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An outline of the Ibstock Cory Environmental Trust and


Funding Community Facilities Cory Environmental Trust in Britain & Ibstock Cory Environmental Trust Angela Haymonds Trust Secretary 16 July 2014 Landfill Tax & the Landfill Communities Fund Landfill Tax was introduced in 1996 Objectives minimisation of waste, reduce landfill disposal, encourage sustainable waste management Currently 80 per tonne of household waste and will rise at same level as inflation; started at 7 Designed to help mitigate the effects of landfill on local communities and to encourage partnerships between Landfill Operators, their local communities and the voluntary and public sectors LCF allows landfill operators to contribute up to 5.1% of tax liability to Environmental Bodies 10% of total contribution comes from Landfill Operator or independent 3rd party Landfill Communities Fund and Environmental Bodies Environmental Bodies or Trusts can be set up/registered to spend landfill tax credits EB must be registered with regulatory body ENTRUST before it can receive tax credits from Landfill Operators Projects funded must comply with the Objects of the Landfill Tax Regulations Projects must be located within 10 miles of a Cory Environmental Landfill Site Each individual project funded through the scheme must also be approved, registered and audited by ENTRUST Project Categories A . Remediation of Contaminated Land B . Prevention of Pollution D . Community Improvement Schemes DA Biodiversity Conservation E . Restoration of the Built Environment, Historic or Religious Buildings NB: Categories C and CC, which related to Research & Development, Education towards Sustainable Waste Management & Recycling, and the Development of Products from Waste and Markets for Recycled Material were removed from the scheme in 2003 Examples of projects Play equipment in a public open space Wheelchair access to a park or nature reserve Disabled facilities in a village hall or church Community hall refurbishment Breeding program for endangered species within a nature reserve Restoration work on a listed building Sports facilities, including equipment and clubhouses Cory Environmental Limiteds Involvement Around 57 million donated to the scheme since its inception First Cory Trust established in Jan 1997 in Thurrock CEL contributes to local Trusts set up by Cory in the vicinity of its operations CETB and ICET have a broader remit allowing them to support projects nationwide About Cory Environmental Trust in Britain - CETB Formed in 2003 Currently five Trustees, including one representing Cory Environmental Constitution enables CETB to fund registered projects throughout the UK Until Nov 2007 spending was concentrated around CELs landfill sites in St Helens, Sevenoaks, Walsall, Dudley and South Gloucestershire Opened for business in Bexley in Nov 2007 Opened for business in Wrexham in Oct 2008 About CETB contd. Meets three times a year to review projects Simple application pack and guidelines Income of over 1m per annum, but this is set to reduce considerably 279 projects approved to date, with a total value of nearly 10.8m About Ibstock Cory Environmental Trust Formed in 2001 Currently seven Trustees, including one representing Cory Environmental and one Ibstock Brick Constitution enables ICET to fund registered projects throughout the UK Spending concentrated around CELs landfill sites in Sevenoaks, Dudley and South Gloucestershire About ICET contd. Meets three times a year to review projects Simple application pack and guidelines Income of approx 450k per annum 351 projects approved to date, with a total value of over 6.1m What are Trustees looking for? Maximum community benefit across a broad spectrum of the community Strong need case and local support demonstrated Projects located close to landfill site or in areas of high social deprivation are of particular interest Good quality supporting documents, including project plan, budget, ongoing maintenance arrangements Examples of projects supported in Dudley - CETB Green Pavilion Project, Dudley Sports Bowls Club 27,500 Replacement Heating System and Adaptation of Facilities, Calvary Church 50,000 Mary Stevens Park, Entrance Improvements and Heath Pool Restoration 32,331 Folkes Park, Black Country Living Museum 113,000 Swanbrook Valley Improvements Project, Woodsetton Charitable Trust, Dudley 30,000 Springhill Pavilion Development, Springhill Cricket Club, Lower Penn, South Staffs 50,000 ICET Projects in and around Dudley All Weather Three-bay Training Facility, Stourbridge Cricket Club 13,782 Lions Amateur Boxing Club Academy Extension 30,000 Double Glazing to Church Hall and Associated Accommodation, Tettenhall Wood United Reformed Church 10,000 New HQ, 15th Stourbridge (Norton St Michaels) Scout Group 25,000 Gig Mill Primary Swimming Pool Development, Stourbridge, Dudley 70,000 Proportional Registration Projects within school grounds or restricted sites may be considered However they will be subject to proportional registration That is, the amount of grant awarded can only be same percentage of the total cost as the amount of time the facility is open to the general public E.g. For a project costing 100k which is open to the general public 20% of the time, only 20k in trust funding can be awarded Application Process Applicant submits application to CETB and/or ICET Project papers assessed at Trust meeting held every four months If supported by Trustees, project is registered with ENTRUST, if applicant is not an EB Legal agreements drafted and signed between CETB and/or ICET and applicant/landowner Funding tranches agreed PR programme to support project agreed Project Progress Collection of 10% 3rd party contribution for CETB Project starts, sometimes with opening ceremony Applicant keeps Trust Secretary informed of project progress, at least quarterly CETB/ICET or EB keeps ENTRUST informed of progress Tranche payments can be made on submission of report, including invoices and photos Project completion PR activity as appropriate Ongoing relationship... CETB and ICET are required to keep an Asset Register which lists all items funded by Landfill Tax Credits Length of time on register depends on whether item is moveable or fixed and value CETB/ICET will contact or visit project once a year until asset is removed from register to ensure compliance with Agreement Multiple applications for funds are considered, but both Trusts are becoming increasingly competitive! Contact Details Angela Haymonds Trust Secretary Ibstock Cory Environmental Trust/Cory Environmental Trust in Britain PO Box 3138 Slough SL3 9ZH ahaymonds@cetb.org.uk or ahaymonds@ibstockcory.org.uk 01753 582513