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<ul><li><p>Not from concentrate</p></li><li><p>Often joked about it is the car of the future, and always will beTesla CEO Elon Musk </p></li><li><p>Honda FCX ClarityHydrogenics HyPX forklifts and utility vehiclesHydrogen powers electric motors that in turn power drivetrain</p></li><li><p>Built as an experiment by HondaSelect few were available for lease at 600/month to chosen California residents in our current areaBuilt to run and drive like a normal car, 130hp, 189 ft-lbs of torqueStores up to 45 gallons of gaseous hydrogen at 5000 psi, range of 270 milesSeveral hydrogen stations around the LA areaNot for sale, fuel cell is massively expensive</p></li><li><p>State has put money into developing hydrogen transport and fueling stationsGov. Schwarzenegger non monetary supporter, helps build first few filling stationsGov. Brown claims he will devote $20 million to hydrogen cars and at least 100 stations</p></li><li><p>Plans for hydrogen carsHyundai-April 2014Toyota and Honda- 2015Daihatsu- sure, whenever (whos daihatsu again?)</p></li><li><p>Costly to extractHowever, when burned, produces water vaporVirtually no time to refuel- 5 to 10 minutes versus electric 6-8 hours charging Hindenburg blimp? Many false claims surround the incident, further testing would reveal whether or not it is truly more dangerous than conventional fuel.</p></li></ul>


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