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Hybrid TV approaches including Governments face on Smart TV Software services, TV markets, scenario design in living room and 2 case studies


  • 1. Hybrid DigitalBroadcasting methods 2011/12/16 Chen Jing-Fung @ CSRSR, NCU

2. Outline Governments face on Smart TV Software services Television Revolution The schedule about Analog TV switch-off TV markets Global Subscribers & Operators Online Video Service Approaches SW & HW on TV Markets Map Scenario in living room Some Hybrid features on TV Existing TV services Case study III hybrid TV services 2nd screen application 3. Governments face on Smart TV Software services 2009-2015 CAGR=102% + (Wasu)(SiTV+BesTV)CNTV&Multi-platform 2009-2015 CAGR=45%2009 Yahoo! TV Widget (SONY, Samsung,& LG, VIZIO) 3C32009-2015 CAGR=54% PCTV 2009 HBB TV 2009-2015 CAGR=8% CableTV 2007 acTVila(SONY, Sharp,Everywhere Panasonic, Toshiba, Hitachi) 2010 PSB+ 2009 OESF Android Samsung +EM(TV apps) Youtube leanback ( 2011 TV) 4. Television Revolution TV 1.0 TV 2.0 TV 3.0Broadcast TV Connected TVSmart TVOne-way Receiver TV link to Internet Video TV link to Services & Devices VHSTV via InternetIntelligent TVBroadcastingCatching, Surfing, Sharing, SocialWatchingPlayingInterlinkInternet TV Connected TV Smart TV Smart TV TV apps +Yahoo SamsungappOTTstore Google TVstreaming& Yahoo Widget Android more+ 3rdParty - Sony+Social 2009NetVOIP Multi-devices~200820102011~ 5. The schedule about Analog TV switch-off Timetable of major countries stop sending analog broadcast signals Poland Romania Stop schedule: 2015Stop schedule: 2012 System: DVB-TSystem: DVB-TRussia Subscribers: 9.52M Subscribers: 4.71M Stop schedule: 2015Korea System: DVB-TStop schedule: 2012USAFrench, English, GermanySubscribers: 7.15M System: DVB-SStop schedule: 2009ChinaJapanSystem: ATSC Stop schedule: 2015Stop schedule: 2011 Stop schedule: 2011, 2012 System: DTMB System: ISDB-T System: DVB-T Subscribers: 194.73M Mexico Taiwan Stop schedule: 2022India Stop schedule: 2012 System: ATSC Stop schedule: 2017 System: DVB-T Subscribers: 4.76 MSystem: DVB-TSubscribers: 43.74MBrazilStop schedule: 2016System: ISDB-TSubscribers: 6.97 M Australia Ref:MIC(2011/10)+ ArgentinaStop schedule: 2013 Stop schedule: 2019System: DVB-T System: ISDB-T Subscribers: 2.51M Subscribers: 5.32 M 6. Market: Global Subscribers & Operators + 2011 2011 Ref:MIC(2011/10)+ 2011 2010BskyB 2011 7. Market: Online Video Service Approaches 8. Understand customers preferences 9. Market SW & HW on TV Markets Map70% Video Content 30%~69% Operator : HD SD Provider: 29% 10. Smart TV Software App market Panasonic VIESA SONY TOSHIBATV apps SamsungLGApps AppleGoogleSamsung(TVapp)(sticky) [Gtk NIS] () 11. Whats good scenario in living room Satellite Cable Terrestrial InternetRef: avac 12. TV Scenario in living room10-foot UI renderer ~ 3m ~ 60 cm2-feet UIrenderer (UPnP, ) 13. Some Hybrid features on TV Mobile IndustryTouch, ContentMobileMobile gesture, ProviderOperatorsManufacturers management Movie & TV Industry EcosystemTTV, different Content TVTV/STBSmartPTS, ProviderOperatorsManufacturersABC,CBS, Generalized HollywoodSamsung allshareNHK DLNAEntertai ConnectnmentVideo, Radio, Photo, File, TV content,Game Multi-device, sharing apps game, app store Pioneer PAISD-Link miiiCASA 14. Other TV applicationface match feature embedded in HulusolutionHCI Roommate III puts Androidpowered TVs in hospitals(22- ~ 42-inch LCD HDTV built-inwhiteboard) 15. Hybrid Internet Broadcast TVBcast mediaInternet Channel I, II, , NBcast2 wayInternet TV/Video ClipVoD Youtube, Hulu, TV Widget Gallery Voting service Cable, Satellite, Recipe service Terrestrial broadcasting (DVB-Widget S, C, T)Internet service Info.: Player info. & statistics Personalization club detailsSTBInternet Fan club: Facebook, social TV, Forum Comm.: chatting room, VOIP TV shopping: Food, Ingredients Server site(refIII)Client site 16. Hybrid TV customer-oriented design HIB-TV HBB TV EBUrequirements(2010/01) HIB-TV(API)(EBU)HBBTV(ETST TS 102796 , 2010/06) (refIII) 17. Dual (2nd) screen application The type of second screen appsan amazing opportunity for programme makers to create truly new& innovative cross-media social and interactive experience Programme discovery apps The programme guide / EPG use one time Check-in app But you only return to websites Second screen advertising apps Ads app can run on TV screen and your table Social chat apps Let you interect with friends during a programme via Facebook & Twitter Programme-specific apps Create new cross-media social and interactive experience Ex. III solution has a i on TV show Remote control app Old plastic TV remote controls with a smartphone Ref: EBU 18. 19. The Environment where the user watches TVTV Social network GroupIndividual Family Publish his/her(age, willingness,feeling on social show preferences, STB network as & time)facebook, LinkedIN, Privacy: lowtwitterFriends (age diversity is small, same interest) 20%-50% InternetPrivacy: middleusers have aStrangersprofile on social Ex. Watch WorldnetworlsCupPrivacy: high Ref: NoTube 20. Arbitrons PPM Outside the USAnalog EncoderDigital EncoderSDI EncoderBase Station HouseholdrunHubPortablePeople Metertest PPM (Portable People Meter) http://www.arbitron.com/international/ppm.htm 21. Comparison - Television Ratings SystemSimilar system Existing systems 1. Nielsen in USA 2. Civolution in France TARiS 5000 Portable PeopleMachineAimView AlliO ApricoPeopleMeterMeter (PPM)CompanyTNS Arbitron (licenseCognovisionTruMedia Philips by TNS)Technology Analyzing the 1. cover theUse a camera to watchUser create signal(GPRS) is intersection of what consumers are a profile that sent to TV setmedia watching is used to 2. Identify wherekeep track voices come from?Drawback Cant detectJust monitor its Audience may undesirablelog in which users owned radioto be monitored frequently are watchingstationprivacy problem Limit.. (for one person) No real-time statistics 21 22. Media CRM methodology CRM (CustomerRelationshipManagement) Old PPM: No directties btw theprofessional mediamarket & the mediacustomers 2nd Screen provides achance to directlyinteract with a TVshow EPG + user profile can be combined togetherRef: vrtmedialab 23. VRT-medialabCollecting and enriching the consumer data Ref: EBUhttp://www.vrtmedialab.be/en/projects/mediasquare2 24. VRT-medialab - User interfaceScreenshot of MediaSquareFront End Data Store Architecture My Generation ipad App Ref: vrtmedialab 25. Summary Government strategy -> TV markets ->Scenario design -> case study (III hybrid TV &another 2nd screen application) User behavior becomes more and moreimportant field III living lab runs a field try at 26. reference Summary the challenges of social TV, http://www.slideshare.net/fungfung/summary-the-challenges-of- social-tv Hybrid + Interactive TV designs, http://fungsiong.blogspot.com/2011/03/blog-post.html CE HTML structure vkevent, http://fungsiong.blogspot.com/2011/05/ce-html-industry- application.html Hybrid TV can produce diversity services, http://fungsiong.blogspot.com/2011/09/blog-post.html Introduce W3C Widget on Hybrid TV App platform, http://fungsiong.blogspot.com/2011/08/w3c-widget-app.html Create a good scenario Agile (step by step) Choose your tool, How to write, gather ideas, estimate the approach, catalog of story smells, planning an iteration Blog http://fungsiong.blogspot.com/


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