh Road, Al Andalous districtTRIPOLITel: +218 214 781 525 / 214 777 811Fax: +218 214 780 718

MALAYSIAJotun (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Lot 7 Persiaran Perusahaan, Section 23, P.O. Box 7050 40700 SHAH ALAMTel: +60 351 235 500Fax: +60 351 235 632

THE NETHERLANDSJotun B.V.P.O. Box 208NL-3200 AE SPIJKENISSEVisiting address: Newtonweg 17ANL-3208 KD SPIJKENISSETel: +31 181 678 300Fax: +31 181 617 899

NORWAYJotun A/SP.O.Box 2021, 3248 SANDEFJORDTel: +47 33 45 70 00Fax: +47 33 45 79 00

OMANJotun Paints Co. LLCRusayl Ind. Estate, Road No.10P.O. Box 672 Code 111, MUSCATTel: +968 2444 6100Fax: +968 2444 6105

PHILIPPINESJotun Singapore Pte. Ltd – Philippines Branch Office, Unit 105/106, Don Jesus Blvd, Kentucky Drive, Alabang Hill, Muntinlupa City, METRO MANILA 1771Tel/Fax: +63 2 809 7497

POLANDJotun Polska Sp.zo.o.Ul. 10 Lutego 16, 81-364 GDYNIATel: +48 58 555 1515Fax: +48 58 781 9692

PORTUGALJotun Iberica SA. (Suc. Portugal)Estrada Vale ede Mulatas, Armazern no. 52910-338 SETUBALTel: +351 265 708 910Fax: +351 265 708 563

QATARJotun Qatar Gulf Commercial Centre, Gulf Street, P.O. Box 24373, Code-0974, DOHATel: +974 412728Fax: +974 415608

ROMANIARepresentative Office, Jotun Paints TurkeyStr, Nicolae Jorga Nr 113A8700 CONSTANTATel: +40 241 516987Fax: +40 241 513863Mobile: +40 722 230961

RUSSIAJotun Paints O.O.O. Stachek Avenue 57, No.31198096 ST. PETERSBURGTel: +7 81 2332 0080 / 2785 0034Fax: +7 81 2783 0525

SAUDI ARABIAJotun Saudia Co. Ltd.Jeddah Industrial City, Phase 3,P.O.Box 34698, JEDDAH 21478Tel: +966 2635 0535 / 2636 1271Fax: +966 2636 2483

SINGAPOREJotun (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.11-15 Sixth Lok Yang Road,Jurong, SINGAPORE 628111Tel: +65 6265 4711Fax: +65 6265 7484

SOUTH AFRICAJotun Paints South Africa (PTY) Ltd.Wimbledon Road, P.O.Box 187BLACKHEATH 7581Tel: +27 21 905 1070 Fax: +27 21 905 1652

SPAINJotun Iberica S.A.Poligon Santa Rita, Calle Estatica no. 308755 Castellbisbal, BARCELONATel: +34 937 711 800Fax: +34 937 711 801

SWEDENJotun Sverige ABP.O. Box 151, Klangfärgsgatan 13,421 22 VÄSTRA FRÖLUNDATel: 46 3169 6300Fax: 46 3169 6397

SYRIAJotun Syria Mr. Anas Tayarah, c/o Arabian EnterprisesP.O.Box 9130, DAMASCUSTel: +963 116 113 820Fax: +963 116 115 951Mobile: +963 942 300 23

THAILANDJotun Thailand LtdAmata Nakom Ind. Estate (BIPII) 700/353 Moo 6 TumbolDonhualoh, Amphur MuangCHONBURI 2000Tel: +66 38 214 824-6/214 347-51Fax: +66 38 214 373/375

TURKEYJotun Boya San. ve Ticaret. A.S.Yeni Camlik Caddesi, Ayaz Sok. No. 2/4, 4. Levent, ISTANBUL 80660Tel: +90 21 2279 7878Fax: +90 21 2279 2549

U. A. E.Abu DhabiJotun Abu Dhabi (LLC)P.O.Box 3714, Mussafah ABU DHABITel: +971 2551 0300Fax: +971 2551 0232

DubaiJotun U.A.E. Ltd. (LLC)P.O.Box 3671, Al Quoz Industrial AreaDUBAITel: +971 4339 5000Fax: +971 4338 0666

USAJotun Paints, Inc.9203 Highway 23, P.O. Box 159,Belle Chasse, LA 70037Tel: +1 800 229 3538 +1 504 394 3538Fax: +1 504 394 3726

VIETNAMJotun Paints (Vietnam) Co. Ltd.Song Than Industrial. Zone, No.1 Street 10, Di An District,Binh Duong ProvinceTel: +84 65 074 2206-9Fax: +84 65 074 2205

YEMENJotun Yemen Paints Co. LtdP.O. Box 70183, Al AlamADENTel: +967 2820 546-9Fax: +967 2249 362

HEAD OFFICEJotun A/SP.O.Box 2021, 3248 Sandefjord, NorwayTel: +47 33 45 70 00 Fax: +47 33 45 79 00www.jotun.com

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