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SPED 706 class technology tools/apps presentation using MI, UDL, Blooms' digital taxonomy, etc.


  • Technology Applications SPED 706 Dr. Rosemary Talab Kansas State University
  • Options Social Media Counter Questions Some Neat Tools and Resources Blooms Digital Taxonomy Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) Multiple Intelligences Choice: Universal Design for Learning Choose a Tool, Idea, Website, etc. Share With Class
  • Neat Tools Symbaloo (organizer) iPod and iPad Resources in Education pre-K-12 iPads as Assistive Technology: 30+ Apps
  • More Tools (collaboration) multi-user online whiteboard Slatebox allows you to markup ideas on embeddable "slates" and collaborate in real-time Five Technology Tools for UDL in the Classroom Natural Reader (Text to Speech) PowerTalk (Text to Speech) (resources, games, language arts, etc.) Flashcard Machine (flashcards and games) Webspiration (visual thinking and outlining)
  • Megan Mallon One device, many hands: Techniques for managing classroom technology (Mallon) Introduction Whole Group Work Management Ideas Instructional Tips Small Group/Partner Work Management Ideas Instructional Tips Independent Work Other Ideas Email: Twitter: @mallon3
  • Megans Suggestions Kathy Schrocks iPads in the Classroom (website) * Educational Literacy Apps (website list) * Tips for a 1 iPad Classroom (blog post) * Literacy Journal: 1 iPad in the Classroom (blog post) * Daily Free Apps (websites) (iTunes) (Nook) (Kindle/Kindle Fire) * Blooms Taxonomy of Apps (blog post)
  • Megans Suggestions Top Free Apps for Kids (article) * Free eBooks (website) * Acceptable Use Policies for iPads (blog post) html * Apps in Education (website) * Teaching in the 1 iPad Classroom (blog post) * Apps for Every Classroom, Even 1 iPad (slideshow)
  • Megans Latest See.Touch.Learn Free Version & Pro Version ($39.99) Flash cards for special needs and autism spectrum
  • Megans Latest Injini: Child Development Suite Version ($29.99) *A suite of learning games early-ed students with cognitive, language, and fine motor delays
  • Megans Latest Dexteria *$3.99 *Fine motor skill development: builds strength, control, and Dexterity
  • Megans Latest ScreenChomp *Free *Whiteboard app; students work out math problems, write sentences, etc. and record their voices explaining concepts *Easy interface is simple for SPED students
  • Megans Latest Math Minis: Addition & Subtraction *Free (4 levels) *$.99 to unlock all levels *Fact practice with picture problems Students with delayed reading skills
  • Blooms Digital Taxonomy Schrock: Pyramid Style:
  • Multiple Intelligences Explains it and provides a test Eight intelligences Chart to show strengths and weaknesses Learn to teach to others strengths, too t/multiple_int/
  • Universal Design for Learning CAST: Universal Design for Learning. (n.d.). CAST: About UDL. Retrieved November 10, 2013, from CAST LessonBuilder
  • Choose Choose a Tool, Idea, Website, etc. Learn about how to use it to teach
  • Share Choose a way to share: Speaking Writing App Use Something else