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Ibsen Project

Dramaturgical GuideBy Michael Durkin

Table of ContentsPart I= Basic Info- Chronology of Life - Full Canon of Works - Nora

Part III= Social Ethics of the Time- Art, Culture, Society, Philosophy of the Time

Part IV= Conceptual Images

Part II= Family Life- Ibsens Family - Ibsens Colleagues

Basic Information

Chronology of Life1828Henrik Johan Ibsen born on March 20th in Stockmannsgrden in Skien. Parents: Marichen (ne Altenburg) and Knud Ibsen, merchant. 1835Father has to give up his business. The properties are auctioned off. The family moves to Venstp, a farm in Gjerpen. 1843Conrmed in Gjerpen church. Family moves to Snipetorp in Skien. Ibsen leaves home on December 27th. 1844Arrives in Grimstad on January 3rd to be apprenticed to Jens Aarup Reimann, chemist. 1846Has an illegitimate child by Else Sophie Jensdatter, one of Reimann's servants. 1847Lars Nielsen takes over ownership of the chemist's, moving to larger premises. 1849Ibsen writes Catiline. 1850Goes to Christiania to study for the university entrance examination. Catiline is published under the pseudonym Brynjolf Bjarme. Edits the Students' Union paper Samfundsbladet and the satirical weekly Andhrimner. First Ibsen staging in history: the one-act The Burial Mound is performed at Christiania Theater on September 26th. 1852Moves to Bergen to begin directing productions at Det norske Theater. Study tour to Copenhagen and Dresden. 1856Becomes engaged to Suzannah Thoresen. 1857Is appointed artistic director of Kristiania Norske Theater. 1858Marries Suzannah Thoresen on June 18th. 1859 His son Sigurd is born on December 23rd. 1862Kristiania Norske Theater goes bankrupt. Ibsen goes on a study tour to the valley of Gudbrandsdalen and to the West Country to study folklore. Is appointed consultant to Christiania Theater. 1864Leaves for Italy and lives in Rome for four years. 1866Brand is published and is a success. Ibsen is awarded one of the state stipends for artists. 1867Writes and publishes Peer Gynt (rst performance at Christiania Theater on February 24th 1876). 1868Moves to Dresden, where the family lives for seven years. 1869The League of Youth is published and given its rst performance at Christiania Theater. Ibsen takes part in a meeting on Scandinavian spelling in Stockholm. Goes to Egypt and is present at the opening of the Suez Canal.

1871Publishes a collection of poems (Digte) for the rst and last time. 1872-3 Completes and publishes Emperor and Galilean. Is a member of an international art jury at the world exhibition in Vienna. 1874Visits Norway (Christiania). Goes on to Stockholm. 1875Publishes Catiline in a new version. Moves to Munich, where he lives for three years. 1877Pillars of Society written and rst staged at Det Kongelige (Royal) Teater in Copenhagen. Awarded an honorary doctorate at the University of Uppsala. 1878Moves to Rome again and stays there for seven years except for several breaks. 1879Writes and publishes A Doll's House, which is rst staged at Det Kongelige (Royal) Teater in Copenhagen. 1881Ghosts written and published (staged at the Aurora Turner Hall in Chicago on May 20th 1882). 1882An Enemy of the People written and published (rst staging at Christiania Theater on January 13th 1883). 1884Writes and publishes The Wild Duck (rst staging at Den Nationale Scene in Bergen on January 9th 1885). 1885 Moves to Munich and stays there for six years. 1886Writes and publishes Rosmersholm (rst staging at Den Nationale Scene on January 17th 1887). 1888Writes and publishes The Lady from the Sea (rst performed at Hoftheater in Weimar and at Christiania Theater on the same day, February 12th 1889). 1889Last summer in Gossensass. Gets to know Emilie Bardach. 1890Writes and publishes Hedda Gabler (rst performed at the Residenztheater in Munich on January 31st 1891). 1891Returns to Norway and settles in Christiania. Meets Hildur Andersen. 1892Writes and publishes The Master Builder (rst performance at the Lessingtheater in Berlin on January 19th 1893). Sigurd Ibsen marries Bergliot Bjrnson. 1894Writes and publishes Little Eyolf (rst staged at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin on January 12th 1895). 1895Moves into the apartment on the corner of Arbiensgate and Drammensveien in Christiania and stays there for the rest of his life. 1896Writes and publishes John Gabriel Borkman (rst performed simultaneously at Det svenske (Swedish) and Det nske (Finnish) Teater in Helsingfors on January 10th 1897). 189870th birthday - large-scale celebrations in Christiania, Copenhagen and Stockholm. 1899 Writes and publishes When We Dead Awaken (rst staged at the Hoftheater in Stuttgart on January 26th 1900). 1900 Suffers his rst stroke. 1906Dies on May 23rd. For More Information


Canon of WorksNational-Romantic and Historical Dramas - Cataline (1850)= Based off of Lucius Catalina, a politician in Ancient Rome who tried to overthrow the government. Written in iambic pentameter with blank verse. - The Pretenders (1863)= Set in the 13th Century, and deals with the rivalry between Ibsen and Bjornstjerne Bjornson over the Poet Laureate status in Norway.

Dramas of Ideas - Loves Comedy (1863)= A love story regarding two men staying at a country house where they fall in love with the owners daughters, whom the propose marriage to and are rejected. - Brand (1866)= A devout priest, Brand believes in doing the right thing, and wont stop until everyone follows that ideal. His view of society is that of bleak and harsh. - Peer Gynt (1867)= - Emperor and Galilean (1873)

Realistic Contemporary Dramas - Pillars of Society (1877) - A Dolls House (1879) - Ghosts (1881) - An Enemy of the People (1882)

Psychological and Social Dramas - The Wild Duck (1884) - Rosmersholm (1886) - The Lady From the Sea (1888) - Hedda Gabler (1890) - The Master Builder (1892) - Little Eyolf (1894) - John Gabriel Borkman (1896) - When We Dead Awaken (1899)= Ibsens most surreal work. A love story on the cliffs on a mountain.

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