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  • Teacher Jill

  • What you know and what you dont know

  • I love Learning!I got two Master degrees: Computer Education (NTNTC, Taiwan) Literacy, Culture, and Language Education (IU, U.S.A.)

  • I love Reading!If you read something good, please definitely share with me.

  • I love Disney land!Walt Disney is one of the greatest men in the world.The dreams he created are so wonderful that provide peoples lives filled with hope and happiness.

  • Standing by herI look like a real wicked witch

  • I love TOY STORYespecially Buzz light yearA classical sentencegive me a hand

  • My favorite fairy tale ShrekNeither Prince nor Princess exists in the real world.

  • I love Movies!Frankenstein a horror fiction I sincerely recommend you to have a look

  • Im a cat person My little kittyThe left one had accompanied me for 15years but died on May 1, 2005.The right one is seven years old now.

  • Caf LaloA famous must-go place in New York.It really cost me an arm and a leg.I have a sweet tooth!

  • Dean & Deluca is a big supermarket in U.S.I feel I was like paparazzi when I took this picture.The fruit tart is very delicious.

  • I love travel!

    Time SquareI did final countdown here on 2009/1/1

  • I love statues (ART).A famous bronze bull on Wall Street

    Im the King of the world

  • I love animals and zoo!Its terrible hot Let me take a shower.

  • I love museums!Its warm-hearted to see parents take their children visiting museum.

  • American Museum of Natural History~~ My weight on the Moon ~~

  • A Big Baseball Fan..