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<p>12/12/12 IBPS Bank Interview Questions- 30 Must Prepare Answers WHY EXPERTSCOLUMN HOW IT WORKS WRITING GUIDELINES MARKETING GUIDELINESFAQ REGISTER LOGIN</p> <p>Search Expertscolumn</p> <p>IBPS Bank Interview Questions- 30 Must Prepare AnswersSUBMITTED BY DEEPAKP118 MARCH 10, 2012 - 39 WEEKS 4 DAYS AGO</p> <p>3</p> <p>Like</p> <p>47</p> <p>Send Tweet</p> <p>Here are some of the basic interview questions asked in the IBPS PO interviews 2012.The questions of basic nature has been selected so that you can start your preparation finding answers to the easy ones. 1. Where are you from? 2. What can you tell us about your home town? 3. Tell me about your family 4. If you get the job will you be ready to work anywhere in India? 5. Do you think your parents will allow you to work anywhere across India? 6. What is your ambition in life? 7. The why are you applying for the post of clerk? 8. Did you prepare for the interview? 9. What all questions did you prepare? 10. What are your strengths and weaknesses? 11. Dont you think you are over qualified for this simple job? 12. Why not software after engineering? 13. Do you have any bank account? 14. Where and why? 15. What type of bank account do you have? 16. What are the types of bank accounts? 17. What all details you need to fill up while withdrawing cash from the bank? 18. What do you mean by International Trade? 19. What is Balance of Payment? 20. Why do you want to work in this bank? 21. Have you applied for any other banks? 22. What do you know about this bank? 23. Have you gone through our website? 24. What is missing in the design of our website compared to the website of other banks? 25. Have you attended any bank interviews before? 26. What can you say about the recent regime change in uttar pradesh 27. What are the states where elections are going on 28. What are the main differences you see in a private bank and public bank? 29. Have you heard about Basel 2? 30. What is the importance of Basel 2 in the present banking environment? So take a notebook and start wrinting your own answers.Ask any doubts below. Go toIBPS Model Interview Practice - Interview Questions for your Preparation</p> <p>Author Informationdeepakp118</p> <p>Offline Last seen: 21 hours 49 min ago Joined: 10/28/2011 Posts: 206</p> <p>Recent CommentsELLA11 REPLIED TO A COLUMN DECEMBER 12, 2012 13 MIN 48 SEC AGO</p> <p>I w ill try to keep up here also, thanks</p> <p>Prepare for interview. Let us begin Day 1 of our interview preparation. Go to this page and prepare your own answer for this question and give us your feed back.IBPS Interview Questions Part 1- Tell Me About Yourself?</p> <p>OHISON REPLIED TO A COLUMN DECEMBER 12, 2012 17 MIN 59 SEC AGO</p> <p>Nice information</p> <p>LANSKY REPLIED TO A COLUMN DECEMBER 12, 2012 21 MIN 33 SEC AGO</p> <p>60's is the time to enjoy life more, thus keeping fit is really necessary to...</p> <p>LANSKY REPLIED TO A COLUMN DECEMBER 12, 2012 31 MIN 58 SEC AGO</p> <p>expertscolumn.com/content/ibps-bank-interview-questions-30-must-prepare-answers</p> <p>1/4</p> <p>12/12/12 IBPS Bank Interview Questions- 30 Must Prepare AnswersYes, content is king and its more long term and not just a temporary spike...</p> <p>DECEMBER 12, 2012 Searching for ibps bank po interview questions 37 MIN 13 SEC AGO and a...?</p> <p>JOELDGREAT REPLIED TO A COLUMN</p> <p>Search for Interview Tips</p> <p>these scientist are w orthy of remembering. w ithout them, w e w ould still be...</p> <p>Find job consultants providing interview tips in your city. 100% Free. Find job consultants providing interview tips in your city. 100% Free. Find job consultants... Quikr.com</p> <p>Recent ActivityThe 13 Days Coincidence of Manny Pacquiao Boxing Matches to Stop December 21 2012 End of the World 14 people recommended this. 3 Things Men Want Aside From Just a Beautiful Girl 100 people recommended this. How to save electricity and reduce your bills? One person recommended this. Signs of True Love In A Relationship 5 people recommended this. Marriage is an essential event of the life 34 people recommended this. Top 10 Qualities of a Global Leader One person recommended this.</p> <p>Click here</p> <p>Promote This Column on Other Sites:&lt; he=ht:/xetclm.o/otn/bsbn-nevea rf"tp/eprsouncmcnetip-akitriw qetos3-utpeaeases tte"BSBn Itriw usin-0ms-rpr-nwr" il=IP ak neve Qetos 3 Ms PeaeAses&gt;h&gt;BSBn Itriw usin- 0 ut rpr nwr"</p>