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  1. 1. 0WE BECOME YOUContent Property of Cielo, Inc. HR ALIGNMENT FOR ORGANIZATION TRANSFORMATION PRESENTED BY ANGELA HILLS Alignment. In a global marketplace where change and disruption are the only constants, alignment is the vital concept that will keep HR practices advancing and evolving. HR has an opportunity to come to the forefront and align themselves across the business to drive the necessary changes for success. This deck dives into the five focus areas where HR can align to ensure every piece of their strategy is primed for organization transformation.
  2. 2. 1WE BECOME YOU MEET ANGELA HILLS Cielos Executive Vice President and Managing Director North America More than 20 years in talent acquisition and management Shares her expertise frequently with the media and on the national and regional speaking circuits BA in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan Master of Business Administration from Northwestern Universitys Kellogg School of Management HRMAC Board Member
  3. 3. 2WE BECOME YOU HR BUZZWORD OF 2015 ALIGNMENT Human Resources and C-suite Priorities Talent Acquisition and Talent Management Talent Analytics and Business Results Local Execution and Global Governance Employer Brand and External Brand Strategies
  4. 4. 3WE BECOME YOU HR PRIORITIES & C-SUITE PRIORITIES of CEOs believe that their heads of HR are focused only on a narrow HR agenda. Source: Economic Intelligence Unit, The Economist (2013)
  5. 5. Design: May have a newly created Centre of Excellence Delivery often country led model, or in some instances divisionally Delivery: Staffing, HR, business, agency Technology: Often several or no ATS, multiple career sites Processes: Free for all Governance/MI: No visibility Anecdotal at best DECENTRALIZED Design: Global COE - Delivery reports to divisions, regions or countries Delivery capability: Talent Acquisition in key locations / hubs, HR, Business and agency usage Technology: One ATS, Adoption vary. In some countries may have access to CRM, Social Platforms, mobile, move to one careers site Processes: Some degree of consistency Governance/MI: Some visibility combined with anecdotal evidence. May have global common KPIs / SLAs MATRIXED Design: COE and Delivery combined. All of TA function report to global function. Delivery: Mainly Talent Acquisition with HR in some locations. Hub and spoke. Minor agency usage Technology: One ATS high adoption. Process: Consistent frameworks aligned to local nuances Governance/MI: Global visibility and risk assessment. Common KPIs and SLAs (but taking in to account starting point) CENTRALIZED TheDeliveryModelComments What degree of transformation is possible? Business and HR model Balance global versus local requirements Cost versus growth Cost effective Global Governance and clear picture of risks Is it scalable? Local Engagement / co- ownership of recruitment Costly Agencies and duplication Local engagement Lack of expertise Legal compliance Business risk
  6. 6. 5WE BECOME YOU TALENT ACQUISITION FUNDING MODELS Fully Distributed Fully Centralized + Big, bold decisions + Strategic jumps Lack of awareness, flexibility and agility + Responsibility + Accountability + Awareness Unnecessary charges
  7. 7. 6WE BECOME YOU 2015 Top HR Concerns TALENT ACQUISITION & TALENT MANAGEMENT Source: SilkRoad The 2015 State of Talent Management Report Engaging & Retaining Employees Recruiting the Best Employees
  8. 8. 7WE BECOME YOU TALENT ACQUISITION & TALENT MANAGEMENT Lack of Alignment Causes: Inconsistent processes and procedures (RISK!) Unnecessary duplication of efforts (COST!) Disconnect in data and analytics (NO TRANSPARENCY!)
  9. 9. 8WE BECOME YOU Evolution Focus Scope Increasing value creation Staffing Talent Acquisition Talent Management Process Enablers Trusted Advisor Strategic Partner Process efficiency Cost reduction Effectiveness Business impact Value Creation Talent-centric Culture Description/Examples Standardized Quality of process Speed Quality of hire linked to hiring manager satisfaction Mainly active candidates Description/Examples Alignment to organizational strategy and structure External & Internal Mobility / Succession Sourcing active and passive talent enabled by CRM Quality of hire - retention / performance Description/Examples Full integration between TA & TM Workforce Segmentation Continuous improvement throughout life-cycle Segmented sourcing focus aligned to scarcity and business impact Core recruitment Sourcing Screening Interview scheduling Applicant tracking Vendor management Core recruitment + Value-added services Workforce planning Employer branding Data & Analytics D&I Leadership Core recruitment + Value-added services + Additional Predictive Analytics Convergence Corporate and Employer Brand targeted THE VALUE CHAIN
  10. 10. 9WE BECOME YOU of global companies surveyed USE ANALYTICS WELL TO INFORM THEIR TALENT ACQUISITION PROCESS. Source: LinkedIn Global Recruitment Market Survey (2014) TALENT ANALYTICS & BUSINESS RESULTS
  11. 11. 10WE BECOME YOU TALENT ANALYTICS & BUSINESS RESULTS of global HR leaders cite DEVELOPING AN HR ORGANIZATION THAT ACTS STRATEGICALLY RATHER THAN TACTICALLY as what keeps them up at night. Source: SilkRoad 2015 State of Talent Management Report
  12. 12. 11WE BECOME YOU LOCAL EXECUTION & GLOBAL GOVERNANCE of HR leaders are NOT AT ALL GLOBALLY PREPARED to localize talent programs to local needs. Source: Bersin Talent Acquisition Fact Book (2014)
  13. 13. 12WE BECOME YOU EMPLOYER BRAND & EXTERNAL BRAND of CEOs are concerned A LACK OF AVAILABLE KEY SKILLS is a threat to organizational growth. Source: PwC The CEO Agenda (2015)