i can read the story. i can act or retell the story. (story time)

Download I can read the story. I can act or retell the story. (Story time)

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  • (Story time)

    I can read the story.I can act or retell the story.

  • Its very big and beautiful!There are many trees and flowers.There are some streams .Many wild animals live here.What place is it

  • foreste/ i /

  • There are many trees in the forest.

  • There is/are in the forest.

  • GoldilocksThere is a girl in the forest.

  • Whose house is it?bearsWhat a beautiful house!

  • Watch and answer

  • There are three beds.There is some soup.There are three bears.There is a house.

  • There are _____ _____ in the room.There is _____ _____ on the table.There are _____ _____ in the house.There is _____ _____ in the forest.three bedssome soupthree bears a house

  • She is _____, _____, _____ and afraid.hungrythirstytiredTip : happyGoldilocks

  • This soup is too cold.This soup is too hot.This soup is just right.

  • She is _____, ____, ____ and afraid.hungrythirstytired

  • This bed is too hard This bed is too soft Goldilocks

  • Q3: Why is she ?afraid

  • Q3: Why is she ?afraid in front of

  • Lets read

  • Lets read

  • ,

  • 1 Goldilocks sees a house in the forest.2 She goes into the house.3 She is hungry and eats the soup.4 She is tired and sleep on the bed.5 She sees the three bears.6 She is afraid and run away.

  • Goldilocks is happy. There is Goldilocks is hungry and thirsty. There is Goldilocks is tired, there are Goldilocks is afraid, there are

  • Be good friends.

  • People and animals are friends, we should help each other, each other in harmony ['h:mn].

  • Ticking timeAll together, Ive got _______ stars.

    I can read the story.I can act or retell the story.

  • Read and act the new words with your classmates.

    Write a dialogue with the pictures on page 71~72.2. To finish the exercise .1. Read the story, and try to tell it to your parents.

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