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Human Experimentation. Evan Yieh May 25, 2010 Ms. McCarron. What is human experimentation?. By definition, human experimentation is the use of human beings as experimental subjects. Experiments can range from psychological testing to physiological testing. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Evan YiehMay 25, 2010Ms. McCarron

  • By definition, human experimentation is the use of human beings as experimental subjects.Experiments can range from psychological testing to physiological testing.Evidence of human experimentation can be found as far back as Ancient Roman times.

  • Modern human experimentation began with those carried out in concentration camps.Tests included high altitude, freezing temperature, and sea water experimentation.Experiments carried under the direction of Dr. Eduard Wirths and Dr. Josef Mengele, The Angel Of Death. Josef Mengele

  • Tested the limits of human endurance and existence at high altitudes without oxygen. Designed to mimic the conditions in which German pilots faced in combat.Victim would be locked in an airtight, low-pressure chamber.Pressure would be set up to 68,000 feet.Many died as a result of the drastic change in pressures.

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  • Tested ways to treat those who have been exposed to extremely low temperatures.Simulated conditions German pilots would face if they had crashed at sea and conditions in which German soldiers might face.Also tested ways of re-warming surviving German soldiers.Used large cold water freezing tubs and large amounts of ice to bring water to 0 degrees C in order to effectively freeze the subjects.Subjects were subject to many different variables.


  • Tested different ways of desalinizing water.44 experimental test groups split up into 4 different groups: no water, sea water, sea water processed by the Berka method, and sea water without salt.Subjects who received any type of sea water experienced excruciating torture, diarrhea, convulsions, hallucinations, foaming at the mouth, and madness or death.Subjects often received no food.

  • A gypsy forcibly given a sea water injection.

  • Other Famous Human ExperimentsThe Monster Study Stuttering experiment on orphan children. Stanford Prison Experiment - Psychological study of human responses to captivity and its behavioral effects on the inmates and the authorities. Project MKULTRA Mind control experiment by the CIA.

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  • The Benefits of Human ExperimentationFinding potential cures to diseases and disorders.See the effects of potential medications and treatments on humans directly, instead of relying on mice.Determine the endurance of humans in extreme conditions.How people react to certain stimuli.

  • The Negatives of Human Experimentation Experiments are often sadistic in nature.Many subjects are not informed of the nature of the tests.Under privileged families are often targeted for human experiments. Deaths are often a result of these experiments.

  • Human Experimentation is EssentialAlthough the subject of human experimentation is controversial, it is essential in finding future treatments to diseases as well as investigate how humans react to certain stimuli.Will yield more accurate results than lab animals.Subjects must be well informed of the nature of the tests.

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