i lift more than babies: 12 reasons moms must strength train

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http://www.AmberKeinath.com/challenges I Lift More Than Babies: 12 Reasons Moms Must Strength Train. Losing the baby weight can be difficult. Extensive cardio workouts are not the answer. In order to lose the baby weight, get toned, say bye-bye mummy tummy, and gain the confidence you need, you must strength train. Lifting weights has numerous health benefits.


  • 1. 12 Reasons Moms Strength TrainAmber Keinath MSN, RN, CPT flickr/greg westfall
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  • 3. Heart Health Research studies show strength training increases strength, flexibility, + increased aerobic capacity which means Stronger Heart 15% Lower Risk of Heart Disease 40% Lower Risk of Stoke
  • 4. 14+ million people have Diabetes with that number growing rapidly! A 16 week strength training research study has shown to offer dramatic improvements in glucose control and helps prevent it in the 1st place! Diabetes Ditcher
  • 5. Strength Training leads to lower risk of death from heart disease, cancer, + improves functional ability into older age! Which means You will be the cool grandma chasing after those cute little grandchildren! Anti-Ager
  • 6. You lose bone mass as you age. If you would love to suffer a hip or vertebrae fracture + be one of the 50% of women to never walk again (U.K research study) then skip the strength training! Bones Builder
  • 7. Researchers from University of Florida found stregnth training led to less oxidative cell damage. The damaged cells are what lead to cancer. Cut Cancer
  • 8. Fittest people have been shown to have less of the stress hormones! Research has also shown blood pressure is returned to normal after a stressful situation quicker in those who strength train! Stick it to Stress
  • 9. Add strength training to your weekly routine and you will score better on anger and mood tests! who cares You will better handle your 3 year old drawing on your walls Happy Mama
  • 10. Do moms really get any sleep? However, Research has found a 23% improvement in sleep quality for those who strength train does that still apply with kids in the bed too? Zz-Zz-Zz
  • 11. Improved short-term + long- term memory Longer attention span (at least as long as your toddlers!) Prevent development of dementia + Alzheimers disease! Smarty Pants
  • 12. Torch the Fat #1 Way to lose weight is NOT cardio! Building muscle increases your metabolism. Your body has to burn more calories to maintain muscle than to maintain fat. More Muscle = More calories burned even when you are NOT working out!
  • 13. Look + Feel Good When you are stronger, you have less of the excess of skin/fat/etc. that makes us hate that little black dress (what mom has time to go out in that anyway?) More muscle will make your clothes fit better + smoother + you will feel so much more confident!
  • 14. I will not require assistance to move the furnitureopen the pickle jarcarry my toddleror you get the picture! Strength Training (when you put down the Barbie weights) gives you the freedom to do more in your everyday life! Why not make your job easier? Strong Mama
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  • 16. About Amber Amber Keinath {a.k.a Mama Gone Fit} is a RN + Personal Trainer for moms struggling to rock a fit + healthy lifestyle as they chase after their little ones! Through her free challenges, group workshops, and her exclusive, moms only coaching programs, shes here to help you design a fun, healthy, and fit lifestyle you LOVE-while making it feel like a guilty little pleasure! She is the creator of the Mamas Gone Fit 4-Minute Workout series as well as numerous health + fitness eBooks. And when shes not health-styling the world, you can find her enjoying the next DIY Pinterest project, testing new (mostly edible) recipes on her husband, or knee-deep in baby-giggle-inducing shenanigans with her little guy. Join the latest Fit Challenge at http://www.AmberKeinath.com