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<ul><li><p>PRODUCTSLinear alkylbenzene(LAB)</p><p>Nippon Petrochem to cease output ofbranched alkylbenzene</p><p>In Aug 2003 Nippon PetrochemicalsCo will end production of branchedalkylbenzene (BAB) at its 50,000tonnes/y Kawasaki plant, and it willalso close a facility which produces35,000 tonnes/y of propylenepolymer, a raw material used in theproduction of BAB. Demand for BABhas fallen in favour of linear alkylbenzene (LAB) which is morebiodegradable. In fiscal 2001, BABaccounted for just 1% of NipponPetrochemicals Yen 235.6 bnturnover.</p><p>Nikkei Net, 10 Jul 2002 (Website:</p><p>Sasol to open linear alkylbenzene unitin the US</p><p>Sasol will soon open a $100 M linearalkylbenzene unit in Baltimore, MDwhich will use its new Pacolproduction process. The project wasdelayed for several years because ofovercapacities on the linearalkylbenzene market.</p><p>Chimie Hebdo, 6 May 2002, (171) (Website: (in French)</p><p>Investment policy of SCNizhnekamskneftekhim for short-termperiod is confirmed</p><p>SC Nizhnekamskneftekhim has fiveinvestment projects, one of which isan agreement concluded withBallestra (Italy) on organization oflinear alkylbenzene production; thecapacity will be 40,000-45,000tonnes/y.</p><p>Vestnik khimicheskoi promyshlennosty, Dec 2001, 4(20), 59 (in Russian)</p><p>TN cuts entry, resale tax on certainitems</p><p>The Government of Tamil Nadu (TN)has reduced the entry tax from theexisting range of about 4-20% to 3%on HDPE granules, PVC resin,</p><p>potassium chlorate, linear alkylbenzene, soda ash, caustic soda,chlorine and aluminium.</p><p>Business Line, 5 Jul 2002, 9 (185), 17</p><p>Alkoxylates</p><p>Clariant commissions new plant</p><p>Clariant has commissioned a newfacility in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico. The40,000-tons/y plant will produce lowand high molecular weightpolyethyleneglycols, fatty amine, fattyacid and fatty alcohol ethoxylates andalkylphenol ethoxylates. The companysays the products will meet growingdemand for specialty chemicals inMexico, mainly in the personal careand detergent markets, as well as incrop protection and general industrialuses. The plant is situated near thepetrochemical complexes of Pemex(Petroleos Mexicanos) at Cangrejera,Morelos and Pajaritos to facilitate thesupply of feedstock.</p><p>Chemical Market Reporter, 15 Jul 2002 (Website:</p><p>Uniqema introduces Synperonic NCASeries</p><p>Uniqema has launched theSynperonic NCA series, a new line ofalcohol alkoxylate surfactants thatprovide excellent wetting anddetergency action. The series alsooffer 100% biodegradability and lowaquatic toxicity for household and I&amp;Icleaning formulations.HAPPI, Household &amp; Personal Products Industry, Jul2002, 39 (7), 160</p><p>Soaps</p><p>Ardecosm: the art of soap</p><p>Laboratoires Ardecosm, an M&amp;ASante-Beaute Group subsidiary, isreportedly one of the leading soapmanufacturers in France. Thecompany, which serves as asubcontractor for the selective circuit,posted 7.5 M in turnover in 2001. Itproduces all kinds of soaps, includingbars, creams, transluscent, liquids,dermatological, soaps for hotels,fantasy soaps and soaps containingseaweed extracts. It also operatesfour production lines for traditionalsoaps and one line for clear soaps in</p><p>its facility in Lagorche in the Ardecheregion. The company plans to expandthe facilitys surface area to 8000 sqm by Sep 2001. The Lagorche facilityalso manufactures the Melvitacosmlines, which obtained 4.6 M inturnover. The lines consist of naturalproducts formulated with organicingredients.Parfums, Cosmetiques, Actualites, Jun-Jul 2002,(165), 80</p><p>Amway plans more launches</p><p>Amway India Enterprises (Amway), a100% subsidiary of US-based AmwayCorp, proposes to introduce a familybar soap, shaving cream and after-shave lotion for men under thePersona brand besides a protein-richdietary supplement in the nutritionsegment by Nov 2002.Business Line, 17 Jul 2002, 9 (197), 4</p><p>Bulgarian aroma</p><p>Cosmetics firm Aroma of Bulgaria hasstarted the operations of a $140,000manufacturing facility, which has anoutput of 12,000 soap bars/hour. Theinvestment is expected to be returnedwithin a year. Exports to Europe,Russia, Latin America and the Arabworld have accounted for a majorportion of the companys $23 Mturnover in 2001.</p><p>SPC, Soap Perfumery and Cosmetics, Jun 2002, 75(6), 4</p><p>Amphoterics</p><p>Huntsman: innovating with granulates</p><p>Huntsman is offering a newlauramidopropyl betaine in a highlypure granulate form under the brandname EPIGEN Total Active LCP. Theproduct, which is non hygroscopic,consists of 90% active LAPB that hassignificantly lower sodium chlorideand other impurities, compared toother conventional amidopropylbetaines. It can be used in theformulation of bath salts, bars andcubes, and provides a longer-lastinglather. The product, which contains nopreservatives, can also help inimproving the mildness of soap barswhile enhancing lather.Parfums, Cosmetiques, Actualites, Jun-Jul 2002,(165), 72</p><p>2 SEPTEMBER 2002</p><p>F O C U S O N S U R F A C T A N T S</p></li></ul>