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Nice IBM System x announcement overview presentation from Intel IDF2013 held on September 10, 2013. IBM NeXtScale System is a new dense offering from IBM. It is based on our experience with IBM iDataPlex and IBM BladeCenter along with a tight focus on emerging and future client requirements. Today we announced two components: IBM NeXtScale n1200 enclosure – a 6U enclosure that can hold up to 12 NeXtScale System servers IBM NeXtScale nx360 M4 server – a half-wide server with up to 2 processors, 8 DIMMs (256 GB), 2 PCIe 3.0 adapters, and 2 HDDs or 4 solid-state drives Watch our North America webcast replay here:


  • 2013 IBM Corporation New Innovation in x86 Computing from IBM System x September 10, 2013
  • 2013 IBM Corporation2 Todays Speakers Brian Connors Vice President System x Development & Lab Services Roland Hagan Vice President of Marketing IBM System x Scott Tease Director & Product Line Manager System x Technical Computing Dr Adrian Wander Director Scientific Computing Department of SFTC Cliff Brereton Director Hartree Centre Shannon Poulin Vice President, Datacenter Marketing Group Intel Corporation
  • 2013 IBM Corporation3 1) Facebook Second quarter 2013 results 2) Economist: stats from Morgan Stanley 3) IBM research Shifts in IT are happening fast, bringing a new era of IT 1.15 Billion Facebook users today1 Social Media 90% of data in the world today created in last two years alone.3 Big Data 10 billion devices by 20202 Mobile Need to analyze and extract value from massive amounts of data provide insight and drive business outcomes
  • 2013 IBM Corporation4 High-end systems Broad portfolio to meet a wide range of client needs from infrastructure to technical computing 4 socket+ enterprise-class x86 performance, resiliency and security Integration across IBM assets in systems and SW for maximum client optimization and value Optimize space-constrained data centers with extreme performance and energy efficiency IBM PureSystemsIBM eX5 Systems IBM System x iDataPlex IBM NeXtScale IBM System x Rack & Tower IBM Flex System IBM BladeCenter IBM Strategy delivers a leadership systems portfolio Blades/Integrated systems Volume systems Dense systems
  • 2013 IBM Corporation5 AnalyticsCloud Application ready solutions to improve insight, reduce risk, speed deployment Solutions based on key ISVs such as SAP HANA & integrated IBM offerings Powerful and innovative Improve outcomes through a better understanding of business environments Designed for flexibility Cost effective cloud deployment with leadership x86 scalability Workload optimized IBM innovation in x86 for maximum performance and scalability Technical Computing Meet public, private and hybrid cloud for clients & service providers Client focus delivers solutions clients require to win Performance & resiliency in x86 mission critical, memory intensive workloads Scalability of compute, network and I/O to efficiently meet growing needs Consolidation & virtualization of infrastructure to reduce cost, increase agility Over $1 billion planned investment in x86 over three years
  • 2013 IBM Corporation6 New & optimized architectures are needed for new workloads Cloud Web 2.0 Technical Computing
  • 2013 IBM Corporation Brian Connors Vice President System x Development and Lab Services
  • 2013 IBM Corporation8 Mainframe, Mini Computer Terminals LAN/Internet Client/Server PC Mobile Cloud Big Data Social Mobile Devices Source: IDC, 2012 The Shifts are occurring rapidly, according to IDC we are at the 3rd platform
  • 2013 IBM Corporation9 Industry Partnering NeXt generation systems High performance storage IBM GPFS Storage Server Flash/Networking eXFlash, Virtual Fabric Energy efficiency Water cooling Energy aware scheduling Open industry standards Chair, actively participate Deep relationships Lead validation partner Strong architecture influence Over 100 industry suppliers Optimization Algorithms OSs, hypervisors, systems Solutions - e.g. SAP HANA Solution Provider Technical Computing Big Data, Cloud & Analytics Virtual Desktop MSP, CSPs Involved with client Trusted advisor Data center efficiency Proof of concepts Learn and apply to new products IBM System x Systems engineered for a changing landscape $1B Innovation Investment Client Engaged
  • 2013 IBM Corporation10 Performance Optimized Systems World Records: 4 socket TPC-C and TPC-E benchmarks 2 and 4 socket TPC-E price/performance 2 socket blade SPECvirt performance 4 and 8 socket servers for two-tier SAP #1 in installed aggregate supercomputer performance IBM Technology Leadership Enterprise X-Architecture Leadership 36 #1 eX5 benchmarks since 2010 launch IBM #1 in patents for 20 consecutive years >6400 patents in 2012 X-Architecture 5 Generations World Records #1TPC, SAP, Spec Benchmarks IBM System x Great Today, Engineered for Tomorrow Client Benefits and Trust As little as three months ROI for technology refreshes Leading x86 energy-efficient systems Simplified workload and resource management Client Satisfaction TBR #1
  • 2013 IBM Corporation11 IBM SmartCloud Entry IBM Application Ready Solutions IBM Intelligent Cluster IBM GPFS Storage Server IBM Platform Computing IBM System x 3650 M4 HD Big data and dense storage server High Density, 2 socket x3500 M4 Business Critical 2 socket iDataPlex dx360 M4 HPC, 2 socket x3550 M4 Business Critical 2 socket x3650 M4 Business Critical 2 socket Platform HPC Platform LSF Platform Symphony Hyperscale, density, flexibility, 2 socket GPFS Storage Server 17%3 Greater Memory Speed 50%1 More Cores & Cache 50%2 Greater Performance 1 Intel Xeon E5-2600 8C & 20MB cache vs E5-2600 v2 12C & 30MB 2 Intel E5-2690 vs E5-2697 v2 3 Intel Xeon E5-2600 1600MHz vs E5-2600 v2 1866MHz IBM System x New innovation Enhanced Systems Software and Solutions IBM NeXtScale System 9/10 New system for scale-out computing 9/10
  • 2013 IBM Corporation Scott Tease Director & Product Line Manager System x Technical Computing
  • 2013 IBM Corporation13 IBM NeXtScale SystemTM Guiding principles IT Your Way Powerful Yet Simple FLEXIBILITY SIMPLICITY SCALE Scale Enabled for everyone
  • 2013 IBM Corporation14 Compute Chassis Storage Acceleration More Coming Standard Rack Primary Target Workloads Architected for now and the future Better density and flexibility Compatible with standard racks Optimized for top of rack switching Software Defined Networking (SDN) ready Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 v2 product family Powerful roadmap 2013 Introducing IBM NeXtScale A superior architecture for scale-out computing Public Cloud High Performance Computing Private Cloud
  • 2013 IBM Corporation15 IBM NeXtScale Simplicity Native eXpansion Adding Value, not Complexity Base node delivers robust and dense raw compute capabilities NeXtScales Native Expansion capability allows seamless upgrades of the base to add common functionalities Storage Graphics Acceleration or Co-Processing What is Native Expansion? No Exotic Components. No Mid-plane Dependencies. + nx360 M4 IBM NeXtScale nx360 M4 with Storage NeX Storage NeX + RAID Card + SAS Cable + HDDs + nx360 M4 PCI NeX + GPU Riser Card + GPU/Phi IBM NeXtScale nx360 M4 with Accelerator NeX
  • 2013 IBM Corporation16 6U Chassis, 12 bays Half width component support Up to 6 900W power supplies N+N or N+1 configurations Up to 10 hot swap fans Fan and power controller Mix and match compute, storage, or GPU nodes No built in networking No chassis management required IBM NeXtScale n1200 Fan and power controller Front view 6 x 900W power supplies 10 x 80mm fans Rear view NeXtScale Dense Chassis Optimizedsharedinfrastructure
  • 2013 IBM Corporation17 Simplearchitecture Power button and information LED Dual-port mezzanine card (IB/Ethernet) KVM connector Labeling tag 1 GbE ports IMM v2 port PCIe 3.0 Slot x24 PCIe 3.0 slot x8 mezz. connector 2 x CPU 8 x DIMMs Power Interposer Flexible Drive bay(s) x16 PCIe 3.0 slot NeXtScale The Compute Node New Wide 1U 2 socket server Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 V2 Flexible slot-less I/O design Generous PCIe capability Open design, works with existing x86 tools Versatile design with flexible Native Expansion options 32TB local storage (November) GPUs/Phi adapters (2014) IBM NeXtScale n360 M4 Hyperscale Server
  • 2013 IBM Corporation18 Number of part numbers needed for the entire solution no matter the brand of component SAVE Faster Time from arrival to production readiness 75% 1 $ IBM NeXtScale Flexibility How Do You Want Your IT to Arrive? NeXtScale can be shipped fully configured and ready to power on Fully racked and cabled Labeling with user supplied naming Pre programmed IMMs and addresses Burn in testing before shipment at no added cost Prefer to receive systems in boxes no problem IBM Intelligent Cluster 1 Per Rack 105 lbs of cardboard1 54.6 ft3 of styrofoam 288 linear feet of wood 21,730 less paper inserts Customer Benefits
  • 2013 IBM Corporation IBM NeXtScale System Workload Optimized Stack for Cloud and Technical Computing 19 Cloud Technical Computing
  • 2013 IBM Corporation20 IBM NeXtScale Flexible Designed on Open Standards = Seamless Adoption IBM ToolsCenter OpenStack Ready Consolidated, integrated suite of mgmt tools Powerful bootab

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