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  • Huntley School The Intermediate Alternative

    FlexiBoarding is a new concept at Huntley School. It is designed to allow families greater flexibility to plan weekends with their sons. Parents are free to visit at anytime and many come out to watch their son compete in sport or come for a Sunday picnic. It looks like this: Year 3-5 parents can choose to pick their son up on Friday and return him on Monday. Effectively four day boarding every week. Year 6 parents can pick up their son after sport on a Saturday and return him on a Sunday or Monday morning every weekend. Year 7-8 boys have two Exeat Weekends and two floating leave weekends. In an average 9 week term there are 8 weekends so

    they are at home every second weekend.

    The Huntley boy is at the centre of our vision for the school. Vision:

    Huntley School is a leader in boys education

    and produces students who excel. We prepare boys for the adventure of life.

    When your son joins us at Huntley he too will become part of our focus. For parents Huntley is a one stop shop for boys. They can undertake a huge variety of activities that would normally see parents rushing across the countryside to achieve. Huntley is recognised as a world class boys' boarding preparatory school catering for Year Three to Year Eight ( 7 - 13 years old.) The roll usually consists of two thirds boarding and one third day boys. Parents are encouraged to be involved in every aspect of the school. The atmosphere reflects a family type approach gift wrapped in a sense of humour. The boys are actively encouraged to live by our Huntley Values of Kindness, Honesty, Respect, Service, G.D.P, Enthusiasm, Tolerance and Responsibility.

    They are also encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and try new and exciting experiences. The independence and confidence gained is invaluable for when they make their next step into secondary school life. The Huntley experience is all about encouraging boys to find their niche in life. We believe that strong self belief is the basis for achieving ones best. We aim to foster and develop self-respect, self motivation, leadership skills, awareness of others, and good manners. Regular recognition and encouragement ensure that all the boys develop high self-esteem and a positive attitude. Academically, Huntley boys are progressing faster than national averages. PAT results back this up with boys showing movement in scale scores. In many cases over 40% greater than national averages. Boys education is big news at the moment and with good reason. The academic progress made at Huntley is largely attributable to the efforts made by our staff. They recognise what boys require academically, culturally, socially, spiritually and physically. We call these the five dimensions of learning and they have, for over 113 years, been the hallmark of the Huntley educational experience.

    Preparing boys for the adventure of life

    The ultimate sleepover!

    Come and see first hand what Huntley School can offer your son. If you are unable to make our Open Day please feel free to contact me for a tour around the school at a time convenient to you and your son.

    For further information contact: Huntley School PO Box 95, Marton Ph: 06 327 8049