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www.globalonlinetrainings.com [email protected] / +91-4060 50 1418 Hyperion FDM Training Skype: Global.onlinetrainings USA: +1-516-8586-242 UK:+44 (0)203 371 0077

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www.globalonlinetrainings.com [email protected] / +91-4060 50 1418

Hyperion FDM Training Skype: Global.onlinetrainings USA: +1-516-8586-242 UK:+44 (0)203 371 0077

www.globalonlinetrainings.comGlobal Online TrainingsTo give an overview Global Online Trainings is a leading training services corporation specializing in providing Online Trainings and Corporate Trainings to individuals and Enterprises.

Our high quality, competitive and effective training services makes us the best in this field our professional team carries excellent instructional experience through many years and understands the complexity of the technology and methods of training delivery.We provide the trainings with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who has good experience in their primary skills, currently we have more tutors in all the technologies for online trainings and corporate trainings.

We provide trainings for below technologies1. SAP (All Modules)2. Oracle (All Modules)3. SAS (All Modules)4. IBM Tools5. Microsoft Applications6. Web Technologies and Other technologies7. Middleware tools

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www.globalonlinetrainings.comHyperion FDM Training Course Introduction:

Hyperion FDM Trainingis an out-of-the-box data transformation tool that feeds source-level financial data to consolidation, reporting, planning, and analytical applications.FDMfeatures adapters that enable it to integrate with Oracles Hyperion Enterprise , Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, Fusion Edition (Financial Management), Oracle Essbase (Essbase), and Oracle Hyperion Planning, Fusion Edition (Planning).HyperionFDMTrainingat Global Online Trainings provides auniform data collection processfor all reporting units within an organization.

Global Online Trainings offersHyperionFDMTrainingonline classes with flexi hour advantage and with most reasonable fee. Hyperion FDMTrainingtutorial, made here with best industry updates. To know more detail about this module call /mail the help-desk.

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www.globalonlinetrainings.comPrerequisites forHyperion FDM TrainingShould require the Knowledge on Advanced Excel,Sql, unix,ODI.Should be from hyperion backgroundFunctional Implementer can go for this courseTechnical Administrator can also be the part oh Hyperion FDM.

Features /Benefits for Hyperion FDM TrainingA central repository that contains all source dataDrill Down and Drill Through audit trailsArchiving of source files, error logs, and load filesAn internal control assessment and certification feature that facilitates compliance with sections 302 and 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley ActCorporate-wide process monitoringImport of source data from any formatted text file or data sourceMultiple dimension mapping and validatingData validation and quality evaluationError identification and notificationConsolidation of target system dataValidation of and reporting on target system data

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www.globalonlinetrainings.comKey Features for Hyperion FDM TrainingGuided workflow interfaceComplete data validations and error checkingAutomated data mapping and loadingPre-packaged system adaptersDetailed audit reviews and reconciliationsSupport for standard file formats as well as direct connections to transaction systems

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www.globalonlinetrainings.comHYPERION FDM COURSE CONTENT

PRODUCT ORIENTATIONOracles Enterprise Performance Management SystemBenefits and Features of FDMERP IntegratorProcessing Data Overview

NAVIGATING FDMAccessing FDMWorking with the POVLocking Out Users for MaintenanceRunning ReportsViewing Graphical Timelines

CREATING FDM APPLICATIONSAbout FDM ApplicationsCreating ApplicationsManaging Applications

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www.globalonlinetrainings.comINTEGRATING APPLICATIONSIntegration OverviewImporting, Registering, and Configuring AdaptersAdding Machine ProfilesConfiguring Application SettingsConfiguring Integration SettingsTesting IntegrationsSetting Up Standard Reports and Templates

SETTING UP CONTROL TABLES AND LOCATIONSViewing Control TablesManaging Control TablesViewing LocationsManaging LocationsSetting Location AttributesSearching Control Trees

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www.globalonlinetrainings.comSETTING UP MAPPING TABLESMapping Dimension MembersBuilding MapsMap TypesProcessing OrderBuilding Maps ExternallyCopying MapsSharing Dimension MapsSetting Up Conditional Mapping

BUILDING IMPORT FORMATSAbout Import FormatsCreating Import GroupsCreating Import FormatsAssigning Import FormatsAdding Import Expressions

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www.globalonlinetrainings.comLOADING DATAAbout Loading DataImporting Source DataWorking with RecordsValidating Dimension MappingsLoading Data to Target SystemsDrilling into DataDrilling Through from Target Applications

BUILDING VALIDATION RULESAbout Validation Rules and ReportsCreating Validation Rule GroupsCreating Validation RulesCreating Validation Rules with Validation EditorAssigning Validation Rules to LocationsChecking Validation Rules

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www.globalonlinetrainings.comSETTING UP VALIDATION ENTITIESAbout Validation EntitiesCreating Validation Entity GroupsCreating Validation EntitiesAssigning Validation Entity Groups to LocationsVerifying Consolidations

PROCESSING BATCH FILESAbout Batch ProcessingSetting Up Batch-Load FilesProcessing BatchesCreating Batch ScriptsScheduling Batch Scripts in Task Manager

CREATING LOGIC ACCOUNTSAbout Logic AccountsCreating Logic GroupsCreating Simple Logic AccountsCreating Complex Logic AccountsAssigning Logic Groups to Locations

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www.globalonlinetrainings.comLOADING FDM JOURNALSAbout FDM JournalsCreating Journal TemplatesAdding Metadata TagsLoading Journal Templates

LOADING DATA WITH MULTILOAD FILESAbout Multiload FilesCreating Multiload Excel TemplatesCreating Multiload Text FilesLoading Multiload FilesViewing Errors

SETTING UP SECURITYAbout FDM SecuritySecurity LevelsSetting Up Object SecuritySetting Up User SecurityLocking and Unlocking the Local POV ModeSetting Up Report Group Security

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www.globalonlinetrainings.comWORKING WITH FINANCIAL CONTROLSAbout Financial ControlsCreating Controls Groups, Sections, and QuestionsDeleting and Restoring Controls Groups, Sections, and QuestionsAssigning Reviewer, Submitter, and Proxy RightsAccessing Financial ControlsSelecting Application Settings for Financial Controls

WORKING WITH IMPORT SCRIPTSAbout Scripting in FDMWorking with Scripting ComponentsCreating Import ScriptsAssigning Import Scripts to Import FormatsApplying Scripting Functions to Import ScriptsWorking with Temporary VariablesManually Executing Custom Custom Web Scripts

WORKING WITH IMPORT INTEGRATION SCRIPTSAbout Import Integration ScriptsCreating Import Integration ScriptsAssigning Import Integration Scripts to Import Formats

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WORKING WITH EVENT SCRIPTSAbout Event ScriptsCreating Event ScriptsChanging Import Formats Dynamically

OVERVIEW OF THE FINANCIAL DATA QUALITY MANAGEMENTFeatures & Benefits of Financial Data Quality ManagementLogging On to Financial Data Quality ManagementNavigating Financial Data Quality ManagementSetting Up Point of Views in Financial Data Quality Management

LOADING, VALIDATING, & EXPORTING DATAImporting Data in Financial Data Quality ManagementValidating the Source FilesExporting Data to the Target ApplicationsManaging Journals & Records


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MANAGING MAPPING TABLESDescribing Mapping TypesEditing Mapping Tables

CERTIFYING DATA & PRINTING REPORTSReviewing & Submitting QuestionnairesViewing & Printing Financial Data Quality Management reports

Hyperion FDM Trainingoutline:Program Name:Hyperion FDM TrainingcourseCourse Duration: 35 HoursMode: Online virtual classes and corporateTimings: According to ones feasibilitySystem Access : will be providedBatch Type: Regular , weekends and fast trackTrainees will get the soft copy material.Sessions will be conduct through WEBEX, GOTOMEETING OR SKYPE.Basic Requirements: Good Internet Speed, Headset

www.globalonlinetrainings.comSteps To Register for Hyperion FDM Training at Global Online Trainings :Step 1 : Type www.globalonlinetrainings.com in any of the web browsers, you will find the Global Online Trainings page.Step 2: Click an Option called Request a demo option in the menu bar.

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