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  • 1. The 1st World War Causes

2. The system of alliances The Triple Alliance or The Triple Ententethe Central Powers (1907):(1882): Germany Great Britain Austria-Hungary France Italy Russia 3. The Triple AllianceAustria-Germany HungaryItaly Industrialized Different ethnic Wanted angroups that New countryoverseas wanted their Wanted anempire (Navy)independenceoverseas (serbs, slavs, czec empire Encircled by hs, germans)Russia and Not asFrance Scared by Russiapowerful or industrialized as the rest 4. The Triple Entente Great BritainFranceRussia Industrialized Wanted revenge Old Regime: Overseas after the mostEmpire Franco-Prussian backward TheWar countrysplendid Not veryisolation Claims Alsacia- industrializedends asLorena SupportsGermanySlavs andclaims for Serbs living in Industrializedcolonies Austria- Hungary 5. The Major Players: 1914-17Allied Powers: Central Powers: William II [Ger] George V [Br]Victor EmmanuelNicholas IIII [It] [Rus] Franz Josef [A-H] Enver PashaPres. Poincare [Fr] [Turkey] 6. The balance of power: the system of alliances made politicians think that the power of the two allianceswould prevent any side from starting a war The Chain of Friendship, The Brooklyn Eagle, July 1914. 7. The Path to the War It would be a quick war Militarism and Armsrace Economic and Imperialrivalries Nationalism andextreme loyalty to onescountry 8. Pre-war Crisis 1905 Morocco - Germany wanted to end French supremacy overMorocco - 1906 Algeciras Conference: France & Great Britainstuck together against German claims 1908: 1st Balkan Crisis - Austria-Hungary takes control over Bosnia-Herzegovina - Russia & Serbia protest but are not ready for a war - Germany backs up Austria-Hungary against Russiaand Serbia 9. Pre-War Crisis 1911: Morocco Crisis of Agadir: Germany claims Morocco against Frenchcontrol France keeps its control over Morocco and in exchangeGermany receives territories in Central Africa Secret agreement: France would patrol theMediterranean Sea while Great Britain would patrol theFrench coasts in the Atlantic and the North Sea 1912-13: 2nd Balkan Crisis After several local wars, Serbia enlarges its territorieswith Russias support Austria-Hungary is annoyed as it is losing supremacyover the Balkan area. 10. The Spark: Sarajevo Murder Archduke Franz Ferdinand(successor to the Austria-Hungarian throne) isassesinated in Sarajevo. Austria blames Serbia andissues an ultimatum toallow Austrian forces toinvestigate the murder inSerbia 11. The Domino EffectAustria-Hungary issuesAustria-Hungary an ultimatum toSerbia refuses thedeclares war onSerbia (its forces will enterultimatumSerbia. the country to investigate the murder) 28 July 1914Russia mobilizes itsGermany (Austria-France (Russias allie) troops to defend Hungary s allie) declares declares war onSerbiawar on Russia Germany Germany invadesGreat Britain (Frances Belgium to attackallie) declares war onFranceGermany