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Oracle Hyperion DrmONLINE TRAININGWhat is Hyperion DRM ?DRM(Data Relationship Management )is an Analytical Master Data Management tool. It allows creation of an enterprise view of analytical dimensions, reporting structures, performance measures and their related attributes.

DRM helps an enterprise build departmental perspectives that bear referential integrity and consistency with master data constructs based on validations and business rules that enforce enterprise governance policies.

This functionality allows synchronization of an enterprises master data with downstream systems and facilitates integration with an organizations business intelligence (BI)/enterprise performance management (EPM) systems, data warehouses and data marts.IntroductionCourse ContentsHyperion DRM Training Content (Only Development)

Topic 1: About Data Relationship ManagementIntroduction to DRMHistory of DRM

Topic 2: Task Group DescriptionsKey User Experience DifferencesLogonBrowseQueryCompareScriptImportBlendExportAuditAdminister

Topic 3: Managing VersionsData Relationship Management Version Life CycleVersion Type and StatusCreating VersionsCopying VersionsSaving VersionsContents iiiCreating As-Of VersionsEditing Version PropertiesAssigning Validations to VersionsUnloading and Deleting Versions

Course ContentsTopic 4: Managing HierarchiesCreating HierarchiesEditing Hierarchy Properties DatabasesEnabling and Disabling Node TypesOpening HierarchiesCreating Hierarchy GroupsAssigning Hierarchies to Hierarchy GroupsAssigning Controlled PropertiesAssigning Controlled Node Access GroupsAssigning ValidationsDeleting Hierarchies

Course ContentsTopic 5: Working with NodesAbout NodesAdding and Inserting NodesID FunctionModeling a NodeMoving and Ordering NodesRelaxed Move OptionSorting NodesNode Deletion MethodsMerging NodesDeleting NodesRemoving NodesAnnulling NodesInactivating NodesReactivating Nodes

Course ContentsAssigning ValidationsOrphan NodesViewing Orphan NodesDeleting Orphan NodesNavigating in Tree ViewFinding NodesNode SecurityUsing Shared Nodesiv ContentsShared Node PropertiesEnabling Shared NodesAdding and Inserting Shared NodesRemoving and Deleting Shared NodesRenaming Shared NodesConverting a Shared Node to a Primary NodeDisplaying Shared Nodes

Course ContentsTopic 6: Managing PropertiesProperty CategoriesSystem PropertiesStats PropertiesProperty Value Scope and OriginProperty StatusEditing Property Values

Course ContentsTopic 7: Validating DataValidating VersionsValidating HierarchiesValidating NodesNavigating Validation ResultsNavigating Version and Hierarchy Results in List ViewNavigating Node Results in List ViewNavigating Node Results in Tree ViewDownloading Node ResultsClearing Validation Results

Course ContentsTopic 8: Using QueriesQuery TypesCreating QueriesNavigating Query ResultsNavigating in List ViewNavigating in Tree ViewDownloading Query ResultsManaging QueriesOpening QueriesCopying QueriesDeleting Queries

Course ContentsTopic 9: Comparing HierarchiesCompare TypesContents vVisual CompareStructure CompareProperty CompareRename CompareCreating ComparesNavigating Compare ResultsNavigating in List ViewNavigating in Tree ViewDownloading Compare ResultsManaging ComparesOpening ComparesCopying ComparesDeleting Compares

Course ContentsTopic 10: Working with Action ScriptsLoading Action Scripts From Flat FilesDownloading Action Script ResultsRequired Action Script ParametersLoading Action Scripts From a Transaction LogLoading Action Scripts From a Node Model

Topic 11: Working with ImportsImport SectionsCreating ImportsRunning, Copying, and Deleting Imports

Course ContentsTopic 12: Working with ExportsCreating ExportsCreating Hierarchy ExportsCreating Hierarchy XML ExportsCreating Generation ExportsCreating Compare ExportsCreating Difference ExportsCreating Version ExportsCreating Property List ExportsCreating Property Lookup ExportsCreating Transaction Log ExportsCreating Merge Log ExportsCreating Export BooksRunning, Copying, and Deleting Exports and Export Books

Topic 13: Working with Change Requests

Course ContentsTopic 14: Auditing Transaction and Request HistoryAuditing Transaction HistoryData Actions in Transaction HistoryAdministrative Actions in Transaction HistoryAuditing Requests

Topic 15: Using the Data Relationship Management Batch ClientSecuring the Batch ClientSetting up Batch Client CredentialsRunning the Batch ClientDependenciesSaving Versions in the Batch ClientCommand Line SyntaxConfiguration File SyntaxOutputs and Result Codes

Course ContentsSAPRAMS TEAM