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  • 1. HTML5 WTF?
  • 2. Fertig vor 2022! 2010?
  • 3. presented by Clearleft 789:2;[email protected];#$%&'()*+!,-.&(/!0-*+-* !quot;#$ %&$'($)% &)quot;*)'##$ +$,-$ %",%quot;)% )$*.%/$) 1*234').4-*)(!0&)'*4*5!6-' 72&'!893&'4&*:& ;&245*&'2 -D26E?FE?2GH2I2>?GJ>@29:[email protected]@[email protected]@?9!:-$%4*4*5 4*234').4-*)(!.)(!4*?+&3.>!=-'-32!3'&2&*.&+!%@!2-$& -6!.>&!4*+#2.'@A2!%455&2.!*)$&2B C>&.>&'[email protected]#A'&!%&54**4*[email protected]#'!:)'&&'/!-'!)!2&)2-*&+ 3'-6&224-*)(/!7D!0-*+-*[email protected]#'!:>)*:&!.-!)++!:-'&!24*!O&%B %[email protected]@KH2G?RS>[email protected] UX London presenters represent the cream of user experience Don Norman Leisa Reichelt Dan Saffer Luke Wroblewski practitioners worldwide. By Nielsen Norman Group User Experience Designer Principal, Kicker Studio Senior Director, Yahoo! attending, you will gain the wisdom of years of experience from this amazing cast of engaging speakers and effective teachers. View all speakers Jared Spool Jeff Veen Eric Reiss Peter Merholz Director, UIE Entrepreneur CEO, FatDUX Group President, Adaptive Path Follow us Add this trip Add this event Excited about Don Norman's UX London talk, UXlondon photos More photos presented by Clearleft Clearleft is a user experience design consultancy based in Brighton, UK. Clearleft designs and builds simple, easy to use and great looking websites that your customers will love to use. By focusing on the user experience, our interaction experts can help create the perfect site for your users needs. !quot;#$ !&).+'01 !/$)#%2320quot;,4./.quot;,% !'00$%%.5.6./1 !5',,$)%2325'4*$% !0quot;,/'0/
  • 4. Geschichte 2004 WHAT WG Web Applications 1.0 Ende 2006 Tim BL kndigt bernahme ins W3C an Mrz 2007 W3C Arbeitsgruppe umstrukturiert Mai 2007 Entscheidung WHAT-WG-Proposal wird als Arbeitsgrundlage bernommen
  • 5. Grundlagen Start from scratch Building by justication Paving the cowpaths
  • 6. Grundlagen 1.Compatibility 2.4. Separation of Concerns 1.1. Support Existing Content 2.5. DOM Consistency 1.2. Degrade Gracefully 3.Interoperability 1.3. Do not Reinvent the Wheel 3.1. Well-dened Behavior 1.4. Pave the Cowpaths 3.2. Avoid Needless Complexity 1.5. Evolution Not Revolution 3.3. Handle Errors 2. Utility 4. Universal Access 2.1.Solve Real Problems 4.1. Media Independence 2.2. Priority of Constituencies 4.2. Support World Languages 2.3. Secure By Design 4.3. Accessibility
  • 7. XHTML(2)??
  • 8. Nicht fehlertolerant
  • 9. Keine Browseruntersttzung
  • 10. />
  • 11. lang=quot;enquot; xml:lang=quot;enquot;
  • 12. Unterschiede zu HTML4
  • 13. HTML4: uot;-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//ENquot; quot;;> uot;-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//ENquot; quot;;>
  • 14. HTML5:
  • 15. HTML4:
  • 16. HTML5:
  • 17. Neue Elemente Struktur: audio/video section embed article mark aside meter header time footer canvas nav command dialog datagrid gure details Misc: datalist
  • 18. Neue Attribute Global: [email protected] @contenteditable @contextmenu [email protected] @draggable [email protected] [email protected]/max @irrelevant @data-* [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
  • 19. Praktische Untersttzung
  • 20. Trident 8 (IE8) Gecko 1.9 (Firefox 3) Webkit (Safari, Nov. 07) Presto (Opera 9)
  • 21. Strukturelle Elemente in IE