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HUMS Health and Safety Pack 13-14 Approved Aw


Student Activities

Health and Safety Pack 2013-14

Our vision is to have a positive impact on the lives of all our members.

Our mission is to make student life better

Registered Charity (1137401)

Health and Safety Pack Guidelines In order to make your year as an activity group as safe as it can be you are required to complete this health and safety pack before carrying out any activities. By doing this your members will know exactly what is expected of them along with the key responsibilities you undertake as an activity group leader. By filling out the pack you should have all the information needed to complete your risk assessment(s).

In addition to filling out this pack you will need to book a 1-1 session with the Students Union Health and Safety Officer, Andy Wright. To book the 1-1 session, please email

Once the pack is complete and signed off by Andy and Matt it will be uploaded to your SU webpage to be accessed by your members.

Table of Contents1. Principle members and their duties

2. Aims of the society

3. Code of conduct

4. Student Activities Constitution

5. Health & Safety

Duty of care


Risk assessments

First Aid

Health Declaration

6. Emergency procedures

7. Disclosure of information1. Principle members and their dutiesPresident: Jeffery Baily: has overall responsibility for chairing the groups meetings and act as the key point of contact between members, the union and external organisations. He also ensures that the group complies with SU codes of conduct and legislation, including Health and Safety; represent the group at Forum meetings; and liaise with and be the main point of contact for the iZone team and the VP Sports & Societies.

Treasurer: Matthew Hawkins: is responsible for the groups finances. He needs to keep track of the groups expenditure against agreed budget and feed back this information to the groups members at committee meetings. He also assists the Chair in drawing up the groups annual budget and bids for funding from the Student Activities Executive.

Social and Musical Events: Alex Hignett: is responsible for ensuring that there are frequent musical events that are encompassing all students and that all groups within the university are getting the necessary help with organising concerts and performances. Also ensuring that there are frequent social events where all HUMS members feel they are welcome. Alex should ensure social and musical events are successful, meaning that all students feel they enjoyed their experience and mixed well with other HUMS members.

Vice President: Natalie Davis: natgirl_rules@hotmail.comNatalie should help the president with ensuring that the group complies with SU codes of conduct and legislation, including Health and Safety; represent the group at Forum meetings; and liaise with and be the main point of contact for the iZone team and the VP Sports & Societies. She should also be another point of contact between the members of the society. She is also a member of the society who can help other members should they be struggling with their responsibilities.

Marketing and advertising secretary: Tilly Tompkins: tillytompkins@gmail.comTilly is responsible for ensuring that all events are well advertised and that all HUMS members are regularly contacted about upcoming events, and know the full details, time, venue etc. She should also that the Izone are informed about HUMS events. Tilly should also be making sure that University Students are aware about HUMS and what students will get from joining the society.

2. Principle Aims of the Society It is the aim of the society to bring together students of all musical abilities and tastes who have a common interest in Music. The society is about not only meeting and socialising, but also organising student events where the students who want to can show off their musical ability.

3. Code of Conduct Overview

This code of conduct aims to establish and maintain standards towards providing a high quality service to all our members. It addresses the fundamental values that are expected from all our student group members and should be adhered at all times. This code of conduct sets out the iZones expectations of student groups towards their members and provides a framework for addressing ethical issues in a competent and professional manner. Expectations of your Student GroupAs a student group, you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions of the Students Unions policies and procedures and its Constitution. We also agree to abide by the following code of conduct:

As a committee you are jointly responsible for a high standard of behaviour in your individual roles and will strive to uphold the good reputation of the Students Union

The Students Union vision, mission and values shall be reflected in your groups activities.

Your group will be open to all students at the University of Huddersfield and any activities are accessible to as diverse range of students as possible.

As a committee you are responsible to the Student Activities Executive who will accept budgets upon the completion of planning documents, training and health and safety documents.

You will not hold any bank accounts outside the Students Union and you will follow procedures and guidelines that are set out in all student activity documents.

As a committee you all have responsibility to uphold a duty of care to your members for all activities.

You understand that if you do not adhere to this code of conduct the SAE have the power to follow disciplinary proceedings that may lead to your removal from a committee position and dissolution of your activity group.

For further information see the Students Union Constitution.4. Student activities constitutionName of Society: 1. AFFILIATION

1. The above named society shall be an affiliated student activity group of the University of Huddersfield Students Union, and shall be referred to as the society throughout this document

2. This constitution shall be reviewed every year.

3. All amendments to the constitution must be submitted to the Student Activities Executive.

4. This society agrees to run in accordance with the Students Union Constitution.

5. The society may affiliate to an external organisation with agreement of the Student Activities Executive.

6. If the society competes in competitions organised by, or is affiliated to, an external bodies, such as BUCS, it must comply with all of its rules, laws and constitution.

7. The society will have a mission statement, aims and objectives detailed in the planning and budget pack.

2. MEMBERSHIP1. Membership of the society is open to all students studying at the University of Huddersfield.

2. Membership is subject to the payment of membership fees agreed at the start of each academic year by the Student Activities Executive.

3. If any member of the society breaks any regulation or this constitution their society and Union membership may be revoked.

4. Affiliates and alumni of the Students Union may join the society but are not eligible for any democratic rights or hold a committee position with membership.

3. COMMITTEE AND MEETINGS1. The society will have a governing committee made up of a minimum of 3 members.

2. These committee members will be elected in adherence to the activities elections procedure at a club AGM by the end of the second term.

3. The committee are responsible for the running of the society, its finances, equipment, membership, liaising with the Students Union VP Student Activities and the iZone.

4.Members may only hold one committee position at any one time

5. All members of the committee have one vote

6. Voting by proxy is not permitted

7. In the result of a draw during a vote, the chair has a second vote.

8. The removal of a society committee member shall be in line with the removal and resignation procedure.

4. FINANCE1. The society committee are responsible for producing a yearly budget, to be submitted for the approval of the Student Activities Executive.

2. Society committee members with specific finance responsibilities should keep up to date records and communicate this with the VP Activities and the iZone team.

3. No bank accounts are to be held outside the Students Union.

4. Purchasing must be done by the VP Student Activities or iZone, unless prior written consent has been given.

5. EXPULSION OF MEMBERS AND DISSOLUTION1. The Student Activities Executive have the power to expel any members from the society on the grounds of misconduct, or for the conduct of a nature opposed to the regulations set down in the Students Union constitution.

2. Any expulsion of members or dissolution of the society shall be in adherence to the activities disciplinary, complaints and appeals procedure. 5. Health And SafetyAll members of the society have a duty of care to other members and any member of the public that they may come into contact with whilst pursuing any of its activities. The section below outlines several areas to be considered and the committee would ask that all its members read the following carefully.

5.1 DUTY OF CARE: COMMON LAW NEGLIGENCEThis document contacts a very general and basic view of negligence. It sets out and hopefully answers the questions that you ought to be asking. The term `injury used herein


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