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    2007 IBM Corporation

    SOA Governanceand the Service Lifecycle

    Naveen Sachdeva

    IBM Software Group



    AgendaWhat is SOA Governance?Why SOA Governance?Importance of SOA GovernanceSOA Governance and the Service LifecycleWhat constitutes an SOA Governance model?SOA Governance and Management MethodGovernance Enablers/ToolsSOA Governance Case Study



    What is governance?

    GovernanceThe establishment of chains of responsibility to empower people, measurement to gauge effectiveness, policies to guide the organization to meet its goals, control mechanisms to ensure compliance and communication to keep all required parties informed

    IT governanceThe application of governance to an IT organization, its people, processes and information to guide the way those assets support the needs of the business

    SOA governanceA specialization of IT governance that puts key IT governance decisions within the context of the lifecycle of service components, services and business processes. It is the effective management of this lifecycle that is the key goal to SOA governance



    Why SOA Governance?

    SOA Impact Governance requirements

    Distributed sourcing

    Virtualized Service Provisioning

    Numerous consumers

    Service aggregation

    Business and IT alignment

    Operational governance

    Usage governance

    Architectural governance

    Portfolio governance

    Sourcing / Provisioning governance

    SOA increases Governance requirements



    Implementation abstraction

    Structure applications using services

    Orchestrated solutions that work together

    Incremental development cycles

    Support business adaptability

    Known implementation

    Structuring applications using components and objects

    Tightly coupled

    Application silos

    One long development cycle

    Build for permanence

    Loosely coupled

    Process oriented


    Function oriented


    SOA governance is required to shift a company to SOA



    6. Maintenancecosts soar /

    provider ends service

    A scenario on the importance of SOA governance*

    Currency conversion service

    Accounting department

    App. 1 App. 2

    * Scenario from Introduction to SOA Governance, Bobby Woolf.

    5. Fix works temporarily but problem


    4. Service is fixed at providers


    3. LOBs increase use

    of services / quality suffers





    2. Other LOBs start using

    the service

    1. Provide acurrency service that fills a specific line of business (LOB)





    x x


    xxx x



    SOA governance effectively manages the service lifecycle by governing key processes across the entire lifecycle

    AssembleDesign the architectureDevelop the serviceTest the functionally

    ManageMonitor the serviceManage changeManage retirement

    DeployDeploy to infrastructureTest the system

    Effective SOA governance must:Help define guiding decisions around these processesProperly enforce these guiding decisions Communicate these guiding decisions effectively

    Evolve these guiding decisions with changing needsEnsure that the perspective of both service providers and consumers are properly met

    Model Identify business domainAssign ownershipAllocate fundingModel the service- Identify the service- Specify the service - Realize the service



    Principlesguiding objectives and/or goals and associated metrics to ensure they are met

    Role and responsibilitiesthe roles and associated responsibilities that will facilitate business and IT alignment and properly establish decision rights

    Guiding decisionspolicies, guidelines, best practices and standards

    Methodsconsistent approach to establishing SOA governance and applying it across the lifecycle

    Foundational governance processes Exception and appeals Compliance Vitality Communication

    Platformenabling technology (registry, monitoring, etc.)

    Governance processes should make it easy to do things the right way and hard to do them the wrong way. Build schools, not prisons. The goal is to help people conform to best practices, not police them.

    Mark Ericson, chief technology officer (CTO), Mindreef

    What constitutes an SOA governance model?



    SOA governance requires a methodological and rigorous approach to be successful

    A comprehensive approach is needed to implement effective SOA governance that will:

    Assess the current organizational context of your organizationDefine a governance model that the organization will accept and embraceLeverage tooling to make governance operational and automaticFunction based on best practices, processes, principles, policies and a methodology

    Watch out for some potential traps in implementing SOA governance:SOA governance is not one size fits allSOA governance is not driven by toolsSOA governance addresses the uniqueness of service orientation. Leverage and extend IT governance to achieve SOA governanceSOA governance requires a non-siloed, consistent approach



    The Phases of Methodology; the SOA Governance and Management Method

    Design the governance approachDefine / modify governance processesDesign policies and enforcement mechanismsIdentify success factors and metricsIdentify owners and the funding modelCharter / refine an SOA center of excellenceDesign the governance IT infrastructure

    Scope the governance needDocument and validate the business strategy for IT and SOAAssess current IT and SOA capabilitiesDefine / refine the SOA vision and strategyReview current governance capabilities and arrangementsLay out the governance plan

    Manage and monitor the governance processes

    Monitor compliance with policiesMonitor compliance with governance arrangementsMonitor IT effectiveness metrics

    Put the governance model into action

    Deploy governance mechanisms Deploy the governanceIT infrastructureEducate and deploy on expected behaviors and practicesDeploy policies

  • 11 SOA on your terms and our expertise

    Define the scope of governance: business,

    development governance or service management or all of

    the above

    Define new governance processes for services and

    define SOA governance mechanisms such as the SOA

    Center of Excellence

    Begin implementation of the SOA Center of Excellence,

    Skills Enablement, Organizational Change,

    Infrastructure Change, etc.

    IBMs comprehensive approach to SOA governance is the SOA Governance and Management Method

    Tailor method for goals / environment

    Determine the governance focus

    Plan Define Enable Measure

    Define the SOA governance model

    Implement the SOA governance model

    Refine the SOA governance model

    Understand currentgovernance structures

    Define scope of governance

    Define and refine governance processes

    Define organizational change

    Conduct change-readiness survey

    Define IT changes in SOA development

    Implement the transition plan

    Initiate SOA organizational changes

    Launch the SOA center of excellence

    Implement the infrastructure for SOA

    Measure effectiveness of governance processes

    Measure effectiveness of organizational change

    Review and refine the operational environment

    Continuous SOA governance process measurement and improvementMonitor composite

    application performance and adjust; Monitor effectiveness

    of governance changes

  • 12 SOA on your terms and our expertise




    Measure SO

    A G



    e an

    d M



    t Met


    Phase Approach Enabling SOA / IT Governance Tools

    Rational Method Composer Rational Portfolio Manager

    Rational Method


    Rational Portfolio ManagerRational Requisite Pro

    WebSphere ServiceRegistry & Repository

    Tivoli Change Management& Configuration Database

    Rational Portfolio Manager

    WebSphere Business Monitor

    Tivoli Composite Application Manager

    for SOA

    Tivoli Service Level Advisor

    IBM establishes SOA governance through our methodology and instantiates governance with our tooling

    Rational Asset Manager

  • 13 SOA on your terms and our expertise

    SOA GovernanceEntry Points

  • 14 SOA on your terms and our expertise

    Effective SOA Governance Must: Help define guiding decisions around these processes Properly enforce these guiding decisions Communicate these guiding decisions effectively

    Evolve these guiding decisions with changing needs Ensure the perspective of both service providers

    and consumers are properly met

    How to get your hands around SOA governance; understand where tostart:

    Model Business Processes

    Identify Business Domain

    Assign Ownership

    Allocate Funding

    Model the Service- Identify the Service- Specify the Service - Realize the Service

    Deploy Solution

    Deploy to Infrastructure

    System Test

    Assemble Solution

    Design the Architecture

    Develop the Service

    Functionally Test

    Manage/Operate System

    Manage Access

    Monitor the Service

    Manage Change

    Manage Retirement

    Tactical Entry PointStrategic

    Entry Point


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